November 1st, 2007


Money-hungry much?

I bring you three similar tales of horror from another local franchise location. We make fresh-cut fruit baskets and each store is independently owned and operated. Apparently our neighboring store, "Cityville", is pissing customers off so much that they are calling us asking for numbers to higher-ups. In all three stories, the customers said that when they asked for a number for corporate, they were hung up on. So they called us to get it. And in all three of these stories, I'm quoting the customer's complaints almost verbatim.

During the past two months, three separate customers called our store in Cityville. They wanted something delivered to a location that nobody currently delivers to because it's too far away. Being the ever-generous store they are, the Cityville store agrees to deliver them even though it's insanely out of their way. How sweet.

Turns out, in the three instances we know of, the person they're trying to deliver to is not home when they attempt the delivery. This is annoying, yes, but it happens all the time. Regular procedure is to put a note on the recipient's door letting them know a delivery was attempted and to please call our store to schedule a redelivery at your convenience.

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So we had to fly all the way across country with a toddler recently. And we find, when we get to the gate, that United offers priority boarding to people with first class seats and loyalty club memberships, but not to elderly or disabled people or people with small children. (In other words, they'll provide extra help to those who give them $$, but not to those who actually NEED the help.)

So I get to stand scrunched up against the seats, holding a wiggly little boy who's heavier than he looks, and trying to let people get past me while my husband is busy strapping the car seat onto my son's seat. Just a couple of minutes of priority boarding and we could have been done and out of everyone's way by the time general boarding started. It's a small thing, but an annoyance nonetheless.

And then the waiter at the restaurant at our Holiday Inn was snarky at me because I asked for a highchair and pointed out that it was the second time we'd asked (my husband had asked the hostess as they sat down - I'd joined them a few minutes later because I'd forgotten something in my room.) He snarled back, "Well, no one told me, so don't blame me," in a nasty tone. Is it so unreasonable of me to expect either the hostess to do her job, or the waiter (who passed us several times without so much as a "Hello, I'll be with you shortly" both before and after the incident) to notice that one of our party does not have appropriate seating? A simple, "I'm sorry, let me get you a chair," would've been quite sufficient. He was surly and rude for the rest of the meal, too.

Another small but annoying thing - the hotel claimed in their guidebook in the room that their Fitness Center had two bicycles and two treadmills. Nope. Only one of each, and the bicycle was broken. Besides, the room was poorly air-conditioned, which was a problem as this was SoCal and the air quality outside was extremely poor due to wildfires in the area (far enough away from where we were not to be a danger, but they did affect the air smell for a couple of days). It was something like 90 degrees in the room and smelled badly of smoke.
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Orthodontist with horrible people skills

Having braces isn't a painless experience.  That's pretty much a given.

My biggest problem with adjusting to mine overall were brackets placed on the inside of my back molars.  The brackets were close to being razor sharp and were constantly slicing into my tongue.  This made eating almost unbearable.

I don't know how common these inside brackets are but every person I talked to that went through orthodontic treatment never had them so I asked at my next appointment.  His answer: "The braces come made that way."  Er...okay.  This was proven to be bullshit when I voiced my concern over how much pain I was in.  I wasn't even fussy or rude when I mentioned it and he immediately copped an attitude.

"Well they have to be left on there, would you rather have them on the BOTTOM like some people's?"  Oh, so you mean not all braces come "made" the same way then?  I just kept my mouth shut because the guy was just flaming pissed at this point.  He said the purpose for those particular brackets were for the case where the wire would have to be wrapped around to the inside of my teeth.  He also said that it was easier for me to have them on for the entire three years I had braces rather than putting the brackets on when needed.

Easier?  I did have brackets replaced at one point and it took twenty minutes.  It was such a "complicated" procedure that my orthodontist was chatting with another patient's mother about her Christmas shopping while he was putting them on.  He was distracted to the point where he didn't leave the lamp on my tooth long enough for the glue to dry, and the bracket came off causing me to almost choke on it.

The wire was never wrapped around my teeth so there wasn't even a fucking point to them being there.  Wonderful.  The scars on my tongue are a lovely reminder of that.

He also tried joking to me that this must be doing wonders for my diet if I were on one.  Totally uncalled for, especially when I'm dying to eat something but am in too much pain to do so. 

Thankfully, he retired about two years into my treatment, and a much more compassionate orthodontist took his place.

Good riddance.
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So, today I went out discount shopping for all the %50 off Halloween merch.
I went into Michael's to get one of those little rubbery ghost muffin trays.
I take it and go to the checkout.
While ringing me up the cashire looks at me, laughs, and says "Halloween was yesterday, Elvira" *snicker*

Uh, thanks.
Yeah, I have black hair. And clothes. Pretty much everything about me is halloweeny. I understand this coming from a 13 year old girl in the mall.. But from a cashire? One that was certainly over 20?
That was pretty rude.

I always try to be super nice to everyone who comes into where I work, I only expect the same. :-\