October 30th, 2007

  • kisarax

Walgreens Pharmacy. You blow.

So I went to walgreens to fill up my cancer meds They obviously didn't think that was important because likeOMGINEEDTHEMTOLIVE at 2:30pm today.

Went back around 6:30pm (That suuuuuurely is enough time)

At first, they couldn't find the script and then when they did... they said that there was a delay. They 'called' the Dr. for the strength of the script was omg non-existant! bullshit

Fun fun fun.

So I call my dr's office after hours clinic line and they got a hold of my doctor. My doctor gives me his cell phone number to give to walgreens so HE could talk to them. I had surgery yesterday with him so he's all like. I WILL JUMP ON THE BITCHES WHO DENY YOU MEDS and so we did. Its 7pm when this is done, they talked to him right in front of me. They wrote down something on the script so they could stop bitching on how my script is a non-existent dose. Now everything should be hunky-dory! But lies! It is not.

Come back at 8pm, and the pharmacy tech told me it wasn't done yet. Sge said she was stll typing up the label. She needed 15 more minutes. AN HOUR IS PLENTY OF TIME KTHX So I went inside and wanted to talk to the pharmacist.

The pharmacist told me they weren't even working on my script yet and it would have taken 3 hours more. I was not pleased. So I asked for my script back and went to walmart.


I hate you walgreens. You made my sorry ass have to go get my mother from home and get her to help me walk inside walmart because that pharmacy is in the back of the store. I can only walk small distances. Because hey! I also had hospital drama while in the hospital. heartrate kept going down, lack of breathing skillz.. what not

at walmart.
Ilu walmart.

and lol@ the kid who thought I was a off-duty doctor due to the fact I'm still in the scrubs that the hospital gave me cause my mom fucked up and forgot my loose fitting clothes.