October 26th, 2007


Verizon Wireless Strikes again

So, my friend, a fellow Verizon subscriber, told me that our favorite band, Mannheim Steamroller, has free ringtones available for Verizon customers. She had downloaded it to her LG phone and played it for me. Sweet, I figured I would try the same thing.

I went thru the process on the website to send myself the ringtone. I got the "Thanks for ordering, please reply" message, and I replied. I got the "Your order will be delivered soon" message. Finally I got a "Your device does not support the requested content" message. What? I am using a Motorola Razr2 - it was just released last month, how could it not support something.

So, I emailed VZW. Their story is that they only support purchasing of ringtones through their own GetItNow (but NOT GetItFree!!) service, and that the delivery of 3rd party ringtones is unsupported. I am disappointed, since the free ringtone I want is not available via GIN. I explain this, and also that my friend has acquired the same ringtone I want with no trouble. The response? Since this is unsupported, it might work, or it might not.

Huh? That makes no sense... if it is unsupported, why does it work at all??

And to make matters more annoying, they tacked on this HUGE sales pitch, saying that they notice that I sometimes travel to Chicago, and if I change my plan, blah, blah. Yeah. Sometimes. One week last month. And prior to that? 7 years ago.

Thanks for the no help.