October 25th, 2007

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Really more of a WTF? moment.

But when you use a trial version of a program, it is generally thought that you would be able to use at least a portion of the program, no?

Not according to Microsoft Office Word 2007.

I can open documents, don't know about printing them since I don't have a printer, but going to write one?

"This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked," which roughly translates to "please pay at least $160.00 to purchase the full version, sucker."

Hello, OpenOffice! (And the latest version of that does not yet support .docx, which is teh default file extension for Word 2007. Understandable, really, since it is an open-source project, and Office 2007 is still fairly new.)
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Utilities Company

So I had to call my utilities company because my bill this month was over twice the amount that it's been for months. I admit, I was a little pissy -- it's been a rotten day. But this shit made it worse.

The lady on the phone explained to me that my meter had been changed, which was why it was suddenly higher -- my other meter was dying. Fair enough. But I used less electricity when I had a ROOMMATE than this bill shows.

So I asked if she would mind reading the account history since I've been there. Yes, this might have been a lengthy request, but she said she'd been happy to help.

So as she read the numbers, I wrote them down. One of the numbers was (imaginary but examplaray figures) 40 units of electricity for a total bill of $15.00. The very next number she says is that I used 50 units of electricity, and my total bill was only $10.00! So I'm all like,
"Wait, what? Why is the second total smaller than the first?" Realize, btw, that because I very little water, all my other charges are the same from month to month. So when she says that the second total, with more energy use, is smaller than the first, I question it.

"Well, DEAR, that's the TOTAL price I'm giving you NOT the price of your ELECTRICTY charge.... ugh."

Yes, there was a tone. So I add a snippy "Whatever, just give me the next month's information."

"Uh, yeah, that's all."

"How is that all?"

"You have history from July '06 to October '07. I've given you all the numbers. So, uh, that's ALL."

"You've only given me seven sets of numbers...."

She says nothing, so I continue.

".....Yeah, and the thing is, MA'AM, I've been living there for a year and a ha--" At this point, I hear waiting music playing. After a couple of minutes, someone else answers.

"Yes, how may I help you?"

"Um, hello?" I'm slightly confused for a moment.

"Yes, I said how may I help you?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry, I guess I've been transferred."

She proceeds to give me my address, then asks if it's correct. I say that it is.

"You do realize," she says, "that we have other customers waiting. So did you need anything?"

"Uh...... yeah, I kind of did. My bill's higher than usual this month and--"

"Would you like someone to come check your new meter?"

"Yes, that would be nice. I was also wondering--"

"Would that be all?"

"Actually, no, and I'll finish if you'd let me."

"Okay, ma'am, go ahead."

"Can you get me a copy of my full account history?"

"Sure. Do you have a fax avaliable?"

"Nope. I have email and regular mail. You can choose."


"When will I receive a cop--"

"The mail won't go out until tomorrow and I can't tell you when you'll get it."

"Fine, whatever."

"Mhmm, okay, have a nice day." *Click.*


I'm calling tomorrow to complain. Even if I was a little short, there is NO DAMN GOOD REASON to tell me that you have other customers to attend to ESPECIALLY when y'all agree to give me my account history over the phone.

Sucky pizza joint

Stopped in at a pizza joint for some slices last night. The service there is notoriously bad but it's the only late-night place that serves pizza by the slice. 

I felt bad for the young guy behind the counter, whose first language was clearly not English and he was doing his best to try and understand the mumblings of an almost incoherent and absurdly indecisive customer who couldn't decide what he wanted. As customers piled up behind us, I counted how many more staff there were behind the counter: six. All ignoring us.

The young guy called back for some help up front, and a surly young woman stormed up behind him and started yelling "WHAT!!? Can't YOU HANDLE IT? What is your PROBLEM" to the young guy. Everyone was wide-eyed. She continued: "Why can't you just DO YOUR JOB like the rest of us. It's NOT like it's HARD!" And then she stormed away.

I noticed the owner milling about behind the counter (I've been there enough times to recognize him). He was keeping his hands busy moving napkins and pop around, but wasn't accomplishing much. I politely asked, "is there anyone else working here who is available to serve customers?" He looked shocked, as if he hadn't seen the five people now waiting in line, and told me to hang on. A couple of minutes later a nice kid finally came out to help us buy pizza, and we were on our way.

Bad service is definitely yelling at your coworkers in front of customers. He didn't deserve it; he was just asking for help! And also bad service is the owner just standing there and letting it happen, without saying anything to the offending employee, and also not helping customers.

Goodwill suck!

First time post - I really just need to vent about this!

I <3 Goodwill. Really I do! Where else can you buy a practically new pair of ralph lauren capris for $4? But I get pretty pissy when said capris just get shoved into a bag with all the other clothes I was buying. Not a hint of half-folding. Not even placing the clothes in there in nice stacks (since I had already did "quick-fold" after I took off the hangars and hung them up for the cashier), but just shoving them in there, essentially ensuring that I will have a big ball of wrinkle when I get home. Yes, I'm going to wash them anyway, but I would rather that nice green silk shirt not be wadded into a ball first.

Then, the cashier had trouble using the scanner. It looked like the hand scanner was just broken. Trying to use it, doing the same thing over and over, while sighing at ME like I'm wasting YOUR time probably isn't going to help the situation. The cashier called for help and the other cashier just told her to enter it manually.

So, she starts to do that, but the machine is messing up. They have these touch screen and you just push the button that corresponds to the thing being purchased. The touch screen isn't working, so we sit through another round of pushing the buttons, glaring at me (for daring to purchase an item?), sighing, and more button pushing.

Finally, we get somewhere. She rings up the order, but forgets a book I wanted to buy. Since she's already at the transaction screen, and I've already waited 10 minutes, I say don't worry about it, I don't really need the book anyway. So, she takes my credit card, asks for my ID and starts processing it. Another malfunction. It won't print a reciept (even though the machine said something about transaction processed, change: 0.00). So, she calls for help again. They proceed to spend another five minutes messing with the reciept printer and joking around. No dice. The helper cashier insists that it didn't go through and so they finally decide to send me to another register. When they suggest this, the helper cashier looked at me and mumbled something about sorry for the inconvenience. I was fairly frustrated at this time, having wasted 15 minutes just to get rung up on a handful of items, but produced a weak smile. I really didn't want to say anything because I'm sure it would have been quite snotty in tone.

So, finally, I get over to the other cash register. She takes all of my stuff out of the bag. I refold my clothes. She rings me up, including the book. I give her my card. She asks for my ID again (maybe I stole a different card while I was standing at the first register?). I take my stuff and leave in a rush, since I am now 10 minutes late in picking up my husband.

I truly understand that stuff breaks down and doesn't work the way you expect it to. I would have even been fine if the girl was new and didn't know how to do things and needed to call for some help. My main issue was the clothes getting shoved into the bag and the attitude that I was somehow wasting her time.

I seriously considered complaining to the management about the girl, but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she just had an off day. It just really bothered me to be treated so rudely at a store where I frequently shop and where I usually get such excellent customer service. :(

Thanks for letting me vent!
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Did I or my order upset you?

For lunch today, I hauled my butt down to our local Wendy's. I like their spicy chicken sandwich, but I have an indifference towards mayo. Sometimes, I just order it no mayo, but sometimes I ask for ketchup to be added.

I went inside the restaurant because, two weeks ago, I caught a bad cold and my voice is still missing in action. I figured that my current "sounding like I've been smoking 3 packs a day for 20 years" voice and the drive through mic wouldn't get along very well.

I ordered my spicy chicken combo, no mayo, with ketchup. The cashier repeated it back to me: with mayo AND ketchup. I repeated: no mayo, add ketchup. I was being polite: I know my voice sounds like shit right now and might be hard to understand. I saw it ring up correctly on the register and thought nothing further of it.

The sandwich area in this tiny Wendy's is directly to the left of the registers. There's about 4 feet from the register to the sandwich prep area. So, the sandwich prep person had to have overheard my conversation with the cashier.

My combo comes out, and I give it a casual check: sandwich in right wrapper, fries. I didn't check the sandwich itself because if there was mayo on it, I could deal.

Back at the office, I open the sandwich. There is ketchup leaking from every crevice. The bun has started to break apart in the sea of ketchup. I'm talking about an amount of ketchup that would take 8-10 pumps from one of those fast food ketchup pumps; around 1/4 the amount you'd find in a standard grocery store bottle of ketchup.

Apparently, either my conversation with the cashier or the order itself pissed off the sandwich prep person.

I officially and utterly detest Sallie Mae.

This is more of an "I need to get this off my chest" rant, but it is in regards to really crappy customer service from Sallie Mae.

I recently applied for my third and final loan through Sallie Mae. While applying, I realized that if I continued to pay interest-only payments on all three of my loans, I'd end up with over $150/month for the remainder of my college career. Because I am in college, I do not work, and my husband is the sole bread-winner between us; thus, I opted for $10/month on the third loan.

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The past few days I've been eating egg salad sandwiches for lunch. There is a small mom & pop sandwich/convenience store right beside my office building.
(pop overlooks and greets, son on cash, mom & daughter making the food)

Day before yesterday I decided to give them a try. I go in and they only have crab salad sandwiches in the cooler. I asked if I could get an egg salad sandwich and they were more then happy to make me one and it was really cheap. I figured I just might of found my new favorite sandwich place.

Yesterday (lather, rinse, repeat) the only difference was that I watched the mother & daughter making the food. Mom was making my order and the daughter was making a wrap for another customer. I was grossed out to see the daughter make the wrap and lick the sauce off her fingers, then touch the wrap again and give it to the customer. The customer was busy looking at stuff in the store and didn't see her do this. The mom gave me my sandwich and and I left. If the daughter was making mine I would have said something the moment I saw her lick her fingers and touch the wrap. (I kind of feel guilty that I didn't anyway.)

I tolerated the glove free hands touching the food but if you're going to lick your fingers I'm out of there.

Medical II

This whole injections thing seems to have a little black cloud. First my doctors give me the wrong injection amounts, then when I go to the pharmacist, she gives me the wrong prescription. Because I'm having very frequent blood testing, it's important to my specialist (the only one who seems to know what in the hell he is doing) that I have a VERY set in stone routine.

Today was my first day doing the injection myself, and I have only two injections left. The blood test we'll be basing everything off of is based on the next two blood tests, or I have to redo my three month trial period, which means even more expensive trips to see my specialist. Thanks to the doctors messing up, I have a lot of stress about this. I don't understand why only Dr. Butterworth deals with this here in town, but whatever.

So, I take in the prescription. It's VERY specific:

-200ml container
-1ml syringe
-25 gauge needle
-16 gauge needle

I've done the injection ONCE at the office with the doctor. So, I get my needles and the like, and the pharmacist gives me a sealed bag with said syringe, and one with said needles. I ask if everything is there, as I don't want to have to catch a city bus across town to bloody well get a prescription fixed when I'm all ready nervous about walking on eggshells and having to redo the entire bloody trial period! She assures me it's all "peachy".

At 4:00 I get prepared to do my injection, pop on the 18 gauge needle (it said SIXTEEN, but what the hell, obviously she couldn't read...) onto the 3ml syringe (......not what I asked for.....) and withdraw the medication to the amount I need. I unscrew the needle and go to put on the other one to find out... THERE IS NO OTHER NEEDLE.

It's my first time (she was aware it would be), and I have the option of stabbing myself in the leg with an 18 gauge needle, or missing my trial period.... I have never had to jab something that thick into my own muscle before. I think I saw stars.

When I called her, still feeling sore from jabbing a fricking 18 gauge needle into my thigh muscle and spending 45+ seconds injecting this crap (of course my shaking from pain/anger/fear of huge fucking object in my leg did not help any pain), she started laughing about it. Apparently she thought it was stupid to use two needles, and so she just gave me one. I wanted to kill her. I called my useless bloody local doctor and asked about how one gets their prescription transferred to be filled elsewhere.

What the hell! I've been so polite and smiley with this whole thing, and yet it just keeps biting me in the ass and everyone just laughs it off. Injections wrong? That's kinda funny! Making a patient jab themselves in the leg with a bloody huge needle when they're all ready inexperienced? Ha ha ha, that's a good one!

It's a good thing I'm an atheist, or I'd start thinking God just hates me. My leg still damn well hurts.

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Ahhh, The Grocery Store

Does it annoy anyone else when the bagboy and cashier stand there and have a converstation pretending as if you dont exist? If the bagboy stated something like "Dude, I never card, I just make shit up!" when the cashier asks for your id, what would you think? And then, while trying to talk to the cashier about how his girlfriend is "such a douchebag" and then insisting that the cashier turn his light off after you, the customer, left so he could "like, tell you something for 5 minutes dude!" during the 5 o' clock rush, would you be inclined to speak with the manager? 

They are severely understaffed right now, so I daresay nothing would be done about Rodney The Annoying Bag Boy, but I am sorely tempted to call and say something anyways, because his manners in front of customers was considerably lacking, to say the least.

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Location: Target- Glendale Heights, Illinois.

(Before I begin I wanna say that I work at Starbucks, my bf works at another area Target, we read customers_suck and are definitely aware of the trials and tribulations of retail. It makes us nicer customers and people in general, I think.)

We went to exchange a top I bought the other day, the sticker on the shirt and the tag didn't match up, size-wise, so I wanted the correct size. My boyfriend is a supervisor at another area Target, so of course I saved the receipt, completely aware of Target's return policy and not wanting any sort of hassle.
The girl in customer service was new, and was not aware she could have done the exchange rather easily, so she paged for a GSTL (guest service team leader) to do the transaction. My bf tried to walk her through it, but she insisted. We heard her over the walkie paging the GSTL... it took literally half an hour. We are patient people, but seriously? WTF. Finally the LOD (leader on duty) came instead, finished the transaction for store credit, and we were free to shop. We hung around this Target for a good half hour, browsing and such.
It turns out Target has some really good deals going on right now, lots of clearance. I found two tops I liked and went to pay using the store credit.
One of them wasn't ringing as clearance. Look, I know sometimes things get misplaced, whatever. I just wanted a price check to be sure, there was more than just that one top in that section and my boyfriend saw it, too.
The cashier made the biggest to-do about turning off her light and calling for the LOD to come help. When customers came to her line she made sure to let us know by her tone ("sorry I need to do a PRICE CHECK") that we were greatly inconveniencing her. I kinda understand how it can be a pain in the ass, but you NEVER let the customer know. Ever. That is completely unprofessional.
This whole process took about five minutes, and we offered to get out of line. My boyfriend even offered to show the girl from soft lines where the shirts were located. Instead, the cashier was rude and opted to act annoyed and not even acknowledge us as she asked for the next customers in line.
Finally, the LOD came out and dismissively informed us that the tops were in the wrong section and they were priced as marked. Fine. In that case, I didn't want it, I was still polite about it even though it was their error.
At this point, the cashier went to ring us up using the store credit and said that it didn't go through. We assumed the transaction at guest services didn't go correctly, and my boyfriend asked for the top so he can go pay at guest services while he gets it sorted out. The cashier instead said "No! Pay for it now, or go sort it out, I can't give it to you!"
Mind you, she had no idea that my boyfriend's position at his own Target is the boss of hers, and that he knows his shit inside and out. He asked that she get a GSTL to walk us and the top over to guest service, and again she flatly refused! Annoyed, he said we would see what was going on with the store credit, and we were not even three feet away when she began complaining about us to the impatient EB in line behind us who was glaring at us the whole time. Something to the tune of, "God, either you have the money or you don't! Some people! How cheap can you be!"
HELL NO. At no time is it appropriate to talk shit about a customer to another customer, especially when they are WITHIN EARSHOT.
So, we took it up to guest service, my bf explained what was up and spilled that he works at the other Target, and would be calling their LOD tomorrow to discuss this situation.

Oh, but suddenly the tone changed, and the girl there rushed to grab the top from the lane with the rude cashier, and we were given the woman's name, comment cards, and recovery coupons. The girl at guest service even acknowledged that the cashier had no right to refuse to give it to us to pay there.

Of course I got the woman's name and I will be leaving a comment card about how rude she was, and my boyfriend is going to talk to the LOD tomorrow at that store, who HE trained at his own store, about the issue.
I just wanted to let the community know, in case anyone goes to that store, to keep an eye out for rude behavior on all levels, it was unbelievable.
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Minor Suckage

This is only minor bad service, but it bothered me. I went through McDonald's drive thru tonight, and part of my order was 2 pumpkin pies. I got home and found that they gave me apple pies. Now, this isn't the suckage. Although it was irritating to go back to McDonald's, I understand mistakes happen, and this is the first time that McDonald's has made a mistake on one of my orders. So, not a big deal.

When I went back to McD's, I walked inside, and a young woman behind the counter called me over. I explained the problem. She said, "Ok," took the bag with the apple pies, and gave me another bag with 2 pumpkin pies. And that's it. There was no apology. Nothing like a "Sorry 'bout that." I know it's not a huge deal. it didn't ruin my night, and it's not going to affect my life or financial situation, like some of the situations described here, but it still got on my nerves. Where did politeness go?