October 21st, 2007


school health centers really are terrible...

When I was a freshman, I had a really terrible cough for a long time. this happens to me a lot, but it just wasn't getting better. I went to the health center and after a quick exam, the nurse practitioner or whatever told me that I had a different form of asthma that didn't include sudden attacks, but that acted up every time I had any respiratory inflammation or anything. so she wrote me a prescription for an inhaler, with refills, to use 3x/day when I was coughing like that.

The prescription had 3 refills, and I very rarely need to use it, so I managed to make it until junior year without needing another inhaler. I refilled once because it expired, and then the prescription time expired a little while before I needed a new one. Even then, I just needed it because I lost mine. I wasn't currently using it, but I always like to have one just in case.

a different health center employee examined me, which was silly but they insisted. She was concerned about the fact that an inhaler could raise my blood pressure or something if I used it improperly. I acknowledged that this was true, but told her that I rarely use it, and I only need it occasionally, so I didn't think it would be a problem. I was also going to a study away program in another state in a month or two with no health center where I wouldn't know any doctors, so it was important that I get it before I left.

she refused to give it to me. Why? because I was not presently exhibiting any signs of asthma.

nevermind the fact that someone in that facility diagnosed me and provided my inhaler. nevermind the fact that she *admitted* that she believed I had it and needed an inhaler. she just "didn't feel comfortable" prescribing it.
my mom called my old pediatrician(I don't have a grownup doctor yet..) who called in a prescription with refills without even seeing me. apparently she believes a 20 year old can tell when she needs an inhaler.
I mean..what the hell? are inhalers recreational drugs now? as if anyone would *want* to use the nasty tasting things if they didn't have to.
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Oldie, but a goodie

scarlett75 reminded me of a bad doctor/pharm story. I have ADHD. I take Adderall, which is an amphetamine a.k.a. SPEED. So while it doesn't impair my functioning, it can get you non-ADHD people pretty damn high, and for this reason is a Class C controlled substance. Pharmacists don't play around with this stuff because they know good and well why there are laws against giving SAD's to anyone without a prescription.

I have been taking it for years now, and not only does the doctor's oldest receptionist know my voice over the phone, she knows my prescription by heart and every month, I call her, she tells the doctor that I need a prescription written out, and she mails it to my home address. This is the ONLY way I can legally get my medication without actually driving all the way across town to see the doctor. (Our health insurance is not very widely accepted, so we have to go a bit out of the way, but we don't mind because he's a good doctor and well worth the drive.)

A couple years ago, the doctor's office hired a second receptionist. She was inexperienced, but you'd think certain subjects would be discussed with new hires at a doctor's office:

"Hello, this is goth_is_not_emo, I need a prescription sent to my home address for this month."

"All right, what's the medication?"

"Adderall, [strength], one a day. It should be listed in my records."

"OK, what's the number for your pharmacy?" (!!!)

"I'm sorry, you can't call that in--it's a controlled substance. You'll have to mail me a prescription on paper." (So far, no real suck here--Adderall wasn't a very well-known drug yet at this point, so she would have no reason to know it's a controlled substance.)

"All right, goth_is_not_emo, that's [repeats prescription back as she writes it down]. How many refills?" (Danger, Mr. Robinson, DANGER!!)

"Um...you can't get refills on a controlled substance."

When I got the prescription, the pharmacist couldn't take it because Ms. Dipshit had written "Refillx1" in the corner. Thanks so much, now I have to call back and get another scrip because you don't want to take a minimal effort to learn what is and is not legal! WTF DID YOU THINK "NO REFILLS, IT'S A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE" MEANT?

I was not at all surprised to find that the new receptionist was gone by my next appointment.

Is this common practice?

I'll try to keep this short...

Went to TGI Friday's last night.  They were very busy, our service was adequate, not great but OK.  The check came and was for $22.65.  I paid with two twenties.  When the waitress brought back the change, she brought back $17.00 shorting me thirty five cents. 

I left her a $5.00 tip and more than likely would have left the change as well, but it just struck me as a bit presumptuous on her part.  We sat for another 5 minutes or so and I never saw her again.  Should I have said something?  Is it becoming common practice to round on change?

I shouldn't be letting this bother me, but for some reason it is.

Ew Ruby Tuesdays, just.. ew!

I went out to dinner last night with a couple friend's of mine. Along with the two friends was a boy I watch from time to time named Jacob. He is autistic but fairly easy to handle.
We were seating by the doors to the kitchen, this is important.
Jacob and I both decided on the salad bar and we went up to get our food. He asked me what one of the macaroni salads was and I suggested he take a little bit to try it. Instead of putting it on his plate, he stuck the serving spoon into his mouth. He didn't like it and proceeded to spit it back into the container.
I quickly grabbed the container and looked around for someone. The closest person that worked there was the guy sitting people. I explained what happened and held out the container to him. Instead of taking it he said, "So? Not my problem." and walked away!
OK even if he personally couldn't take care of it, would it have been that hard to find someone? I end up bothering a waitress and tell her what happened. She makes a face, grabs the container and hurries away. No thank your or anything, but whatever, at least she took it!
Later, the waitress is talking to our waitress just outside the kitchen doors. While I didn't hear everything they said, it was clear they were complaining about me handing the girl the container and how it wasn't her job. So it's OK to let other customers eat from a container that had food spit back into it just because it's not your job?
I've seen kids lick their fingers and then touch food on buffets before. I was starting to worry about the quality of my salad.
I then hear from our waitress, "Gross you touched that retards drool!"
Because autism is apparently transmitted through drool now.
When we got our check my friend put the money behind our ticket and wrote on the ticket, "This and your money touched by a retard's drool."
Jacob laughed about it the whole way home.
I would have personally loved to see her face when she opened up the book to see that, even if it was childish.
swine flu

Okay okay, I'll do one, too

I wasn't going to add to the number of terrible medical stories until someone reminded me of my college's health center.

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Not the WORST by any means (especially compared to some of the other stories here) but still pretty bad for the head of the health services in a college. I really hope no one really relies on this woman for primary health care.