October 20th, 2007

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The Mall of America was even more jam packed and chaotic than usual for two reasons:

1) It was MEA week (cocky tweens galore!)
2) Cesar Millan was there for a book signing.

So there were more security guards hovering about in the area where Cesar was about to sit. The event was sponsored by PETCO and the majority of the representatives were Paris Hilton wannabes* on serious power trips.

Yes, you think you're hot shit because you're allowed to escort Cesar to his seat. You also think you can treat the mall patrons who are visiting the nearby tables like dirt. I was standing in an area near the exit but was not even close to blocking it. So here comes one of the white haired harpies who shrieks at me and other onlookers, "OKAY THIS IS WHERE PEOPLE ARE COMING OUT YOU NEED TO MOVE NOW."

When the crowd started to grow, there were a few people who were standing directly in front of the exit and a security guard approached them. He calmly told them, "We need to keep this area open." See, was that so difficult? Wow, I guess a person can firmly give people directions without being a raging asshole and get results, what a novel concept!

Another suck occurred at a table where free bags of pet supplies were being given out. An employee unkindly informed me that those bags were only for people who purchased wristbands. Not 10 minutes after she told me this were people lined up and getting handed bags...that didn't have wristbands. So yep, she did it just for the sole amusement of being a bitch.

It wasn't AWFUL service, but dealing with asshole after asshole after asshole took its toll on my nerves. What a shame considering how polite and kind Cesar was to every one who approached him. I'm sorry he had to deal with you.

*I'm stereotyping here, but highly vain women by nature have the nastiest personalities.
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I'm not sure if this qualifies more as "WTF" service than particularly "bad," but if it's enough to rant over IRL it's enough to go here, I figure.

At the beginning of October, I needed to cancel my internet/cable service. Money is severely tight right now, I can barely make rent + electricity + water, so the Time Warner bill is out of the question. I go to the local branch office personally to get my service turned off and return the cable box and the modem and the remote.

Today I recieved a "bill" from Time Warner stating I owed over $1000 in equipment charges.

Say this with me now.


According to Time Warner, I owe them:

Digital Set-top receiver ($270)
HD/DVR Set-top Receiver ($600)
HDTV Set-top Receiver ($350)
Telephone Modem ($135)
Cable Modem ($50)
Cable Card ($60)
Remote Control ($10)

All that adds up to a tidy sum of $1475. One little problem. I NEVER HAD MOST OF THOSE THINGS. I had a basic cable box, and a modem. And a remote control. All returned.

What the fuck, Time Warner.

I still have my receipt from the return, and you bet on Monday I'm going down to the local office to get this figured out, because I'll be damned if I'm paying Time Warner fifteen hundred bucks for shit I never had.

When I can afford my own 'net again, I'll definitely be looking into Insight, because this is outrageous. I had Adelphia, but they got eaten by Time Warner so that wasn't voluntarily - I never would have gone with them otherwise.