October 19th, 2007

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Ah, Denny's...

 I have seriously never heard of a restaurant doing this EVER... if this is anyone's policy, please let me know, but I think it's absolutely ludicrous.

We were at a Denny's in Thousand Oaks, CA...  The waitress seemed really nice, took our orders down, etc.  My sister asked for the French Toast Slam which comes with two pieces of french toast, eggs, and two pieces each of bacon and sausage.  My sister asked for scrambled eggs and wanted to substitute two more pieces of bacon for her sausage.  Waitress says no problem.

So she brings us our drinks... they put my youngest sister's drink in a rocketship cup... which was cute, yeah, but also an extra charge that we never asked for.  We didn't say anything though, b/c it wasn't a huge deal and I've worked in the customer service industry in the past... I know how frustrating it can get.

But then our food arrived.  There was already a problem because my sister's food had two pieces each of bacon and sausage.  And no eggs in sight.

Sister:  Are the eggs on the way?
Waitress:  What eggs?
Sister:  The eggs that are supposed to come with my french toast?
Waitress:  The french toast platter doesn't come with eggs.
Sister:  I ordered the French Toast Slam... which comes with eggs.
Waitress:  No you didn't.
Sister:  Uh, yes I did.  You ASKED me how I wanted my eggs.  I said SCRAMBLED.
Waitress:  Uh... I'll tell them to make some.

So we wait for a few minutes and we all start eating, my sister starts on her french toast.  Then the waitress stomps back out and slams an empty plate on our table.  Everyone at the table is just O_o

Waitress:  I need one of the pieces of french toast back.
Sister:  What?
Waitress:  The French Toast SLAM only comes with two pieces of french toast.  I gave you three.
Sister:  Are you serious?  
Waitress:  I need one of the pieces of french toast back.

We sat there flabbergasted as my sister put a piece of her (already buttered and syrupped) french toast on the empty plate.  Dude.  WTF were they even going to do with it?  Serve it to someone else??  She ROYALLY messed up my sister's order... they should have been comping us for her meal, not taking part of it away.  You can bet your asses that she didn't get a tip.

I have had rude servers before... but never one this spiteful and flat-out stupid.
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Theft at Mcdonalds.

Nice, huh?

Ordered a chicken nugget kids' meal for $3.23 (including tax). I -know- how much cash I gave the cashier. The kid had $2 left (I'm teaching him budgeting-yay!) and I gave him $2. Then he found 11 cents in his pocket. SO. We gave the cashier $4.11.

Not thinking, because the kid is talking and I'm tired, I screw up and pull away from the window before she gives me my .88 in change.

I sigh and mention it to the second window cashier, apologizing profusely...

Only to get the first window cashier (from here on out known as 'bitch') run up with a 'You gave me exact change! :D' and flaring a receipt that wasn't right. (Note: It is impossible to have given them correct change. I got $2 from the kid, $2 from my own wallet, and 11 cents from his hand. If I had given her 'exact' change, it would've ended up being $3.11, not $3.23)

Of course, after I drive away, it's easy to punch in exact change and pocket the 88 cents.

Fucking bitch.

Then second window slammed the window shut on me before they gave me the kid's drink. ...It's not like it was packed. It was usual beginning-of-lunch-rush, but we're not talking about a line around the building with no parking-there were only 3 cars in drive through and maybe 5 on the lot.

After two minutes of me eyeballing the window, considering tapping on it, she opens it and looks at me confused. I blink at her and ask what had happened to the drink (politely). She stares at me... and freaks out, flailing around in the box, throwing things to look for the drink. What the hell?

Eventually she pours the kid one and we leave. Man, fuck that McDonalds. I'm never going there again.

Note: Some of you might find the .88 petty. It's still theft, in my book. Obviously I'm not going to lose sleep over it, but it still annoys me.
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More bummed than angry

When I moved to my city three years ago, I was driving home and stopped at this sports bar about a minute from my house that I'll call "The House."  I wanted a beer and was hungry so I'd figured I'd get a greasy sandwich or something.

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And so I'm never going back:(

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An old McD's story

This was about two years ago when I was on a trip from Virginia to Alabama.


My then boyfriend and I stopped for lunch after about 5 hours in the car at a fairly nice looking McDonald's. It was after the official lunch hour, but still rather busy. We both order some type of chicken sandwich meals with a few alterations.

First window we pay, second window we sit for about 5 minutes then the girl working there tries giving us the wrong order. She takes our receipt, gives us our drinks, and tells us to pull into the spot right in front and they'll bring our food out.

Seemed kinda strange at the time, but whatever. He pulls into the front spot and we wait. And wait. About 10 or 15 cars later, he goes in to check. The workers were confused, they had no idea. The manager comes over and hears the story and goes to talk to the girl at the window and guess what? She had our food STASHED UNDER THE LEDGE. It was our exact order and she had taken two bites out of his sandwich.

There was a great deal of gesturing and we got our food promptly with free apple pies thrown in. He didn't want to ask for his money back, too much hassle, but the manager was very upset about it. 

Did she really think we'd just drive away and forget we didn't get our food?-

Thanks for the bad service Kaiser

This is my first post in this community.

My job has Kaiser for us, and while I've often heard complaints about it, I generally don't mind it. Until now.

I had a 4pm appt. today and was told to arrive 15 min. beforehand, so I was there by 3:40. I checked in, and really only had to wait about 5 minutes before I was brought back.

The nurse asked me questions and took my vitals and told me the doctor would be right in. About 20 minutes went by. My phone was off, so I dont know exactly how long. Finally he came in, diagnosed me within, say, 55 seconds. He had asked me a question about my current prescriptions and one was missing so I mentioned it to him. He asked me if I needed a refill and I told him no, I had plenty at home. After about 2 minutes total, he told me a nurse would be back in to give me a paper and then I could go.

I wait.
I wait.
I wait some more.
Then, I wait.

Finally the doctor comes back in and says that the nurses are so backed up, he'd just give me the paper himself. He told me how he had put the new prescription in, but also had resubmitted the old one (they are for different medications). I could tell the pharmacist I only wanted the new one though.

So I went down to the pharmacy and submit my prescription, telling her I only want the new one.
It was 10 till 5 at this point, so I had been there about an hour and ten minutes so far.

I wait.
I wait.
I wait some more.
Then, I wait.

for 50 minutes. Finally I ask the pickup window person how much longer. She goes and checks and comes back and says just a few minutes. Within a few minutes, sure enough my name is on the screen. So I go to the window, and when the lady asks if I had any questions for the pharmacist, I ask, "Why did it take 50 minutes?"

She begins to say, well wait time varies and then says, "Wait, did you say 15 or 50?" FIFTY. Oh, she looks embarrased and says she doesnt know.

So I pay for my prescription, leave and come home.
Total time at the doctor's office for a minor issue?

2 hours, 10 minutes. Of which I saw the doctor 3 minutes.

Now to top it all off...

After finally relaxing at home, I decide to look at my new prescription to read how to take it and all.

I open the bag, and realize that they did NOT give me my new prescription, they gave me my old one. Well that's just great. Thanks so much Kaiser. Now I get to go back there tomorrow and waste.. gosh, how many more hours of my life? They had better reimburse me for the wrong prescription too. I cannot believe the crappy service that they gave me. Insurance companies and pharmacists make a lot of money. They should offer their customers a lot better customer service than this.

[Edit]: I'm upset about the insurance company cause it IS Kaiser - everything is Kaiser - doctor, nurse, facility, pharmacist, etc.

Also, the prescription wait made me so upset because at least 15 people dropped off prescriptions after me and picked them up before me over the 50 minutes I waited.

I went back to Kaiser's pharamacy today where the lady informed me that the prescription I needed is available over the counter. I asked her why the doctor said he was giving me a prescription for it(He had said I could get weaker stuff OTC) so that it would be strong enough, and why when I submitted it yesterday the pharmacist didnt tell me this. I can't understand why the DOCTOR would tell me its prescription and the pharamcist now says its NOT prescription. The lady also basically said it was my fault I ended up with the wrong prescription. There's no way to get a refund on the wrong prescription either.

Its of course, Saturday, and customer service is not available, but I will be calling first thing Monday morning. And then avoiding going to the doctor like the plague from then on... I cant afford this crappy service.
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