October 16th, 2007


Since we're sharing bad Home Depot service...

Our BC economy is such that most stores and franchises are having trouble hiring any staff at all, let alone good staff. There is a huge surplus of jobs, especially in the service industry, province-wide. We are sort of getting used to this and are trying to be patient - I know, for example, that I won't get any service from HD's paint department, ever. If there is someone at the paint counter, s/he will ignore me until I have asked for service three or four times, and then if I want anything more than paint mixed, forget it. Product recommendations? Uh uh. I'm either met with a blank stare or a rude smirk.

Once I bought some cabinets there that were on clearance, and it took 45 minutes and four different employees before they found someone who knew how to arrange delivery - and payment - of said cabinets. That's right, the first three employees didn't even know how to ring in my purchase.

Anyway - this one time I went to look at tiling supplies and had some questions about the surface I was tiling. There were two! Two! people in the tile aisle so I asked one for some advice. 

Me: "Excuse me, I have a question about what product I should use to lay my tiles."
Tile Guy: "Sure, what do you need?"
Me: "Well, I'm tiling on a concrete surface, but I've removed old lino and there may be some residue on the floor, so I'm wondering about adhesion and---"
TG, prancing off to talk to someone he knew: "HEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MAN HOW'S IT GOING?? Yeah yeah, you got everything you need? Need anything else? Yeah dude, cool man, COOOOOOL!!!"
Me: "But...I was....in the middle of a sentence..."

And there went tile guy, high-fiving and slapping hands with someone all the way at the other end of the aisle, interrupting me in the middle of my sentence and literally walking away.


I really am patient with stores that are short-staffed; in many cases I know that there aren't even experienced staff available to train new staff, so newer employees often aren't knowledgeable about products or where to find certain things. But please - it's common courtesy to let someone finish speaking, especially when the employee has offered to help. It's harder to blame bad manners on insufficient training.
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Doctor's staff? Dropping the ball? Say it ain't so!

I've had plenty of bad service from doctors before. I've had a lot of health problems, and it took a long while to find a doctor who would actually listen to me and not dismiss me because I was a college age girl. (Thanks, weird health problems since I was 12, I know my own body better than you, especially since we've known each other all of 10 minutes.) Collapse )

EDIT: The pharmacy just called me. One of the techs called the insurance company and everything is all worked out. So much love on the pharmacy people. =)
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Bad hotel

I'd recomend not using a Britannia Hotel. Especially not the one on New Street, Birmingham.

For starters, it said on the website it was 'fully accesable'. This is important, since my wife walks with a stick and needs to be able to get around. What do we find out when we get there? It had shiny marble floors in the lobby. Why do places advertise themselves as 'fully accesable' and then have shiny floors so that its impossible to use a stick on them? The fire doors in the upstairs corridors were so heavy that it took both of us to move one of them. If it had been just my wife on her own, she'd have been in trouble.

What was really wrong with the hotel though was that they seemed to have almost no staff, no idea what they were doing, and they didn't give a damn. The information on the website was outdated- we found out when we got that there they were doing refurbishment and there was nothing anywhere on the website to indicate that. Advertised services were not available and nobosy answered the phone, anywhere when we tried to get dinner.

Checking in took for-facking-ever because there was nobody at the desk, and not even a call bell so that we could let someone know we were there. There was a phone ringing in the office that was ringing when we got there and still ringing when they'd finished checking us in. Later on, that ringing phone was us.

We decided that since there were a few gluten-free items on the hotel menu [another necessity and something we checked beforehand] and we didn't want to go out after traveling for five hours, we'd order room service and eat in. Tried to call room service a couple of times, and there was no answer- the phone just kept ringing. The longest I waited on the line was five minutes. Interestingly, the number for room service was the same ext number as the number for the reastaurant, which didn't open for another few hours, even though room service was advertised as being from 9AM to 11PM. So, I called the reception desk and asked them to put me through. It took reception ten minutes, but eventually someone did pick up and connected me.

The phone got picked up in the bar. The response from the guy at the bar when I asked about room service? "Yeah, we do the room service from here, but we're not doing it now, its not gonna be on for a while." When I asked him how we were going to get something to eat, since room service was advertised as being all day, his response was "Not my problem. I don't know when we're supposed to be doing it." And he then hung up.

As well as that, there were no tea/coffee making facilities in the room at all- no cups or teabags or anything else. We found the kettle, eventually- stuffed at the back of the wardrobe, covered in dust and cracked. There were no large towels provided, only hand towels. The fixtures were rusty, and there was only half a roll of toilet paper. Bags of rubbish were stacked up in the hallways for the whole time we were there and didn't get moved.

There was no feedback or complaints form available, so we're writing a nice, angry letter. Given that they were charging £150 a night for a double room, I think we were severely overcharged.

Not using a Britannia hotel ever again. Luckily, we were right in the centre of Birmingham, so we didn't have to go to far to find somewhere to eat.
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The "Bell" stands for Incompetent!

Sometimes I just don't know why I keep going to this one Taco Bell. It's much closer than the next one, and it was really great when I first started going. It's gone from occasionally bad to consistently awful. The following is the story tonight's experience.

I had just gotten home from a late day at work and wanted something fast. I conceded that the local Taco Bell wouldn't be the worst idea, and at least it would be pretty cheap. One out of two ain't bad.

I've gotten used to the fact that the cashiers never (and I mean NEVER) know the sequence for the Grande Soft Taco (seriously, the most cost-effective item on the menu). I was watching the guys on the line assemble various items waiting for my order to come out; what else was I to do? I saw them make a couple of salads, an order of the specialty nachos. Then I heard the first guy mention grandes. I figured mine was up next. Unfortunately, what they made were not my GSTs. Instead of nacho cheese, there were beans in between the tortillas. They put sour cream and tomatoes on them (I absolutely hate sour cream and am actually allergic to tomatoes). A black shirt was there supervising and grabbed the three ??? tacos and dropped them in a bag and read out my order number.

I didn't need to open the bag to know that my order was wrong, and I said as much. The golden rule (customer is always right) was for naught as I had to open a taco wrapper and show the black shirt that the taco was not assembled properly. She called back to the first guy about the items, but he claimed that he made GSTs fully to spec then started the next order in queue. Only after that order was complete did they concede and remake my order correctly. After the tacos were topped and wrapped, they were thrust violently into a bag and the bag tossed (from the bagging station) to the counter. They didn't apologize, or even look in my direction for that matter. At least I got my food and got out of there.

But why do I go back there? The convenience factor had outweighed the cost of simply horrid service, but I don't think that is still the case.

NOTE: A couple of folks have pointed out that the so-called "golden rule" is utter hogswallop and they are quite correct. For the record, the phrase was not invoked during the exchange and used only as a reference to the fact that the restaurant staff refused to believe that I knew a) what was in the items I received, and b) what was supposed to be in the items I ordered.
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First post!

Hey, all! After browsing the community a bit, I thought i'd post about one of my own bad_service experiences.

In my small Texas town, there are a lot of hairdressers/salons, but few with good reputations. There is one that we THOUGHT had a good reputation, but we were proven quite wrong.

I got married back in August, and needed a place to do my hair. We made the appointment at 9:00 am on a Saturday, since it was the first time they took appointments and when they opened, and my wedding was at 2:00. My mother (who was also my Matron of Honor, and had to get her hair done, too), my aunt, my bridesmaid, and I showed up early, around 8:45, and waited.

And waited.

9:15 am rolled around, and NOBODY had shown up to open the store. The store was empty, dark, and locked up. 9:20. 9:30. 9-freaking-45. Still nobody.

By then, my mother is in a complete panic, because we're at a loss of what to do at this point. Few salons would take a last-minute appointment for a wedding, since wedding hairdos tend to take a while.

Luckily, I decided to call the small Wal-mart, and they were gracious enough to take me RIGHT then (they don't do appointments, just walk-ins) and get our hair done. They did an AWESOME job, and they got an excellent tip.

The supposedly prestigious salon got an angry phone call from the mother of the bride. Apparently, the lady meant to do my hair didn't show up until after 10:00, never mentioning to her confused co-worker that she even HAD a wedding to do.

Had Wal-mart not been great enough to take me in, I wouldn't have been able to get my hair done for my wedding x_X

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Dear bus company:

Please don't send your driver without proper directions. The bus driver shouldn't have to ask the passengers what road to take.

Dear bus driver:

If you don't have proper directions, please don't wait to ask for directions until you've overshot your destination by forty-five minutes. It's a six hour trip as it is.
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First post, too

Hello everyone. I am new here. Now, I work in retail so I know how hard it is to be nice to annoying customers who nitpick and are unreasonable, but I also know the difference between that and and an annoying worker. One night my brother and I went to a White Castle far from our house. We were incredibly hungry and it was late at night and that was the only place available. White Castle isn't my favorite, but it'll do in a pinch.

So instead of going through the drive-thru like we thought to do at first, we go inside, order food and wait patiently for it. This girl comes out from behind the register and sees a mess some people left for her, (It wasn't THAT bad) and knowing there are customers there, she starts shouting very loudly, F**KING PEOPLE!! I DON'T WANNA CLEAN THIS SHIT UP!!! Now knowing what  she is going through, I let her have it, because I feel the same way at times (although I will NEVER do that in front of customers, I know better). So it would have been fine had she left it at the screaming and cursing, but she goes to move a chair, picks it up and slams it on the ground. Does the same with all the tables she's moving. I mean the girl was acting like a psycho! Then she goes to her co-workers and starts ranting to them about how she has to clean it up. Her co-workers all seemed like nice people and didn't answer her, how could they with me and my brother there? Complain about customers all you want just make sure there are none there to hear it.

Had I been anyone else, I am certain she would have been fired for her language and outrage or at least written up.