October 15th, 2007

Amazon get your act together!

Okay, this actually happened about a year ago, but I remember it now thanks to the Victoria Secret post below.

Early August I ordered a couple of DS games from Amazon.ca. Given these are both hard to find games, I was surprised to find that one of these games was in stock, and the second was due in a week latter.

So I order both, and there was a mix up. This first part, I admit was my fault. I changed my address from my hotmail to another email address, and inverted two letters in my email address. Frustrating thing? The site didn't validate the new (Non-working) email address! So I found out about two days latter this mix up had happened.

My invoice had been sent to my hotmail address, so I had that. Reading though it I found out my order would ship in...


Now I did get free shipping, but I was pissed. I KNEW game a was supposed to be in stock, and game b was due out in a week. Why was I waiting almost 3 MONTHS for a shipment? First email doesn't work, due to the afor mentioned screwup on my part.

So after I get the address fixed, I write them again. I asked WHY my items weren't shipping until October, when according to your site the second game was in in a week, and the first was in stock. Got told they didn't know, they'd check it out.

So I waited a week, then emailed again, asking the SAME question. Since game b was now in stock, and game a was in stock, BUT my order hadn't shipped. I also said I was going away at the start of Oct, and had ordered these games for my flight.

Get a reply to phone them about the problem.

Okay, so I figure no big deal a minor account issue, right? WRONG! The guy says 'Oh the problem is that game a is out of stock.'
I ask him then why:

A) The site STILL says game a is in stock ready for next day shipping (THREE WEEKS after my order)
B) I had to CALL them to get told this.

He says he doesn't know.

I then ask what will happen if they run out of copies of game b before the restock of game a at the end of October. His response? They'll put a copy of b aside for me.

WTF? I admit I lost it here. I pointed out that the site had said Game A was in stock WHEN I ORDERED IT! Further more, game a was STILL in stock according to the site, ALMOST 3 WEEKS after I ordered it! He said he didn't know, it was a website glitch. I then ask if I can get the games shipped seperatly since I had been promised delivery over a week earlier. He says no, not with the free shipping.

I admit I lost it will him, but Amazon was just jerking me around by that point, and I mentioned canceling the order, since a local store was going to get game a in stock shortly, AND they had game b in stock now. But I wasn't certain. Then the call ended.

The only redeeming thing Amazon did was two days latter, game B arrived. Individually shipped from Game a. Something they said they wouldn't do for free shipping. I did have a lot going on at work, and planned to make a trip to a local store that weekend, and grab whichever game(s) they had in stock, and cancel the order for those. But I wanted the game in my hand before cancling because the print runs were small, and they were VERY hard to find.

Then, the day before I left on my trip, game a makes it's appearance, a month earlier then mentioned. I guess Amazon decided to take the hit for shipping two separate parcels rather then loosing an order. Or else someone I spoke/wrote to took pity on me for the run around.
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Not Horrible Service or maybe not considered a service

My son goes to daycare.  The earlies I can drop him off is 7am.  It this unreasonable for me to expect someone to be there at 7?   It's so frustrating when I have to wait for the morning teacher to arrive, get her stuff together, and make it to the "big" room where all the kids go until class starts.  I was almost last for work this morning when she didn't arrive until after 7.  And I totally understand that sometimes you just run late and Monday's can be hard but this happens at least 3 times a week.  I would think that the morning teacher should be  there a few minutes before 7 so she/he can get ready for the kids.

I am I being unreasonable here?

I'm going to stop in this week actually talk to the director.  I know they recently switched the teacher who opens because she was frequently late.  I know it's just a few minutes but those are very precious minutes to me since I have a long way to go for work.  Thanks for your input!

bad gym service.

i played 3 sports in high school, so i was always in shape. now that i'm almost 24, the only exercise i get is walking up the stairs to my apartment. i'm not terribly overweight. i'm 5'6" 140 pounds, but my goal weight is around 125-135 area. i'm more concerned about getting back in shape than losing the weight. so, i decide to join the gym. there's a gym in a shopping mall about 15 minutes from my house, called ladies choice fitness. it's brand new, and usually nothing but older ladies walking on the treadmills. i stopped by, got the tour, signed a year contract, filled out all of the paperwork, etc. $29 gets deducted out of my checking account each month for a year. i was super excited, it was a cheap, close, and usually pretty vacant place to work out for an hour or so each day. well, with the package i signed up for, you receive a free session with a personal trainer once every 2 weeks. my first day at the gym, i met with my trainer. (who was about 5 feet tall, maybe 90 pounds.) she asked me what my main concerns were, what i wanted to improve, what my diet was like, etc. i told her i wanted to get in shape more than lose weight, but my feelings wouldn't be hurt if i dropped a few pounds. i step on the scale, it reads 141. she kinda chuckles, and under her breath says "wow this is going to be a task!" i immediately stepped off the scale, and asked her to repeat what she said. she denied even saying anything, so i took it with a grain of salt, and didn't think twice about it. next, she took out the tape measurer to measure my chest and my waist. (i don't remember the exact measurements, but i wear a size 6 in pants, sometimes a 4.) when she's done with that, she says, loud and clear this time "are you sure that you played sports in high school? from looking at your numbers it doesn't seem like you've ever been in shape!" and kinda laughed, almost like she was joking about the situation. i told her i'd had enough of her snide remarks and rude comments, and that i wanted to speak to the manager. she informed me that she was  the manager, and gave me an email address and phone number to the corporate offices. of course, i emailed and called, and of course all i got was an apology. needlees to say, i never want to step foot in that place again. this whole thing took place in june, so i've been paying for my membership each month, and haven't been back since. when i asked the corporate office about getting out of my contract, they told me the only circumstances they void contracts are for health reasons, or if i were to move at least 40 miles away from the nearest location. i am irate. it's not even about the money! and the bitch has had the nerve to call me once a month to see why i haven't been back for training sessions. seriously. diaf.

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So I do realize that I'm slightly drunk, but I still think that bad service is bad service.

Since the faculty at my school has officially gone on strike, my friends and I decided to have a little drunkening this morning. I'm still a little drunk right now, so please excuse any typos.

Anyway, so we decided we needed food. One of our (sober) friends was going downtown to drop off some recyclables, so she agreed to pick up our food on the way back. I ordered my food plus a drink, so all was good.

Then she got back with our food -- minus my drink. One of my othre more sober friends called the restauarant back and she was like, "Yeah, we ordered some food there a little while ago, but we never got a drink we ordered." And the girl on the phone was like, "Yeah, well, you can come get that" and hung up on her. I didn't think that was really satisfactory, so I called abck and was like, "Listen, we ordered food and some drinks, but we never got one of the drinks." The girl on the phone was like, "Yeah, someone just called about that, the girl said they'd come pick it up". I said, "Um, actually, no. That wasn't the case....actually, we weren't given a choice. We ordered the food and picked it up...it was your fault the drink wasn't included, so it should not be our responsibility to pick up the drink that YOU left out."

She hung up on me. Fucking bitch. I know I'm drunk, but she acknowledged that they made a fucking mistake and now they're not willing to fix it? Fuckers.

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My son has an excellent pediatrician. Really, I love the guy. Unfortunately his office staff leaves much to be desired. I don't know why it's so difficult to charge the right insurance company when a patients insurance changes, but it seems to a problem for every doctor I have ever had. In fact, I expect it to happen now, and would be surprised if it didn't happen in the future. It happening once is no longer bad service to me. It happening 6 times, without a phone call to me about any problems after several months, is bad service.

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Dear "Dude",

I liked you. I thought you were a pretty cool "Dude", and I laughed that your nametag actually said Dude. You brought us drinks on time, you were nice when I asked, after ordering, if I could tack on coffee to my order, you gave good service and we didn't run you ragged fetching refills or anything. Hell, someone else even took care of our table part of the time, not you, despite the fact that is was...what, one in the morning? Not very busy. So why did you help yourself to an 18% tip from my friend's change? Did you suspect us of being cheapskates? We would probably have tipped 20% voluntarily, you know. But guess how much we'll tip you next time? I know about the group-order gratuity, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to two person orders. Sorry.
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Okay, just some mild bad service from this weekend.

I'm still in school, and Saturday night was the homecoming dance.

So twenty-five of my closest friends and I went to this new restaurant that just opened up in town. I understand that twenty-five people is a large party, but we were all split up into seperate tables, about six to a table, and each table had a different waitress or waiter.

Well the dance started at 8, and you have to be in by 9 because of school policy. Well we got there at 7 and the dinner had been fine and service had been good for the whole time we had been there until we asked for the check, around 8:30. My friend A owed me some money, so we put both our meals on one check, and then my other friends' meals on two other checks. So three checks in all. The waitress brings us our receipt and leaves. It turns out that she had put my drinks onto the wrong check. Fine, we're in a hurry to leave so we don't say anything.

Well the waitress goes to the table right next to us (most of our party had left by this point) and proceeds to have a fifteen minute conversation with the table next to us. Keep in mind she hasn't taken our checks up yet, and my friend had to pay with a card. 15 minutes to get to the dance and we flag down another waiter, and ask him if he can take care of it for us. Of course he can't because he wasn't our waiter. He finally gets the waitress to take our checks, but she doesn't even apologize for the delay.

I know it's not huge, and we still made it to the dance (barely on time), but it was pretty annoying.