October 14th, 2007


TGI Friday's post a few down reminded me..

So awhile ago my boyfriend and I went to Friday's to get their Jack Daniel's ribs. When we sat down it was about 3pm on a weekday* so needless to say the place was deserted. It was us, an elderly couple, a guy by himself, and about a dozen people working there. I have no idea why they had so many people on at such a dead time but oh well.

We were seated and told the waitress that we didn't need menus because we knew exactly what we were going to order. We immediately ordered our drinks, a plate of ribs with fries to split between us, and I got a Caesar salad and asked it to be brought out before the meal. The waitress brings our drinks and disappears into the back.

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*Whenever I retell this story everyone asks me why we were getting ribs at 3pm. I have no answer for this. My stomach commanded it. DON'T HATE >:O
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I don't know if anyone else has dealt with this, but if you have, I'd like to know about it.

My husband and I recently moved to California, driving cross-country to get here. Before we left, we had my car (a 2002 Ford Focus LX) looked at by my mechanic of 5 years. I told him if anything was wrong with it, to tell me, and I would fix it then. He had no reason to lie to me, given that he would stand to make a crapload of money off of me, and so when he told me nothing was wrong other than needing a new spark plug, which I promptly replaced, I believed him.

We got to California, where we had an oil change done immediately after arriving, having just driven 3000 miles. We took it to Firestone for this service, as we have coupons for their business. This was probably my first mistake, but it needed done and we hadn't found a good mechanic yet. So we get the oil changed, no problems, and go on our way.

Two Fridays ago, I was driving on a relatively dark road at night, by myself, doors locked of course, on my way home from work. All of a sudden, I stop at a red light, the car idles HARD, and then dies. Just dies. No warning, no check engine light, no oil light. Just dead, right there on the road. I get it pushed to the side of the road, popped the hood, and looked at things. I opened the oil cap, and guess what I saw? NOTHING! There was NO OIL in my car. None. Bone dry. So I go grab the two quarts I keep in my trunk, add them, and try to start the car. Nothing happens, of course.

After a very long and exhausting night, have it towed to a mechanic, which cost me $150 even with my insurance. I also had to go rent a car, which cost me $700 for a week because I had to take what they could give me seeing as I HAD to have a way to work and school, and what they had was a freaking SUV.

So I get a call from the mechanic that Monday, telling me that I need an entirely new engine, which, if they can find a refurb, will cost $2500. If they can't? $4000. The mechanic starts asking me about things, and I inform him that there was no oil in the car before I put the two quarts in. He goes silent for a moment and goes, "Well. That would do it." He also tells me that they found metal in the oil that was there, and that they found metal bits clanging around the cylinders. He said that if I got my oil changed when I did, the oil was likely gone by about two weeks ago, and that while he's surprised that the check oil light didn't come on, that it's not entirely unusual. He also said that it's his opinion, given the lack of oil and the severity of the damage to my engine, that either Firestone FORGOT TO PUT OIL IN MY CAR or added the wrong kind of oil and it just burned through. There were no leaks, either - he checked. He also informed me that it would be until this coming Tuesday before I'd have the car back - which meant I had to rent another car for another $400. So now we're up to $3800 total that I've spent becasue Firestone didn't do their jobs.

The mechanic is willing to put this in writing. I'm sending them the bills for this mess.

Anyone else had any experience with this kind of thing?
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I know what I ordered!

vonlisbon's post reminded me of an incident a little bit ago:

I had went to Gettysburg, PA with a friend a while back and had eaten the most delicious meal at a restaurant we found in the town. It was flounder stuffed with crab cake and drowning in butter. My husband and I took a short day trip to Gettysburg not too long ago and I was absolutely psyched about going back to this restaurant and getting that same dish.

So we go to the restaurant, order appetizers, drinks, and of course the dish I had wanted. When the waitress comes with our entrees, she serves me a fillet of flounder. Just flounder. I tell her that I didn't order this, but rather the flounder stuffed with crab. She looks at me for a few seconds and then says, "No, you ordered the fillet of flounder, not the stuffed flounder." I reply, "No...I ordered the stuffed flounder." She counters with, "No, I remember you said the fillet of flounder." I say, "Well, I ordered the stuffed flounder, so...I would have said the stuffed flounder..." She then looks at my husband with a pained expression. He's a bit confused as to why she's looking at him, and he says, "Yep...she ordered the stuffed flounder." The waitress siiiiighs, shakes her head and says, "Alright, I'll see what I can do." She comes back and says that the main dish would take another 30 minutes, but they can just give me a crab cake, if that would be okay. I said okay, because I didn't want to deal with it anymore. I started eating my flounder and it was freaking full of bones and my crabcake was old and stale. Bleh.

I just don't get what arguing with me was going to do. And why look at my husband? Was he to expose my tale of lies? Needless to say, my love affair with that particular restaurant ended.

Happy Update on my post from last night

I got my card back!!!!! :)

I stopped back by Friday's after church this morning and spoke with the accountant, and again left my information just in case.

About an hour ago, my phone rings and it's the lady who has my card. We agree to meet up at Friday's and exchange cards. Apparently she had no idea she had mine until this afternoon. She and her husband went to Subway, and she used my card for her lunch - only $5.32 thankfully, and proceeded onto Publix to go grocery shopping. It wasn't until the cashier at Publix asked her for ID that they realized it wasn't her card. Her husband paid with his card for the groceries, and they went back to Subway thinking that's where the card switch happened.

Of course the cashier at Subway denied having her card, and they actually called the police on the poor Subway girl! (I wonder if that will end up in customers_suck?) The cops show up and tell her basically there's nothing they can do, the cashier doesn't have her card, and showed her where my card was used for her purchase. The police just suggested she go to the bank tomorrow and find out if they could get in touch with me. So they start racking their brains trying to figure out where they last used it, because they were in the same panic mode as I was last night. She finally remembers dinner and calls Friday's and they give her my number.

We both went in and spoke with the accountant. It turns out that the other lady was charged twice - for both of our meals. I never got charged. When the waitress realized the mistake last night, she took my meal off the other card. The lady asked for Friday's to reimburse me the $5 I spent at Subway, and I told her not to worry about it - as I was technically up $12 on the whole ordeal. And yes, I will be keeping an eye on my balance just to make sure nothing else was charged.

For those who were bashing me for taking the card, if I hadn't been able to find any information on this person while I was still at the table, I wouldn't have taken it. But since I was able to find out where she worked (God Bless Google!), and planned on going to her school first thing in the morning if it hadn't already been resolved. I just couldn't imagine an elementary school principal knowingly racking up felonious charges on my card. The lady was just as relieved as I was, that we were able to track each other down.

So, thankfully, there was a happy ending all the way around.