October 12th, 2007

Please, Bitch

Bad service at local diner

The roommate and I went to grab supper at a local diner. We eat there about once a week. Service is usually pretty good, the food's tasty and the servings are enormous. We get there, grab a booth, I hit the ladies room while she orders drinks. The drinks are already there when I come back - so far it's our usual good service.

This place has dinner specials. Meat and three vegetables, rolls and cornbread. I order the grilled chicken breast, potatoes, green beans and corn. Roomie gets pork chops, green beans, corn and navy beans. Oh, and a side of gravy. Our bread comes out, it's fine. Here's our dinner - I have chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and navy beans - no corn. I stop the waitress as she's putting stuff down and tell her I didn't order navy beans (they came in a separate little bowl on their own plate.) She starts to pick up my main plate, which WAS right, and I stop her again. I ordered corn, not navy beans.

She stands there at the table and whips out her notepad! And starts reading my order out loud from her notepad! Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans...and corn. She actually looked crestfallen. I'm not sure what she was trying to prove. I know what I said, and even if she hadn't written it down correctly, I didn't want navy beans.

So she flies back into the kitchen and returns with my corn, sets it down and is instantly gone again. We realize the roomie's side of gravy is MIA and start trying to find her. We also realize that none of the food has been seasoned at all. No salt, no pepper. Absolutely bland. We salt and pepper everything, no biggie. We finally get the gravy - again, no salt or pepper. We got no drink refills, and couldn't find the waitress for long periods during the meal.

When she brings us our checks she puts my drink on the roomie's meal and vice versa. The cost was the same and it just wasn't worth correcting. We left small tips and a comment about the poor service. (The food isn't the waitress' fault, and we're sending a separate comment card on that.)

It wasn't horrible service, but the whipping out of the order pad to double check was such a WTF? moment that I was left speechless. If she'd written down navy beans was she actually going to argue with me that I had said that? I mean, what was the point?