October 10th, 2007

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I don't like doctors sometimes. *sigh*

Small bad_service, I guess, but I just wanted to rant.

I went to my Primary Care Physician last Friday with a complaint of lower back pain and frequent urination. I have a long history of chronic UTIs. I am currently without insurance. He did a urinalysis, and made a comment to me that it was "kind of cloudy and may have some blood in it", but he didn't do anything form me except write me a prescription for, basically, prescription-strength Aleve (Naprosyn, 500MG).

Fast-forward to early Tuesday morning. I woke up at 2:30am with a jolt, severe pain on both sides of my lower back, and I crawled to the bathroom to promptly puke my guts out. I took some aspirin and crawled back to bed, hoping it would just go away, but by 3:30am I was in a fetal position next to husband, sobbing, and he woke up and insisted on taking me to the ER. By the time we got there, I had a fever, and could barely walk enough to give a urine sample. The ER doctor was wonderful; he got me hooked up to an IV and got me pain and nausea meds within a half an hour of arrival.

About two hours later, my blood labs came back. My "white blood cell and red blood cell count were too high to count" and "my body was fighting a hell of an infection". He said "the UTI has made it into your kidneys and it is one of the worst kidney infections I've ever seen". He gave me two rounds of Cipro and two Vicodin (on top of the Fentanyl I got when I arrived), and ordered me to take it easy for the next week because I'm pretty sick.

I guess I'm just really irritated because my PCP should have caught this on Friday, and now I've got to fork out for an ER bill AND a worthless doctor visit. The ER doctor was pretty irritated too when I told him that I had just went to the doctor on Friday with this complaint.

Sometimes I just wish doctors would listen. A UTI isn't that damn hard to diagnose, and it shouldn't have gotten this out of hand, and wouldn't have, if he had just listened to me.
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Surprise! Another doctor's office post!

This is totally a minor bad service compared to the other posts about doctors and hospitals, but it is still annoying.

Last Thursday my husband had a doctor's appointment for his lower back. His dad and brother have a lot of back problems, so he figured he should get checked out just to be on the safe side.

He goes to see our family doctor and tells him the situation with his family. Doctor agrees that checking things out would be a good idea. Doctor asks one of his nurses to schedule my husband an appointment for an MRI. Husband makes sure to tell them that it has to be on a Friday. They say no problem and they tell him that they will call me, since my phone is always on.

The weekend comes and goes, no phone call. Quite frankly, I totally forgot about them calling..until today..

The hospital calls and leaves a voice mail. They need to preregister my husband for his MRI appointment tomorrow...

Grr... It is just annoying because we have to find a babysitter last minute (hence the needing it to be on Friday, we wouldn't need a sitter). It wouldn't be a problem if they would have called, like they said they were going to. Hell, this office even sends a letter after they make the appointment so the patients will have written confirmation. We didn't even get that!

So yeah... it is a minor bit of bad service...but it is still annoying.
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I live in a quadplex - I think that's what one calls it, anyway. It's a house separated into four different apartments. I'm in the front, bottom apartment, so of course the rest of the tenants can blissfully ignore things like the pile of trash building up when no one picks it up for three weeks.

Week one: No trash pickup. I failed to notice right away. By the time I realize that we didn't get picked up, it's almost Thursday again, which is when trash is picked up. So I decide to just wait and see if it gets picked up this week.

Week two: No trash pickup. I call the landlord, as we pay for the trash in our monthly rent. He assures me that he'll get someone by to pick it up.

Days pass, the trash remains sitting by the curb in two big bins.

Week three: Again, no trash pickup on Thursday. The bins are full, so the bags start to be put on the curb. I wind up very busy for two days, and then it was Columbus weekend, so I couldn't get in touch with anyone. The only phone number I have for the landlord is his office phone number, and his office is closed for the weekend. Monday night, animals start getting into the trash and spreading it all over the front lawn. Tuesday, I call my landlord again.

He informs me that he's transferring his rental properties to his brother (our current 'handyman', who takes weeks and weeks to come by to do ANYTHING, unless you give up calling him every day and waiting around for him not to show up). "Oh, FANTASTIC," I think.

I call the landlord's brother. He interrogates me on which tenant I am, and I say I'm one of the students living in the bottom front apartment. He then chastises me for owing him a lot of back rent. This is not me - my room-mate and I are paid up through the end of this month. I tell him this, and to his credit he apologizes and says that it was the top front apartment that owes him money. Wow, breach of privacy, that kind of stuff really isn't my business. His tone was absolutely horrible, it made me feel angry and embarrassed, even though I knew I hadn't done anything wrong.

He tells me he'll take care of the trash.

Tuesday passes. No trash pickup. Wednesday passes. No trash pickup. I call the landlord's brother. No answer, no answer, no answer. No one returns my calls.

ALL I WANT IS MY TRASH PICKED UP. I plan to call the city directly tomorrow, because obviously the landlord's brother is absolutely useless.