October 9th, 2007

Erica, kitty

Dear doctor:

Please to not be squeezing so hard when you take my blood pressure that it not only brings tears to my eyes, but bursts tiny blood vessels on the front of my arm and causes a decent bruise on the back of it.

You sucked in other ways than that, but this is the thing I am most angry about, aren't you supposed to DO NO HARM? I think bruising your patient is a fair bit of harm ;o;


Disgruntled Patient


I haven't posted here in a while. I haven't really had the need to. But now, I do. This has got to be the worst case of bad service I have ever witnessed.

I have cut it due to the length

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Are they allowed to change the rules of our insurance without sending us proper documentation? The HR lady at my husband's work said she would take care of it but still...

Can they just up and change our coverage without informing us of such a change and what can we do about this other than the HR lady?
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Dear lord.

Now, for you pizza flingers that WORK at Dominos, I'm sure you can tell me whether or not this is company policy:

Person A lives between Dominos B and C. Neither are more than 5 miles away from Person A (by mapquest, yahoo maps and a dozen other things. Both are quite literally right up the road from us). Dominos B is suddenly down-they can't accept phone calls for over half an hour, they can't get online orders... Person A assumes, well, fuck! I'll call Dominos C and see if they'll do backup since B seems to be screwed up.


Person A is us, of course, just for you lovably slow ones.

Dominos C Manager SNARLS at her minion that we will 'just have to deal with it!' because Dominos B only has 3 phone lines.

One would think that after half an hour, Dominos B's phone lines would EVENTUALLY be not-busy after calling 12 times in 30 minutes. Or the online order would go through. Last I checked, online orders can't GET a busy signal unless the ordering application is screwed up... and I'm fairly sure Dominos goes through dialup/phoneline-based internet. Therefore, this is... logical, right, in assuming that their phones are screwed?

We are 4.9 miles from Dominos C. Dominos B is 4.8 miles away. Dominos B is fucked. Common sense says Dominos C would be able to handle Dominos B's phone calls... yes? No?

And telling us to 'just deal with it' in a snarl is... extrodinarily rude, in my opinion. No suggestion of who else to go to, no checking to see if it IS something with us or if it's the other store that's down...

Pizza slingers, tell me if this is typical company working or not. Please.

Edit: well! that was resolved nice and fast. Dominos C was able to get hold of Dominos B. ...but for some reason, NOONE ELSE CAN! Nice and freaky, huh? So, Dominos C, after my explanation and just -talking- to them (my roommate got pissed off at them because noone was able to give us an answer at first) they said they'd try to get in touch with Dominos B and see if they can make it work for us. AND THEY DID! Aw. =)

Edit 2: Well. My phone just rang after I hit send.

Holy crap. Dominos B's credit machine is dead. ...and I can't get my blind roomie (seriously-no driver's license, even) to an ATM because I'm chained to my computer at the moment for work. ...So, because of the insanity that happened beforehand, they're comping the pizzas and sending the guy my roomie yelled at (who we wanted to apologize to) down with said pizzas. The manager insisted... so the guy is getting like a $10 tip (the order is $20-and... we've only got $10 between us, in cash).

Bad service turned into... over the top kind of service. Anyone who says we don't deserve the comp-I agree. ...but we couldn't get the manager to overturn it.
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