October 8th, 2007


State Farm was lying about the "good neighbor" thing

Okay, so about 8 months ago, a State Farm customer totaled my car when she ran a red light in her Volvo SUV. Much to my chagrin, State Farm wanted to give me below both the Kelly Bluebook and NADA values I'd looked up. Which is weird...aren't they supposed to make an offer somewhere in between those two? They gave my mom a lot of grief about it, as she was the one who volunteered to take care of matters with them. Two problems with that: she works 80-hour weeks and I haven't a clue as to what to say to them. They're also most likely going to contest paying for my medical bills from the accident. They'd want to talk to me about that, and of course, before I give them a chance to try and trip me up, I'm contacting a damn lawyer. Only I can't afford a lawyer, so it would be my mom who'd have to find one.

But that's all back story. Here's what happened today.

I decided to stop by my mom's place after work for one reason for another, and upon pulling up to her townhouse, I see a blue Altima just like my old car sitting in her second parking space. I pull further forward to see a bunch of white writing on the hood and a piece of paper on the windshield. Could it be? Did my mom buy a car?

Nope, it was my Altima. My totaled Altima. I figured that out once I was able to see the other side of the car with that huge fucking dent in the rear driver's side. Oh Jesus.

I literally cried when I saw it. It used to be such a beautiful machine, and now it's just a carcass.

Apparently State Farm had dropped it off at the house because my mom wasn't accepting their settlement. She didn't know they were going to do it. She claims they didn't notify her that they were dropping it off. She just came home and found it there on Friday, but she had work to finish and deadlines to meet, so she didn't have time to call State Farm about it.

I'm going to talk to an insurance adjuster about the whole ordeal to find out what kind of legal action I can take against State Farm. Because, as I see, they aren't playing fair. They've been really disrespectful toward my mom whenever she's talked to them and they've been trying to bully her the whole time. This is fucking nuts. Just pay for my car and medical bills and stop acting like jerks. Oh, and I want my $3,000 down payment back as well.

If this is their version of leaving a severed horse head in my bed while I'm sleeping, I'm thinking it's time to go to the mattresses.

If this is horribly off-topic, feel free to have it deleted, but it seems like a service issue to me. So, whatever. I'm just glad I got that out of my system.

*Edit: We've decided to take their offer for the car! So, phew! Thanks for all the advice/knowledge, guys. Even if it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear, it was very helpful and gave me some incite into what was actually going on.

wedding woes

my boyfriend's best friend got married yesterday at The Antrim (for the locals), and while some aspects were very nice, others were horrible.

first - the weather was bad (who expects 94*F in Maryland in OCTOBER??? should be in the 70s!) - this was no one's fault, but it plays into a problem. once the ceremony was over, they kept us outside for an hour. one hour. i checked. they didn't even want to let us into the foyer of the pavilion because the inner pavilion wasn't ready. sorry, but with two ladies in their 90s, we were NOT staying outside. besides, one of them has lupus - of course, explaining this to the staff was impossible as half of them barely understood English. the other half just didn't care or had a snotty attitude. asking to use the facilities was just as much a headache.

second - part of my boyfriend's toast (he was the best man) involved an old Polish tradition of using bread, salt, and wine. his mom collected all the ingredients while they were off doing pictures and such. she brought a plate from the groom's grandmother's collection (read as: over 100 years old). all she wanted was a small piece of bread, and asked one of the staff for it. the response she got? "well, where am i supposed to get that?" durrr maybe the kitchen? "well it's not ready yet, give me the plate and i'll handle it." yeah, sure, we're going to trust Miss Snottypants with a plate more than 4x her age. right. later, when we told the wedding coordinator that the boyfriend would be doing it, his first response was "no, sorry, can't do it, isn't in the plan" - then he grabbed the wine goblet (also ~100 years old) and plate from the boyfriend's mom and ran off. eventually, when it came time for the toast, they came back out with the stuff, but still...it was ridiculous.

third - the wedding planner provided by the Antrim. the guy has been doing it for 25 years (as he liked to say over and over), but he obviously doesn't care to do it anymore. he was a drill sergeant, and had all the bridesmaids terrified of him. he wouldn't direct - he would scream. he was rude, pushy, and overly ridiculous. he also looks like my boss, which is scary enough WITHOUT the asshole behavior.

there were other little nitpicky problems (they didn't have the bridal suite ready when promised, lunch was late, the manor wasn't restored nicely, etc) that really had me wondering why it was worth the 5-digit pricetag.

positive points: excellent food and a few VERY polite staffers, as well as beautiful rooms. they, unfortunately, are not enough to warrant me recommending this site for a wedding for anyone else. anyone local to Maryland/Pennsylvania who might be considering this site, avoid it. it's really not worth the money.
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New member.

Hi, I'm new, but I have two Bad_services to rant about =D

Bad_service #1:
My mother and my autistic brother were at Wal*Mart this weekend, and as they were checking out, the lovely woman (The cashier, mind you) was asking questions about my brother:

Woman: Uh, what's wrong with him?
Mom: Oh, my son has autism.
Woman: Oh, did you like, drink while you were pregnant with him, or something!?
Mom: Uh.. no. That's FAS, anyway. It's just something that happened.
Woman: Thank god I don't have defective jeans genes or anything. I wouldn't want any of MY kids to be retarded.

Bad_service #2:
I was at a department store tonight, getting some girl-stuff and clothes. When I went to the self-check out, I was confused that my items weren't scanning.
Self Check Out Attendant: Can't you like.. READ?! It SAYS "Take item out and RE-SCAN IT!" Jeeze!
I felt dumb, and maybe a little customers_suck worthy. But she really didn't have to be so rude.

Thats all!

I am sorry about the type-oh. I am tired XD)
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