October 7th, 2007

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Office Depot fun!

To tell you the truth, it's not such a huge suck, but I was so offended by it that I stepped to the shift manager and told her about this. I told her it's okay if she disagrees with me, and insisted her to be blunt if she feels that I'm exaggerating. She didn't feel so - she agreed with me.

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I must say that the electronic assistants at my local Office Depot almost always have this attitude, and now it's really starting to piss me off. I understand that you're busy, I've worked in customer service, but seriously, give me 2 minutes and I'll leave you alone. They always say a word and vanish. Ugh.

Edit: I did indeed look at the products before asking a question. Also assume that the shift manager did? Why was this not obvious...
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No habla good service?

My job requires me to sometimes to use an interpreter on the phone. Here's the bad service - I have an interperter who basically interuppted me a lot, interupped the Spanish speaker a lot, BERATED the speaker for talking fast and....put us on hold for no apparent reason. That's never happened. So that's two people who don't speak each other's language sitting there in silence thinking WTF? I felt bad for the Spanish woman because he was just so freaking rude to her.

Amazon.com bad service.

I don't post here often at all, almost never in fact, because rarely do I get service bad enough to post about.

This has me seething though.

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ETA: I'm more upset at the seller than Amazon.com itself. The thing that's aggrivating me about Amazon is despite the fact that I have proof that I will never get my item, they're still making me wait. I understand that they have a time-frame they have to go by. But considering the circumstances, it seems sort of out of line to me.
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Couch legs shouldn't be this difficult to get.

In July, my boyfriend and I went to buy a couch. We purchased a sofabed and loveseat from a company in Brooklyn that has their furniture custom made in Rhode Island.

The sofabed and loveseat were delivered on Aug. 2nd. Both were in great condition but the sofa had dark wood legs. This was bad because we ordered light wood, we have only light wood furniture and the love seat has light wood legs so the love seat and sofa don't match.

The delivery guys told my boyfriend to call the store and they would probably have the legs delivered the next day. He calls and they promise to call the factory. He calls the next week and they promise again. He and I keep calling. Everytime we call, the factory is closed or they can't get in touch with them. I know these are only sofa legs but we want what we ordered. Finally, I call one day and get a guy. Till this time, it's always the same woman. He "sounds" appalled that it's been over a month and we haven't gotten these legs. He promises to get something done. We eventually got a call that the legs had been out of stock but would be in soon and they were gonna have them delivered to the store. The woman who we dealt with said that she would call when they got in and then have the delivered to the house.

At some point they call my boyfriend to tell him the legs are in and then tell him they have to call him back with a delivery date. Buh what? Why did you call if you couldn't schedule delivery then? He totally forgot and they never called. So I called yesterday, 2 months and 3 days after the couch was delivered. I spoke to a woman who had no idea about any of this but did say there were short, fat, light-wood legs just sitting on the office desk with no name on them and that there were no other legs around. She was sure they were ours. She also said that if we scheduled a delivery they would probably forget since it wasn't a big piece of furniture. My father, who was over, offered to go pick them up for us because he drives. He went yesterday and brought them today. Yay, the legs are light wood. Boo because they are noticeably thinner than the other legs and also slightly taller. We are going on vacation so I guess we'll deal with this when we get back.
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Sallie Mae, a breadknife, the ER and serum poisoning

This is cause and effect truely in action.

I came home on Thursday from a stressful day at work, and found that Sallie Mae had sent another letter to my home. Again, with the WRONG FREAKING ADDRESS. My father had opened it, and told me while we were eating, that I owed them twice as much as they said I did earlier...

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So, to recap, Sallie Mae is completely and utterly dicking me over and I can't get a straight answer out of them, or even get them to change my address. The hospital made me wait forever, I got a doctor who put me in MORE pain than I arrived in, and I got a shot that basically poisoned me. If that isn't a night of absolutely shitty service, I don't know what is!
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Over the past two months I have been having a 'go round' with a certain "popular" member of the Vera Bradley communities. The person in question is <lj user="sensual_blossom">. As you know, she likes to "buy them cheap and sell them higher" and I unfortunately became a victim of her delusions. After sending me a FAKE VB bag, and after several back and forth emails discussing the matter, I have come to the conclusion I will have to settle it a a personal loss.

I am just warning you, do NOT buy from her, unless you are 100% sure what you are getting.

She is a TERROR to the Vera communities and a  disapointment to women,sisterhood and feminism worldwide