October 3rd, 2007

buck passer!

Australia Post.

Everyone in Australia knows how much our postal system sucks.

Late mail. Mail that never arrives. Wet mail. Destroyed mail. Half ripped mail from being shoved in a post box that's too small. This list goes on..

Lately mail from my work in Adelaide, South Australia, has been slow like a bitch to the eastern states (2 working days delivery, they claim).

So imagine how much I laughed when I received a work call from the Australia Post accounts section (we have a monthly account for all the envelopes we buy) saying our account was overdue.

I check the date the cheque was sent, which was a week ago.

I said 'it was sent with your service.'

She said 'oh. that has never happened before..'

I said 'it happens to us all the time.'

HAHA-- sent to Australia Post via Australia Post. &never got there. hilarious.

SIDE NOTE-- I read their annual report not long ago.. 3% of mail sent by Australia Post never reaches its' destination. That's a freakin' huge number.

I wish they had competition in the marketplace.
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