October 1st, 2007


Dear Telemarketers

Every day, multiple times a day, usually in the morning when I'm still trying to be asleep, for the last 3 or 4 months...
We get calls from some company (that never gives its name) wanting to extend the warranty on the truck
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Minor Medical Annoyance

First time posting, so I'm sorry if my writing style is a little all over there.

So I had to go get some blood work taken today. Usually the process is uneventful. Today not so much, I suppose it wasn't so much bad service as it just was some minor annoyance.

I go into the lab, sit down and the lab assistant asks me "Are you hungry?" I told her I guess I was a little bit hungry (I was there for a fasting blood test) She then tells me that maybe I should learn to come in in the mornings then. What? I wasn't complaining about it, you asked me a question!

After that she asked me "Which arm do we usually use?"
I told her my left arm. Which is true. I'm in here about every 6 – 8 weeks and they always have used my left arm and the same person takes my blood every time. So she sits down and starts prodding my arm while sighing and asking me if I'm sure. I told her I was. She then decided to just stick the needle in and feel around with that for about 5 minutes looking for a vein. She then sighs again and tells me she's not getting anything and under her breath goes "All this for one vial of blood" and slaps a bandage on the area she tried to get blood out of with no success.

Then she asks me if they have ever used my hand. I said that it has been used a couple of times. Another sigh and she goes and gets a butterfly needle to try finding a vein in my hand. She then rips the bandage off of my arm, and then she starts slapping my hand not the gentle tapping I'm sometimes used to but like actually slapping my hand and then shoves in the needle. While she is doing this she decides to lecture me and tells me that I should learn to remember to tell her that they always used my hand and that they always use a butterfly needle. So I'm not wasting time. I was a little shocked at the moment, so I didn't say anything. I wasn't used to this; she is usually really nice to me. Now I'm left with this weird little sore bubble thing on my hand. But oh well, I hope next time things go way better.
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Another bad car mechanic story

My mom was planning a four day business trip out of town, and since it was about time for some service on her car anyway, the day before she left she took her car to the shop to have the oil changed and the tires rotated. She picked it up just before they closed, and she hadn't even gotten a block away before she heard this ungodly noise. The mechanic who rotated her tires was in such a hurry to leave for the day that he didn't tighten the lug nuts on one of her rear tires. By the time she got back to the shop, two lug nuts had fallen off, the lug studs were broken, and the brakes were shot.

At first, the only mechanic who was still at the shop tried to place the blame on her, saying they'd be happy to fix everything if she would pay for all the repairs. Uh, hell no. Mom claims she started reciting the owner's cell phone number, then asked the mechanic to call the number for her. Once he realized that my mom's on friendly enough terms with the owner to know his cell phone number by heart (they co-chair a church committee), he changed his tune rather quickly. He said they'd definitely cover all the cost of repairs and pay for her rental car.

Mom made sure to call the owner anyway and let him know what happened and why his shop was paying for her repairs out of pocket. He was horrified. When Mom went back to the shop yesterday to get her fully repaired car, there was a $25 gift certificate to a local bookstore in the glove compartment, and there was also a new mechanic in the garage. The owner had figured out which guy's negligence caused the damage and fired him. Good service on the part of the owner this time, but I have a feeling he only did all this because of his association with my mom. He hires so many lazy, lying, cheating jackasses that he probably doesn't care who he rips off as long as he doesn't have to look them in the face.
Don't Panic

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So, I had been relatively sick since Thursday night. Woke up Friday, had an insanely high fever, chills, neck/chest/back ache, couldn't keep any food down, etc. Because of past experiences, my mother believes that all doctors are lying bastards that are out to kill us all and therefore put off taking me to a hospital until the last minute, aka Sunday, because I was crying and shaking and pretty much dying so she HAD to take me, before I, you know, died.

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