September 29th, 2007

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More hospital woes :( A short story though :)

Last Sunday my brother's girlfriend had a motorbike accident and smashed her knee up pretty good.

On Monday morning she had surgery and plates, pins etc in her knee.


Every time she asked for something, the nurse conveniently finishes their shift and no one else knows about the request. and when she asked the doctor? "ask one of the nursing staff".

Luckily my mum is a nurse and got her something, but it took until 3 days after surgery because she doesn't work there.

3 days of no painkillers after a reasonably major surgery. FAIL.

Banks are evil....

Oooo....I just got off the phone with TCF, and I'm enraged.  I made a deposit Thursday AM, as I do every other Thursday(payday). I went to use my debit card at teh local coffee place, and it was DECLINED. I go home look online, it says my deposit has posted/cleared. I call the 800# and the automated lady tells me it's cleared. So I decide to speak to a "real person", I ask  why my card has been declined, the first man I spoke to says that I made the deposit Friday and when you make a deposit they deposit $100, they hold the rest until the check clears. He tells me the check will clear Monday, so I shouldn't use my debit card until then.

I got off the phone...and thought about it for a minute....and called back. The second lady said they hold the entire deposit until the check clears, and if I try to use my card again, VISA will think fraud has occured and will deactivate my card. Then she HANGS UP, no goodbye nothing...just click.

Third person I spoke to, was very polite and explained everything to me.  He said for some reason my check didn't go into processing until Friday, and then tells me not to use my card until Tuesday.

So, now here I am money-less until Tuesday. It would have nice to have known about this check holding think ahead of time. They've never held a check like this before.

In other TCF news, it took me almost 2 months to get my new debit card when I got married a few months ago.  Why you ask?  Because the moron at my local branch never sent in the paperwork.

EDIT: I called TCF to ask them about the Fed. Law saying htey must deposit the 100.00 immediately.  I was put on hold for 15minutes. When the woman came back she said since I got cash back (20.00), tehy didn't have to put the 100.00 in. I asked what about the money that was in the account prior to my deposit, and she said I would have no availiable funds until Tuesday. 

I went to the FDIC website and found this:

Special rules apply to cash withdrawals from local and
non-local check deposits. While §229.12 (d) allows the
depository bank to extend the availability schedule for cash
or similar withdrawals by one day, the customer must still be
allowed to withdraw the first $100 of any check deposit not
subject to next-day availability on the business day following
the day of deposit. In addition to the first $100, a customer
must also be allowed to withdraw $400 of the deposited funds
(or the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from an ATM,
but not more than $400) no later than 5 p.m. on the day funds
become available for check withdrawals. The remainder of
deposited funds would be available for cash withdrawal on the
following business day.

Does this mean they should deposit the 100.00 anyway? Or am I misreading it?
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long rant about Fuji

Howdy.  I've watched this comm for a while but this is my first post.  This isn't anything specific, but I wanted to post about it so you know about it next time you want to develop pictures.  (Sorry, kinda long and rambling; I used a quasi-outline format in hopes it would be easier to read.)

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Ravens, helmet

I don't know what it is...

...about me that gets middle-aged women's panties in a wad. I mean this in a non-obscene way, of course. But this is my second posting here where I've gotten bad service from a middle-aged/older woman who apparently took personal offense to my existence.

I was recently diagnosed with an incurable but treatable disease and went to the local hospital's center where the experts reside. But first I had to get through the door--although I had an appointment. Collapse )

I am still debating whether to say anything to management about this. There are "comments or complaints" ads literally in every room that's not a bathroom or maid's closet. The nurses, btw, were friendly and competent, as are other staff at the hospital. The other receptionist, who wasn't there at the beginning, was much, much more pleasant.
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swine flu

I hate the TXDPS

Okay. Short backstory. I was born/raised in Texas and just moved to Jersey two months ago for college. These means that even though I live here and will for many years, I am still a resident of Texas and this means that all my car crap still goes through Texas. In Texas, your license expires every year on your birthday until you turn 18. When I moved, I was 17, and my birthday is at the very beginning of September. Okay.

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So. That's my story. That was Thursday. And so help me GOD if that letter is postmarked after the day she said she sent it...