September 26th, 2007

Badtz Maru

PetSmart grooming area annoyance.

yes, i know, PetSmart isn't the *best* place to get a pet groomed...and i've learned my lesson.

i took my cat to get his nails clipped while i was shopping for a few things for him and my reptiles (i can't clip his nails myself, and the person who was going to help me hadn't been able to come over in awhile). i had called the day before to confirm that i could bring him in any time before they closed - the girl working in the grooming area verified they would be there until close all week. i packed the feline up and tottered off to the discover no one was in the grooming area, and they'd left at 3pm that particular day (this was 5pm on a Wednesday, nowhere near any holidays). none of the other store employees knew what was going on, and all said the grooming employees closed up shop at 3pm.

i called the following morning, annoyed. the grooming area twits all swore up and down that they'd been there all night, and that they'd had full coverage.

i'm sorry...but at 5pm midweek, if you say you're going to be there, fucking BE THERE. don't lie about whether or not you were at work! soooooooo i called the manager of the store and issued a complaint...i doubt anything will happen, but i sure as hell won't be taking my cat back there. i guess grooming one's pet is like getting one's oil changed - the "quick lube" places are rarely, if ever, reliable, and are more likely to lie than actually perform the services they're meant to do. pity i had to stress the hell out of my cat to find this out.
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