September 25th, 2007


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We lack a kitchen. We have a room where one used to be, but it currently only has a sink and most of the floor, the rest is a 4 foot hole. Being as such, we decided to get fast food since food that doesn't require a stove, oven, or counter space to prepare it on tends to get old after a while. Next stop: Wendys.

I got there and there was nobody waiting at the speaker, so I figured it would go quickly. They asked for my order and I ordered two combos with chili instead of fries, both with dr. pepper, and one of those ham sandwiches. I finish my order and hear nothing, wait a bit before calling out, and eventually just pull around where there's a car already waiting. Wait a bunch, then pull forward and get told that they're sorry, the speaker is malfunctioning and to repeat my order. I repeat my order and make it painfully clear that I want chili instead of fries, I want no fries. I offer to pull around and come inside if they want.

The woman rings me up and takes my money, calls over her manager and they talk about the ham sandwich and the manager starts to talk to me while it's being assembled. Apparently it wasn't clear that I didn't want fries, so that was corrected. The manager hands over two chilis and the sandwiches, as well as one drink.

Me: I had two combos, I should have another drink coming
Manager: You were rung up for one combo, one sandwich, and one side chili, check your receipt.
Me: I asked for two combos and the ham sandwich, I should have a drink and a ham sandwich coming, I'm willing to pay the difference. I also never got a receipt.
Manager: *hands me receipt* I'll get you the drink, it'll be on the house.
Me: I want my ham sandwich.
Manager: You'll have to pay for that.
Me: Ok *forks over money, gets ham sandwich.*

The manager left and I leave, the last drink really wasn't worth it. I get home and find out that the dr pepper was actually diet pepsi, the chicken sandwich was a spicy chicken sandwich, they didn't give us a straw (pain in the butt in a house with no cups, straws, or basics like that) and two chilis should be eaten with one fork, not two spoons.

What irks me is I heard them talk about the ham sandwich, but it wasn't added to the bill or the bag. I guess they just didn't want to make it?

I know this is a Minor Suck But....

Just a Short Minor Suck that pissed me off yesterday..if a pharmacy can be considered Bad Service

I call in my refill at 9:30 am yesterday.. was told it would be filled and could pick it up later that day. That's fine with me. I work until 5 anyway.. Around 7:30 pm I go to pick up my refill and the guy tells me " We are all out of stock ,you will have to come back tommrow" WHAT? Grant it, its not a life saving script or anything (Birth Control) but Why the hell do they ask for your number if no one is going to call you to say Im sorry we ran out of stock could you come in tommrow for your refill instead? I checked my Phone no call from Rite Aid at all.. I know its minor compared to what I read on here but It pissed me off..Im a very patient person,but if you ran out of stock call a person to let them know don't wait until they go to pick up the order then tell them!

Just needed to vent a little..