September 21st, 2007



This counts, I guess since I AM a customer to the ebay vendor this involves.

Okay, so I'm a geek and I recently bought a Kill Bill replica sword from a vendor on ebay. Paid on time. The item came in on time. Blahblahblah...except it was bent...and it looked much crappier than the picture on the listing. It also didn't have the gold Hattori Hanzo emblem on the side near the handle. (That's kind of important since it WAS listed as a replica "Hattori Hanzo" sword.) Whatever. I only paid $30 for it, which is a cheap considering that I've seen nicer ones for upwards of $100. I left my feedback, and instead of being a nitpicky bitch and saying "OMFG IT WAS SO TOTALLY NOT WHAT THEY SAID IT WAS ALSKDJFAL;SKDFJ DON'T BUY FROM THESE MOFOS! OMFG!" and giving them a negative feedback score, I gave them a neutral score and said exactly this: "Shipping was fast but overpriced. Not an accurate replica." Since I couldn't type very much in the little text box, that's all I could give for an explanation.

Not only did they give me negative feedback for that, but along with it they left the message "Gave neutral feedback without a reason. AVOID this newbie! BEWARE!"


I left an honest comment and neutral feedback so that it wouldn't hurt their rating, and they basically flame me? I'm not so much worried about my feedback score. More angry that they overreacted that way. You say something with the slightest inkling of negativity, and these guys see it fit to attack you.

I sent them an email soon afterward with a more in-depth explanation of why I gave the feedback I did. I also submitted a feedback withdrawal form because certain vendors won't sell to users with negative feedback ratings (seeing as this was my first transaction on this user name). I had a note attached to it that said "Lets settle this like adults."
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A businesses-should-not-make-personal-comments rant.

My boyfriend was about to leave for another city for about 8 months to pursue a graduate degree, and naturally, the day before he left, we were both a bit down and weepy and the such. He gave me a Swarovski crystal necklace as a token of “remember me, etc”, if you will, and since we are both students, this has cost him a considerable amount of money. The day before he leaves, I decide to be a romantic and go to the flower shop to get him some forget-me-nots, and this is where our bad_service takes place.

Now, I only had about $3 or $4 to spend at this place (I only planned to get a single stem, even a single flower), since I forgot to transfer some money to my account the night before(the nature of my bank, pah). I walk into the flower shop located in the same mall where I worked at, and I looked at the flowers, debating which ones to buy. I wasn’t feeling very well, one because my boyfriend was leaving, and two because I didn’t have much money to spend on him. The florist, who was answering my questions up till then, notices my dilemma with finances, and decides to offer some helpful words:

“Oh I know you’re very rich, just look at your necklace, hahaha.”

Oh thanks for presuming. This is probably a fake crystal, it’s probably my only piece of luxury (it pretty much is), and it’s probably given to me by others. In addition, just because I probably like to drop cash on pretty crystals and things, doesn’t mean I want to drop cash on flowers, and neither does it mean that I like to splurge. And just the act of commenting on my necklace to get me to buy her flowers was just very annoying in itself.