September 19th, 2007


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So on Monday night my roomie and I go get tattoos (not matching, but together).  Great experience, first time for both of us, gave him big tips (10$ on a $40 bill for each of us, he was way nice about our first time fears).

On our way home we stop at a gas station to get some drinks (it was a 20 minute walk from tattoo place to apartment) and the creepy service begins.

My roommate pays for 2$ worth of stuff with a check--she spent all the cash at the tattoo place (they don't take checks).

"I can't believe you're paying with a check.  Are you joking?"

My roommie responds "That's all I have, the last place we were at didn't take checks so I spent all my cash."

"On what?"

"Do you need my ID?"

"No, I'm not even gonna run it through the machine, this is just a joke.  Wow, how pathetic not to have cash."

We left.  Now, this was only about 10 at night at a very popular station (the only one on the hip strip).

I'm not complaining to the manager, cuz she isn't exactly the greatest, but if he does it again I will.

(Granted, there are 2 other creepy guys working there that either hit on me or otherwise act like they think for some reason I want to do them in the beer cooler---which I don't.)

Bad Service from Wal Green's.

I haven't had to post anything in a while and I haven't had problems until reciently with this place.

Due to our health insurance we can only use a few places to get our prescriptions filled. We can't use Wal-Mart, CVS but we can use Wal Greens.

I have never had an issue with them until now.

On the 22 of last month, I went to the doctor. Doctor did his thing, said I needed antibiotics and a BC hormonal treatment.

No problem. Think, Wal Greens has never let us down before.

It's a very good thing I had a trial pack from the doctor.

Pull up to the window, put the perscriptions into be filled. Lady says, Oh we don't keep Fencom FE in stock, It has to be special ordered. Will be here tomorrow.

That was on the 23 of August.

Called the 23, they hadn't recieved it yet but ordered. Call back next day.

This went on for a week, called back again. Lady said, you have a trial pack from the doctor right? If not go get one, we don't know what is going on.

Call back yesterday, yet again. Got a diffrent person...

They had lost my perscription, in other words, never put into the computer with the first one. Come to find out, the lost it the same day.

Now, how do you loose a perscription whenever both papers are there together? Don't ask me. I always thought you entered all the information in at the same time.

Woman tells me, we will call the doctor for another perscription, check back in three hours. Slams the phone down in my ear.

Four hours later, call back. ( nice enough to give extra time) Not heard from doctor.

Now this is getting a little bit upsetting so I call my nurse. Wal Green's never called. So my nurse calls in the perscription and wants to know why mine hadn't been filled last month. They couldn't tell her.

Hubby calls to check price on medicine to make sure they used the insurance card. Woman got smart with him and slammed the phone down without answering.

So not only did they loose my perscription, they were rude to both of us. I was just curious as to why it took them almost a month to check the computer and tell me that it was never put in there. Every time we called they said it was on back order and we believed them. Is there anything that we can do about this?

I guess it's a good thing the meds were not really important or I would be dead.
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