September 18th, 2007

I wonder

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So we moved across the country, got settled in and set up our new phone line. There was a great deal on a phone package (all day long distance? Yes please!) and all the other fun stuff like voice message.

However, we cannot access our voice message and we contacted the phone company. You know what the person on the service line said?

The instructions on how to access our voicemail is in a message in our voicemail inbox.


Talk about a logic fail!
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Spike salute

Won't serve one?

I didn't think I'd have a story heinous enough to share, but today, wow.

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You can bet I will not be bringing other people to that restaurant. There are plenty of other sushi bars in Flushing, or NYC for that matter.

Edit: I have to ask -- has anybody else *ever* encountered such a policy? I'm really curious. I'm not a kid anymore, and I've *never* experienced this.
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