September 14th, 2007

Please learn to communicate with a customer when there's a problem

On August 9th, I placed an order on for two shirt, since they had nice looking women's business shirts. I went through the usual set of online forms, selected the cheaper shipping option, and entered my name, address, and credit card number.

A couple minutes later, I got an email that pretty much said "Thanks for ordering, your order number is xxxxxx, billed to your credit card xxxx1234" and listing the two shirt I'd ordered.

Time passed, and I heard nothing more from the company. No shirts arrived in the mail. So on September 12, I decided to call the company, and see what had happened to my order. I got the customer service number off of their website, and gave it a call. The conversation went something like this:

Collapse )

In summary, if a company sends me a confirmation of my order, then drops my order and doesn't tell me, and finally your service reps are nasty when I call up to figure out the problem, there's no way I'm going to order from that company again. Which is too bad, because they have some pretty clothes.
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Do not buy from them.


They are a) Shit.
b) Horrible bastards when you try to cancel.
c) Thieves who take your money, and tell you boldface lies about when you can receive your money back.

In this situation. Tell your bank to block charges from them, its the only way you'll keep your money.

We (me and family) were going to use Vonage, decided not to because Time Warner gave us a fantastic deal with movies for a year. 8D

So we decided to cancel the service THE VERY day the box arrived. So we didn't even set up anything, and yet still was charged a disconnection fee for something we didn't even use.


Yeah, a simple 45 dollar disconnection fee went up to over a hundred dollars. Someone likes to hit the CHARGE BUTTON 5x over.
Oh, and its going to take 3-4 weeks before they can return the money?
I don't think so. *BBB*
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David's Bridal

Being in my friend's wedding made me develop some qualms about David's Bridal. Previous Post After I got my shoes I vowed never to go back. What happened next is something that makes me vow never to go back, ever. The girl who's wedding I was in, they scorched her dress. Not only did they scorch her dress, but they tried to convince her that it was dirt that came out when it was being pressed. (Because a dress that's never been out of the bag is just oh so dirty!)
It gets better, the manager tells her that they will "fix her mistake" free of charge. That's right, apparently it's my friend's fault that the dress was "dirty". When my friend picks up the dress, where the worst of the scorch marks are, they covered with some sort of dye or fabric paint. But it was my friend's fault that the dress got dirty. -eyeroll-
She wore that same dress to her wedding and looked beautiful in it. No one noticed the faint brown scorch marks running down the sides or the slightly off colored parts of the dress. But that is no excuse for all the bull shit they pulled.

Oh, shortly after registering at David's Bridal I got a call saying that I had won a free $1000 online shopping spree. She talked so fast that I couldn't catch the name of the company. When I asked how I won the shopping spree the girl hung up and never called again. Coincidence? I think not!
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Cat what the shit

Cashiering 101: Know When To Keep Your Mouth Shut!

 Cross-posted to my personal journal...

At the grocery store (PUBLIX, no less, where I used to work and which is serious in its customer service training!) I spotted an interesting-sounding article on the cover of Cosmo in the checkout line and grabbed it.  I'm well-aware that Cosmo is not exactly...shall we say...heavy reading, but that's not really the point.

The Cast
Me:  yo
SRC: self-righteous cashier, male, maybe 17

So the groceries roll down the belt, he rings, I bag (they were busy), all is well.  Then Cosmopolitan rolls into view, last thing in line.

SRC:  *pauses, picks up mag, holds it up* the WORST magazine.
Me:  *blinks*
SRC:  I mean, I guess there are others, but this thing is horrible!  Horrible.
Me:  *stares for a second, then slowly begins getting out money.  To my disgust, my face turns red.*
SRC:  The stuff that's in here, I mean, you know?  You know what's in here?  It's terrible.  It's awful.
*Note:  It's hard to convey facial expressions or tone on LJ, but it was quite obvious from his face what his objection was.  Gotta love life in the Bible belt.  I keep my firmest "we are not amused" expression and go on fiddling with the debit machine.*
SRC:  You know what's in this magazine?
Me:  *in mildest possible voice*  Yes, but it's not a good idea to say so to customers, you know.
SRC:  *falters*  Well, you know, I didn't mean it like that.
Me:  *flatly* Yes, you did.

Not cool, Buster.  I suspected he knew his comments had gone over like a lead balloon, and debated while buying my lottery ticket whether to complain.  In the end, I did ask for a manager to say what had happened and that he'd been rude, (a bit awkward, since they paged her and I was standing less than 10 feet from SRC's register, so he probably knew what was up.  I pointedly didn't look back at him), and she was great.  Very apologetic (mortified, in fact), and gave me a couple of discount coupons even though I told her it wasn't necessary.

I did notice her checking to see what magazine I had bought.  Wonder how that conversation went after I left!

Having been a grocery girl myself, I don't expect cashiers or retailers to pretend to be robots, but for the love of Pete, people, you DON'T badmouth something a customer is purchasing!  Most will take it as a slap against their tastes or against them personally.  

Exclaiming, "Oh, I LOVE this," or "Mmm, that looks good" is one thing, and although there have been times when I've rung something up for someone and wanted to yell, "GROSS!"...anybody old enough to legally work ought to know that's a bad idea.
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