September 11th, 2007

Maybe you should make sure you hung up the phone?

I work in a job where I find backup nannies for our clients. Often, this means people call at the last minute. We have lots of agencies we call on this sort of thing, every day.

One such agency, I called with one for today, asap, the woman took down the information, was very professional and friendly sounding. After she had the info, I thanked her and said goodbye. Now, I have to make several mouse clicks to hang up my call. While I was navigating to the right screen, I hear her say to her co-worker, "GREAT, it was (my company)--" and THEN she hung up the phone the rest of the way.

Gritting my teeth. I'm tempted to write up a complaint to one of our people that negotiates the contract with this company, because that was extremely rude, two-faced, and also STUPID. Make sure you hang up the phone before you start badmouthing the person you were just talking to!

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2 1/2 hours is not the appropriate amount of time to have to wait for a tow to an auto shop that's 20 minutes down the highway. The guys on the phone just keep giving me the runaround telling me ten more minutes, and that was like an hour ago.

My car won't start, and I went out of my way to use a place that came recommended to me. I called at 10am and they said they'd get someone right out within the hour, at least at my house by 11am. I thought three hours was enough time to leave in between so that I could get to work at 1pm, but now the fact that they're still not here yet is really chapping my ass.

Plus now I get to have my boss mad at me because I can't give him an ETA of when I'll be in because no one at the shop will give me a time. Joy.
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Earthlink blows goats (again or still, I can't tell)

Last week or so I posted about how they blow goats ... still. I should probably put all this shit together about all the times I've called and all the shit that's happened and how many hundreds of hours I've waited for them. But at the very least I thought others, as many others as possible, should know.

So I worte them and said that I wanted out of my contract. That they had clearly breached it and that essentially I wanted the freedom to go else where. So their problem stated below with me is that I "declined" to let anyone help me. I'd say 15 hours of being on hold and working with technicians and trying to get them to call me back, not counting the 50 hours that I spent last time around counts as "allowing".

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