September 10th, 2007

Target Electronics Department :\

Now first off let me explain, just joined, first time poster long time lurker.


Now, for the record I work at Target and I normally don't get bad service.  But this one topped it this past week. 
I believe this past week, "It's always sunny in philadelphia seasons 1 and 2" came out on DVD.  I think 'Oooh! I love this show! i'm gonna pick it up today! :D'  Lo and behold, I go into work and skim the electronics department, we don't have it in stock, i even had a co-worker check the backroom...nothing in the back. ":[ sad"

Sooo, when my shift is over, i go home and call the next Target closer to me, after being transferred to the electronics department and waiting atleast 5 minutes for them to pick up, the girl back in TSC [the office], picks up and asks what I was looking for, I promptly tell her the dvd set I was looking for.  No more than a minute later she comes back on and explains that they don't CARRY that title.

Now I pause, because that's SUCH a load of bull it's not even funny.  When new releases come out, EVERY targets plan for electronics is the same.  They all get the same releases.

So, just for kicks my boyfriend and I go to said Target and...WOW they actually did carry it!  Needless to say I 'lol'd'.  Lately i've been trying to work on speaking up for myself when something goes wrong [i'm normally really shy].  So my boyfriend replied 'we're not leaving this store untill you say something.

So I did, I went to the 'gstl' which is the manager of the front end, i should have gotten the store manager but oh well.  I explained to her said situation.  And her response is, "Well normally things DO go out of stock so we may not have had it in stock at that time.'  Bull excuse, they could have checked the area and said they didn't have it at the moment, but they obviously didn't check.

well..yah i guess that's it xD.

Dude, really?

We (Company) had a shipment picked up by some Courier Service, that later signed it over to a larger international Trucking Company.

No worries right?

Then I get an invoice from the Trucking Company stating that the Courier Service noted that they were supposed to be billing '3rd party' on OUR account.

No. That's not right. I send over letters and phone calls, they say they'll fix it! Yay...(oh not so fast)

Today I got another 'late notice' from Trucking Company. APPARENTLY anyone can bill a shipment to your account and the only way to get it off the account is to have the shipper (in this case Courier Service), or someone else who just feels like paying the price; fax them a letter agreeing to take responsibility.

Does that sound backwards or am I completely crazy?

This doesn't require account numbers, so they can just say "Bill it to Joe Bob Smithy." Give the address and boom Mr Joe is financially responsible for the bill.

Bitch. Please.

I'd rather ship with UPS. No seriously, I would rather chew on shards of glass than ever have to deal with these pissfaces again. Haven't you ever heard of a freaking charge back? I hate them, I hate them with this burning mean passion.
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Update to:

The account is under investigation. I requested that they freeze the account while the investigation is going on so I wouldn't accrue any more charges, I was told TWICE that the account was frozen.

Saturday I get a letter dated the 5th of september stating that another interest charge has been added.

Today I get a "statement" the first since the uber late June one, except it's not a proper statement and it's missing a late fee charge but shows the late payment refund they gave me except that is dated 27 June which is completely the wrong date. It also doesn't show the payment I did make on the 27th of June which covered everything I'd brought. It shows another fee was added recently though. It's also dated the 4th of September, which means it took 6 days to get here allegedly.

I still have not had a single full proper statement since the late June one. Yet I receive letters demanding money usually exceedingly late when date arrived is compared to "date sent" and flyers for new products arrive regularly and on time from them. All my other mail is on time and delivered within two days of the date on the letters. Their mailings are the only ones invariably late or don't arrive at all and they're trying to tell me it's the post office? If it is a Post office messing up then it's their post office in their building.

I ring up and speak to someone.

The account isn't frozen despite the investigation still being on going, how long does it take to realise that there is a fault on their end anyway? They've been investigating for over two weeks now. I'm told categorical that the account is NOT frozen, despite me previously checking and double checking it with two different people who both assured me that yes the account was frozen.

I'm told that it will continue to accrue fees "unless" I pay all the late fees now and then if they decide that there is a fault, they'll refund me the money.

Why do I have a feeling that if they get their hands on my money then it'll magically be all my fault and the investigation will conclude there's nothing wrong?

Edit: Rang up again, spoke to a gentleman this time (usually I get female workers who just try to bully me into paying up), he's sent a reccommendation to have the balance written off. Whether it'll be written off or not is another matter but hopefully it'll be sorted soon.
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Sorry for asking you to do your job...

So I have this thing for Jamba Juice.  It's intense this thing I have... for Jamba Juice, that is. (Points if you get the reference)

This morning I made my happy way to the JJ at Coffman Union for my daily dose of fruity goodness.  

They aren't really busy (only two people besides me the whole time I was there), though I notice they have two new people working.  So I put in my order: A sixteen oz. Fit 'n' Fruitful, NO weight burner boost due to it having soy in it (mild allergy), substitute Green Caffeine boost.  Very simple.  So she takes my order, takes it to one of the new girls and explains to her about the boost change (why she didn't just key it in on the register I don't know.  Everybody else does).  So I watch the girl make it, but I'm not watching uber-closely.  I do notice my boost comes from an end container.  

When it finishes blending, it does NOT look right.  It's usually a kind of pumpkin-orange.  This was all brownish and , to be frank, it looked like vomit.  Vomit with little flecks of mango and strawberry in it.  My cup was also NOT full- about an inch short of full.  But I figure, the girl is new, and maybe the green tea was a little old or something.  I"ll let it go.  So I walk away towards my office, then I taste it.  It's NOT right-tasting.  NOt precisely bad, but not like it usually tastes--definitely too much lemonade, not enough mango, and something that made it brown.

SO I go back.  THe following ensues.

Me:  I'm sorry, but this doesn't taste right.  And it's all brownish-looking.  I've had this smoothie before, and this is not what it is supposed to taste like.
Jamba lady: What do you mean, it's brown?  
me: it's usually a bright orange, but this is... kinda brownish
Jamba lady: well you got the green tea boost in it and the strawberries, that will do that
me: *a tiny scoop of white powder makes my smoothie brown?* I've had this smoothie with this boost before, and I know it doesn't look or taste like this.
Jamba lady: *grabs my smoothie, looks at it.  Gives me a LOOK, dumps my smoothie out.* Fine. *Goes over to the line and remakes my smoothie, all the while copping a major 'tude about it.  The new girls wisely back off and get out of her way. *
Me: *notices she uses a boost from the middle of the bar this time... the n00b must have put the weight burner in the first time... glad I didn't drink much of it.*
Jamba lady: Here.  *hands me smoothie and walks away*

I'm just glad I could see what she was doing the whole time, or I'd have been afraid to drink it.  I mean, I realize you are training two new people who seem pretty clueless, and that can be frustrating.  But for the love of smoothie-y goodness, do you have to be such a bitch just because I'm asking for you to do your damn job?  Sorry to inconvenience you by making sure my $4 smoothie is actually what I asked for.

Minor McDonald's Kvetch

Is it really so hard to give me my complete, correct order, that's somewhat warm? I didn't think I was asking for a lot here.

I stopped by the drive-thru for lunch for the hubby and I. #2 combo, no pickles and onions, coke, #2 combo, no cheese, coke, nuggets and bbq sauce. Guess which part they mess up?

Not the special orders, surprisingly, but they completely left out the nuggets! Bad me for not checking before I left the drive-thru, but I was trying to get the food home before hubby had to go to work. And everything was completely cold. To the point where I was tempted to leave my fries outside to warm up.

I call the number on the receipt, but they were only willing to give me the nuggets "for free" if I drove back immediately. I put the for free in quotations, because they weren't going to refund the money I paid for them, they were just willing give them to me if I came back. Not exactly free, eh? They were for the hubby, who's already gone, and at a $1, would cost me more in gas to go back. At this point, I'm just writing it off as a lesson learned. Check the bag before leaving!
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not major, but still yanked my chain

Today I met up with a friend at University and we went to the cafeteria to study, 1/2 way through studying we decided we were hungry and since it was lunch time, we quckly got in line to beat the rush of students just getting out of class.  Now eating at any of the university cafeterias you don't expect speed or service.   My friend and I decide to each get a chicken burger and fries which according to the menu was $4.29 which seemed very reasonable considering they jack up their prices alot because they know students will pay.  My friend also got a side of gravy for the 2 of us to share to dip our fries in.  

We're now waiting in line to pay and the cash only till had no line so i went there to pay and my friend stayed int he big line to pay debit.  my burger/fries was rang up at $6.77 which seemed kind of high to me but i brushed it off and thought maybe my friend read the wrong line on the menu board.  We get to our table and my friend then asks me how much mine was I tell her shes like go back they ripped you off, I paid $6.22 for mine (and hers included the gravy), so I go back and I nicely tell the lady that she overcharged me.  She asks what i ordered and what i paid I tell her and she insists shes right.  I tell her thats ridiculous, the menu board said 4.29 and my friend got the same thing as me plus gravy paid $6.22.  Again she tells me shes right but calls over someone else.  She asks the lady she called over that the button she pushed was the right one and the lady tells her that no it isnt the button she pushed was for a combo.  She rudely tells me to go take a bottle of water, i tell her I dont want the water (i brought a bottle from home) and I just want my money back, after spending 5 minutes discussing with this other lady what to do/how much should she give back/insisting  ordered chicken fingers and fries (different prce and wouldnt work in my advantage) and i kept telling her to refund the combo and punch in the right thing and give me the difference (since my food was now getting cold) all i got was dirty looks and was blown off, eventually they gave me my money back but i didnt appreciate being blown off, told i was wrong, and told to just go take a bottle of water because she was too lazy to do something.