September 7th, 2007

And I used to wonder why they always had such great deals...

Okay there's this little restaurant where I live. I can't think of the name off hand. But the prices are a bit steep for what they offer, so we don't go there often.

Well, my aunt gave me 20$ to take my mom out for lunch one day. We just happen to get a coupon for this place, buy one meal and two drinks, get your second meal free. This was great, because it's hard to find places you can eat out at for 20$.

So we go in. The place is half full, and really not all busy. (Remember this for latter on.) They have a lunch salad bar thing, that looks good.

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And to add insult to injury, I had filled out a comment card complaining about all the trouble I had. I would have mailed them too, but I couldn't find their address. A month latter they mail me a 10$ gift card. No reason no letter, nothing. Just a card for 10$ at their restaurant. What I really wanted? An apology of some kind for all the shit.

Ladner pub suck

While visiting my friends in Ladner BC, we went to their favourite watering hole for brunch. We all got our drinks promptly and ordered our food. Three of the meals arrived in a reasonable amount of time, but mine didn't come. Our server apologized, saying "the cook had to remake part of it" and said it would only be two or three minutes. Not a problem...until later. Much, much later.

After fifteen minutes I asked when my food might be coming. My friends were all finishing their meals. The waitress said sorry and brought out some chips & salsa for me, except that the chips, which I guess they make in-house, were stale as if they'd been sitting out all night. They were hardly even chewable - like rubber. I took them back (myself) to the kitchen and asked again where my meal was. "Just a couple more minutes!" was her response.

Another ten minutes and my friends were completely finished their meals. Their plates had been cleared and they were drinking their third cups of coffee. Still no food for me. I went up to the till and asked them to cancel my order. The waitress insisted the meal was "just about to come out of the kitchen - the manager is coming over to talk to you."

I went back to the table and heard the manager near the kitchen saying "what, she doesn't even want it now?" He came over to the table and cleared some cups off the table while gruffly telling me "the waitress never entered your order in so the kitchen didn't make it. It's coming and it'll be free" I said that was fine (even though the waitress had lied about why my food didn't come) but I wanted to cancel my order, because my friends were ready to leave. The manager raised his voice and announced "LOOK, I said I was BUYING it for you, OKAY?" and stormed off. 

After 45 minutes I was finally eating. It's nice that I didn't have to pay for my meal, but I would have been happy to spend the money if the staff had been honest about making a mistake. The manager was extremely rude to me even though I was polite the whole time. Please, I know people make mistakes, so just apologize sincerely - there's no need to be abrupt with me!