September 5th, 2007

pedro grillz

Scammers at the Mall

I bought a Royale Professional Straightener Iron from a mall booth at Fayette Mall in Lexington, KY from the sales woman by the name of Tali Wednesday, August 29, 2007.

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What should I do? I can't contact any of the "higher up" people because obviously nobody answers the phones at the office. Better Business Bureau probably can't help me get my $ back. Is this a lost cause or do you think I have a chance of getting my $159 (including tax) back?

P.S. If you want to go ahead and pretend to be a reporter and talk to Tali or the guy, feel free. Anything to get my money back! Let me know how it went. Call during mall hours 10 am to 9 pm eastern time zone. 859.273.0360
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Well shit. You're the one in the way.

pls ignore any spelling or anything. I had a minor surgerical procedure this morning and kinda still out of it... but i'm tired of sleeping???? you know?? so loll I come online to post my shitty nurse that I will get one day..
I think of it as bad service, we do pay for medical services... so yeah.

I have small veins, and they put a iv in my hand right? no big deal, but because there was barely any loose skin and small veins means you could see the needle basically in my hand.
Basically it could have ripped out really easily and i'm surprised it didn't

When I got in the operating room and they were setting me up on the machines

one of the male nurses walked in the same area where my iv was at

HE TRIPPS ON THE TUBE. I saw it coming so I moved my hand with him so hopefuly it wasn't going to yank about a inch of skin off my hand along with it .

His first words aren't "I'm sorry"

they were "God, you're in the way" ... I start freaking out cause I don't want some mean man near me when I'm unconcious :(( so I made the other nurses make him leave.

I'm guessing he did...?? But when I woke up, I had bruises on my face and a big time bandage on my shoulder. (They were not working anywhere near my face other then to put the breathing tube in after I slept...)

:(( I consider this my bad service for the day and hope I never have to go back.

bad service at my own doorstep... uh, driveway

So, my husband arrives home from work today to find an AT&T truck parked in front of our house. He pulls into the garage and gets out of his car.

AT&T guy gets out of his truck and starts to walk up our driveway. "Hey, I'm just going to go into your backyard and check the lines."

My husband: "Why?"
AT&T guy: "I need to check the phone lines."
Hubs: "We don't have AT&T phone service"
AG: "Oh, yeah, that's fine, we just need to check the lines to make sure they're working fine."
Hubs: "Well, we don't have AT&T and the lines are working just fine."
AG: "Yeah, we need to check them for the future. In case you decide to switch, or in case you sell the house and the next residents get AT&T."
Hubs: "What are you checking for?"
AG (waving a stack of papers at my husband as he heads for our back gate): "I just need to check the lines."
Hubs: "I have dogs in the backyard and if you let them out, there's going to be some trouble" (not because our pups are vicious, because I'd have a spazz attack if someone let my dogs out)
AG: "Do you want to go inside and let the dogs in?"
Hubs: You're still not going in the backyard until you tell me why you want to go back there."
AG: "Fine, I'll just call the sheriff and have them escort me back there."
My husband wished him good luck and told him to make sure he brought back a warrant.

um... what? Where did that come from? How did it escalate to calling the freaking sheriff? And why couldn't the guy just explain what the hell he needed to do in our backyard?

We're not paranoid and we've got better things to do than harass workers, but:

1) He couldn't explain why he needed to be on our property, especially if we don't use his service
2) He got totally belligerent

After we weren't scared by his threat of the sheriff, he left and we didn't see him again - weird, right?
This is me.

Dear Pizza Place... (more WTF than really bad)

That you can't always hear people on the phone when we call you to order pizza, fine. I mean, we do live five minutes away and don't ask for delivery, but don't come order in the store cause it's small and sometimes there are lots of people there. Anyway.

PizzaGuy : Hi, Pizza Store, how can I help ?
Me : Hi! I'd like to order two pizza in X size, we'd come pick them up at the store.
PG : Pick ?
Me : Hmm, no delivery ? We come for the pizzas ?
PG : Hmm, okay. So, which pizzas do you want ?
Me : Pizza X and Y .
PG : Okay, it'll be ready in ten minutes (it's usually 20) .
Me : Oh, my SO will pick them up, he'll be there in 20 minutes, is that okay ?
PG : Hmm, we won't start them before ten minutes then.
Me : Do you have the order or would you like me to call back in ten minutes ?
PG : No, just tell him to be there in ten minutes.

Hmm, okay. I can understand that the pizza making time would be faster if I choose a pizza that's different than our usual choice, but... WTF about the time ? I didn't say anything, SO is going to be there when he's going to be there, but WTF. When he initially told me they would start making the pizzas ten minutes after my call I tried to be nice and pleasant with offering to call later to avoid bothering them NOW but he kinda cut me off, he didn't sound bothered by me but he sounded very out of it.

O.O As for the time thing, there's also one thing. I asked you if my SO coming later than you said was an issue. If I tell you he'll be there in 20 minutes, how do you think I can make him get there any faster ? o.O ...