September 4th, 2007

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But I am a customer...

This happened yesterday and rubbed me the wrong way.

I work in a bookstore that's in a mall. Most of the mall employees tend to band together. If Express is having a sale, they run off and give coupons to all the other stores, for example. A small amount of the food places in the food court, if they see you with your store badge on, will give you ten percent off on your food. Not many, one or two places. Which is really nice of them.

One of these places is the Cinnabon. Man, I love those guys, usually. They have a policy there that if you're a mall employee, any medium drink is only a dollar. Any drink, be it soda or coffee. It rocks. The two girls who usually work there are so nice, as well. They see me coming and they get my diet coke for me, then we chat for a few minutes about customers or mall gossip.

Since yesterday was Labor Day, a lot of the food court stores were closing at six, though the mall stayed open until nine that evening. Around 5:40ish, I ran down to the Cinnabon with my dollar so I could get a drink to tide me over. The only other place that would be open was the CVS, and I didn't want to pay an extra .75 cents for the same size soda.

Today, working there, is a man I don't recognize, but that's okay. I knew the other two girls were seriously understaffed, so this was a good thing for them. There's a couple in line before me, so I wait while they inquire about every product on the menu. A line starts to form behind me. Finally, the people in front of me pay and leave. I move foreward in line.

The man working there looks straight past me and asks the couple behind me what they want. I'm standing there with my mouth open, wondering what the hell is going on. They get their food and they pay, and I pipe up and go "excuse me?". He looks right past me again and asks the next in line for their order.

I stand there for a few minutes, money clearly in view, wondering what the hell is going on. I have a job to get back to and I'm only given five minutes to run out for a drink run. Finally, one of the girls I know appears from the backroom, see's me and immediatly gets me my drink. She hands it over, I hand her my dollar, and the man gives me such a dirty look.

As I'm standing at the other end of the counter, getting my straw and sticking it in the drink, I overhear them a little.

Her: Hey, why'd you make the girl from the bookstore wait?
Him: She isn't a paying customer. I had a whole line of people buying actual food.
Her: She's still a customer.
Him: No she isn't, she's a mall employee. She's just paying a dollar for a soda. We have REAL paying customers in line.

It's at that point that I left, but I was so pissed off afterwards. I certainly am a paying customer! Do I not give them currency in exchange for goods? And I do sometimes buy actual food. Just this weekend I bought a box of four cinnamon buns to have for breakfast the next day with my parents. I was just amazed at how rude he was. I would have understood if he had said "hold on for a sec, I have to get these people their buns, I'll be right with you". I know that other customers come before me. But to just outright ignore me and then, behind my back, claim I'm not worth waiting on?

I don't think I'll ever go back there if he's working. The girls are extra nice, but he was a complete dick!
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Dear Bank of America.. I hate you.

Last night I closed my store, and when I opened this morning I didn't have anything to do so I thought HEY I'm going to head over to the bank & put in our weekend deposits....
I get to the bank at 9:10am, I go and wait in the merchant line which is SUPPOSED to be to help merchant deposits, put in their deposits QUICKLY. There were probably only like 5 people a head of me in line.
While I'm waiting inline I notice that they don't have one teller for the merchant line, the teller they do have keeps pulling 2 people from the regular line then one person from the merchant line.. 30min later I was STILL waiting in line. Finally it was 9:50am and I needed to open my store up at 10am. So I just stormed off and left.
Seriously what kind of service is that? Why bother having a merchant deposit line if you're not going to try & get those people out of the bank quickly?!? I don't think the people who work at the bank will like me much after that.
But hey Christmas is coming around.. I really hope they come to buy stuff from me cause I will remember. And I'm going to give them the same service they gave me.
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My Grandma lives in an assisted living place. As such she eats dinners and the occasional lunch in the dining room. She’s given $500 a month to spend on food. Since she doesn’t eat that much, she often has my mom and me over for meals. Today we went over for lunch since it was steak sandwich day. Normally the steak sandwich there is really good. The staff is really nice and everything is usually great.

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