September 1st, 2007

Problems with Sprint

About a month ago, I called Sprint (our cell provider) and inquired about changing our current plan. We've had the same plan ever since we've had the service, which is almost three years now.

In early August, the lady who I spoke with, english was clearly not her first language - I could tell she was in one of the overseas call center - more than likely India. I could tell she was new, I tried being patient but after talking with her for more than an hour and getting nowhere, I attempted to speak with a supervisor. I didn't have to wait long for the supervisor, but I was told since the plan cycle had already renewed for the month, to call back towards the end of the month to make sure the changes take affect.

Around August 25, I call again, I get a nice guy named John. Presumably he is also in one of the overseas call center but spoke better english - he also seemed more knowledgable than the last girl I spoke with earlier in the month. He reiterates to me the plan will change at the beginning of the month, and proceeds to tell me everything looks fine with my account.

Yesterday I'm looking at the Sprint Account online to see if our new bill had posted - I got curious and I notice there were details regarding our new plan. It turns out everything was fine - I did notice one thing: they forgot to upgrade our text messaging service. Sprint has a new text messaging plan, where if you go to one of the family plans - you can unlimited texting for $20.00 a month. Previously we had been billed $15.00 for Unlimited Texting for both of our lines of service.

So, I call Sprint (another hour on hold) to discover the $20.00 new family pack text messaging feature is only valid on family plans $69.99 or more, our plan is only $59.99. This is where I get angry - I relay to the representative that I've called twice in August, both representatives told me this was possible, even the web site says its possible but now you're saying I can't? The lady proceeds to put me on hold for a few minutes, finally comes back and says "I apologize ma'am, I was incorrect, let me add the family text messaging plan to your account, I'll be back in two to three minutes"... She places me on a silent hold for fifteen minutes, I then call out.. "is anyone there?"... The lady comes off hold and says "yes sir, I'm still here, I'm adding the texting plan, it'll be just nice another moment"... So, I continue to hold a few more minutes, finally she comes back and says "I'm having problems with the computer, would you like to call back?"... I then asked to speak with a supervisor, her response "my supervisor is busy assisting other customers"... I said that was fine, I will wait. The longer I waited, the angrier I got, I finally hung up and decided to call back on Saturday.

So, Saturday rolls around, I call and get another lady who repeats the same information - the unlimited family texting pack is only valid on plans $69.99, your plan does not qualify. She then proceeds to tell me that she will add the unlimited texting to the account if I upgrade my plan to 700 Minutes for $69.99, I relent and agree to the change.

I then asked if I could be transferred to Retention. After being on hold for a half an hour waiting for them to pick up, I get a nice representative named Karo. I relay my story, she apologizes for the service I've encountered and reiterates that unlimited texting feature for $20.00 is only valid on family plans $69.99 or more. She then states that since we've been loyal customers, she doesn't want to see us leave --- that she'll give us $10.00 credit for a full year, so we'll be billed $59.99 a month, which is the price plan I wanted in the first place but we'll keep the 700 minutes. This $10.00 credit is in addition to the 10 percent service credit we got for renewing our contract last November. She also then provided me with her direct line and e-mail address, so if I did encounter another problem, I would no longer have to wait an hour to get ahold of someone.
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Small restaurant rant

I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, which means that I'm not able to eat wheat or gluten. This is a pretty huge change from how I'd always eaten. It's a bit of a pain, since wheat and gluten are in *everything* (did you know that there's gluten in McDonald's fries? I didn't!). Now when I go to restaurants, I try to research their menus/ingredient lists beforehand online at their website. It's really frustrating when they don't have any ingredient info at all! Wendy's has a clearcut list on their site with menu items that are wheat and gluten free. McDonald's and Taco Bell have ingredient lists that clearly spell out potential allergens in their menu items. Olive Garden, on the other hand, just says to call or email them, or ask your server for which items are safe for celiacs. Red Robin has absolutely NO info on their website for ingredient lists or items with possible allergens, at all. Very frustrating!

Also, it's annoying when they don't have that information in the restaurant. I asked at McDonald's right after I was diagnosed, and while the manager was extremely nice and sympathetic, the brochure she gave me just referred me to their website. Thanks, Ronald, that really helps when I'm standing in the restaurant right now.

Finally, celiac disease isn't contagious and asking about what's in your food doesn't make me a freak. Honestly, Panera cashier, I don't have an alien baby parasite in my guts (even though it feels that way sometimes) that's going to pop out and eat your face. I just want to know if there's any wheat or gluten in the french onion soup, sans croutons (there is. sigh.).
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not really bad service..

but kind of wtfy, and i swear it's been asked before, if it actually happens.

my boyfriend and i went to this little restaurant (i assumed it was like denny's, only non-chain) a while ago, probably last weekend.

and we couldn't eat there.. because they don't accept credit/debit cards, only cash or checks and we don't carry cash (we don't really like it, it's easier to pay with debit, and when i do use cash it usually ends up lost (boyfriend found about $30 while doing my laundry recently)). i do have a checkbook, but i only use it to pay off my student loan since they're not hip to the internet payments (which i guess could be bad service, but not really)

totally backwards.

so we went to ihop and had funnel cake for breakfast. hoorah.

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I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I imagine lots of stores put pressure on their cashiers to be friendly and chatty, but some of them take it way too far. I don't want your sympathy when I'm buying cold medicine. I want to buy chips and cookies without you commenting on how I must be craving junk food. This recent one totally blew me away!

She scans my home pregnancy test, looks at it, and goes, "Uh-oh! Is this a good thing or a bad thing?"


When I found my voice again, I said politely, "Do you think that's an appropriate question to ask someone you don't know?"

She got all huffy and finished scanning the rest of my items in silence. She spoke to me once more, to tell me my total, then handed me my two bags in silence.

So she acts like I was the one who was rude? Seriously, when is it EVER all right to ask a total stranger if her hypothetical pregnancy was planned or unplanned?