August 31st, 2007

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Sprint PCS Skullduggery

So I'm a multi-year customer of Sprint in my own name, and in my mom's name for years beforehand. I'd never really had problems with them, and liked the service pretty well.

Last night, I was reviewing my bill online, and realized that under "Add-Ons" for my plan, the following "Add-Ons" were featured.

* Detailed Billing -- Included
* Vision Pack -- $10.00
* Unlimited Nights and Weekends after 7 pm -- Included
* Unlimited Nights and Weekends after 9 pm -- Included
* Unlimited Nights and Weekends after 7 pm -- $5.00

D'oh, I'm being charged for something that's also included with my plan. No biggie. I'll call and get it straightened out. I should have noticed it earlier. My bad.

So I call in to customer service. And sit on hold for literally 35 minutes. I checked the timer on my phone to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. When a guy picked up, he was very nice, but talked really fast (which I understand, given that his supervisors were probably freaking out about the half hour call wait time).

It took a while to explain the problem to him, because he kept referencing my paper bill, which doesn't show that. But once I got him to understand, he said, "Oh my god, you're 1000% right! We're charging you for something that's included in that plan". I silently cheered -- problem identified, soon problem solved! And it only took 1/2 hour of waiting and 15 minutes of explaining!

Except that he then said they couldn't alter that plan to remove the charges. But what we could do was upgrade my plan to the Blahblahblah plan, which was only $39.99 a month. Which is $10 more than the plan I'm using now. So I'm now paying $10 a month to remove the extra charges that I've been paying for about a year. Err...

I mention that I'm not interested, as my contract is up in February, and I'm thinking of switching providers. Crap. Shouldn't have told him that. He escalates me to an "account manager", which I assume is probably the retention department.

So then I hold for 15 MORE minutes. To be retained. Hurr.

I finally make it through to this person, and explain the problem, again, and she tells me that it's correct, that the 7pm is not included in my plan. So I ask why the website (my personal, logged in website) says it is. She says it's part of the new plan. I point out that it's MY portal, not the "new plan" page. She keeps hemming and hawing and finally says "The website has a lot of glitches.".


I hang up, log back into the website, and manually remove the extra charges. This morning I receive confirmation that that part of the plan has been cancelled. The "included unlimited after 7pm" minutes remained.

I emailed their customer support this morning politely bitching about it. We'll see what happens.
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I'm just wondering if anyone else has stories about a cashier messing with the stuff you're buying.

I went into a store recently and was buying a big bag of dog biscuits. Because of years in retail, I'm in the habit of placing things on the counter with the bar code up & facing the cashier so that they don't have to handle it much. So I do this, but the cashier starts flipping the bag around, slamming it on the counter like what you would do with a bag of ice to break it up. She doesn't just do this like she's looking for a barcode, she's literally slamming it on the counter several times. All I could think was, WTF? I really didn't want to be bringing home a bag full of crumbs.
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Psychodrama suck

I have schizoaffective disorder and I take medication for it. I'm also on disability. Because of my history, I can't dispense my own medications--I have to go to the clinic on weekdays and wait for a social worker on weekends.

These are some following sucky tales from my everyday life.

Dear Social Worker,

How in the world can you possibly forget you're on call? Didn't the fact that you had thirty different medication boxes in your company car give you a hint? I have morning and evening medication that need to be taken IN THE MORNING and IN THE EVENING, respectively. Forgetting to deliver my meds until 8 p.m. Saturday night? Not cool.

The voices are telling me to bitchslap you,


Dear CVS,

I'm on antipsychotics for a reason. That reason is, if I don't take them, I go psychotic. So do you understand why I'm a little upset with you for losing the prescription?

Please give me the damn meds,


Dear Social Worker 2,

If I'm used to calling crisis to tell them I haven't gotten my meds, one of us is not doing their job. The fact that I didn't get my meds for the whole weekend? Unacceptable. I'm a nice, down-to-earth, understanding person--WHEN I'M ON MY MEDS. When I'm not? Well, let's just say it's obvious why I got kicked out of the Army.

Pacifist with a bloodlust,


Dear On-Call Counselor,

When I call the answering service and say it's an emergency, guess what? IT'S AN EMERGENCY! That means the problem needs dealt with TODAY. Not next business day, not two days from today, TODAY.

It's generally inadvisable to put a suicidal person on hold,


Dear Social Worker 3,

I remember how you called the cops on me when I told you I wanted to hurt myself but not kill myself. I remember them taking me to the hospital in handcuffs, a forced psychiatric evaluation, an involuntary admission, and a threat of a court order for treatment if I didn't sign myself in. I know the rules--danger to self or others, they can lock you up without your consent. So when I tell you that my ex has threatened to kill me, told me how he'll do it, has access to a weapon, and has a history of violence, the proper answer is not "There's nothing I can do." It is not to refuse to help me go to the police, either.

If I die I'll come back from Hell to haunt you,


Scary thing is, this is the best, most cutting-edge treatment in Indianapolis. And it's worlds better than what I was getting when I lived in Boone County, Indiana.