August 29th, 2007


Bank suckage

Developing story here...

I log in every day to check my bank account and balance my budget for the month. Yah I messed up and when I logged in saw a gas charge that I hadn't recorded had overdrawn me $17.... tack on another $32 for the fees no problem, my own fault.

Yesterday there are NO items pending to be cleared, well because everything else has cleared. Including items marked with the date last Friday...

Log in today?

Negative $160 *wha???*

I start to check out the latest transactions thinking that my husband or an alien has used the debit card when I said not to. Nope... transactions from the past week or so have changed their dates from last week to yesterday. Now instead of one overdraft fee, I have 5 of them! As of a few minutes ago it is now $230 overdrawn!

I have my husband email asking for an explanation from one of the girls at the bank that he knows and they explain that every day the bank will clear items biggest to smallest in amounts, yay for that, I knew that but they never explain WHY the dates change from for example a $10 charge showed as cleared on 8/24 to now being cleared on 8/28 taking us $10 further in the hole and an additional $32 fee.

I'm waiting to find out what they have to say about the dates changing. I have no proof of what I saw yesterday, I never thought that I had to keep screen shots of everything when I go online. I kind of depend on my bank to not screw things around.

Sorry if I was horrible at trying to explain this, I'm so full of rage right now I can hardly control it.


To explain... this is a rough example (because since I used the word McDonalds on here I was yelled at for going there even though I didn't)


Item A - Cleared and posted on 8/27
Item B - Cleared and posted on 8/27
Item C - Cleared and posted on 8/27
Item D - Cleared and posted on 8/27

Account balance - $9



There is one item that I didn't know about, a gas charge for $40. Whoops that took me over to negative $30 but that's my fault. I'm expecting the overdraft fee to hit, I can deal with that.

Account balance - ($30)


I log in out of habit figuring it's either still ($30) or less because of the overdraft fee, instead it's ($160)

Items A B C and D that had posted and cleared paid in full on 8/27 have a date now of 8/29! And the 8/28 item is moved ahead of those meaning:

Item A - Date change from 8/27 to 8/29
Item B - Date change from 8/27 to 8/29
Item C - Date change from 8/27 to 8/29
Item D - Date change from 8/27 to 8/29

Meaning that not only do I have the $32 fee overdraft for the $40 charge but with the dates moved around like this I now have 4 more overdraft fees at $32 a pop. Major suck on the banks part.


I verified with her that when something lists under POSTED that it won't change and then she said that it might...

So they hit us 4 times with a $32 fee but have agreed to refund 3 of them. So I'm only having to pay $32 for their mess up... you can see how it changed from negative $30 to negative $158 all of a sudden. THAT is what makes me mad, they 'guarantee' that it won't change once posted but they stick a larger charge somewhere in there to make other things bounce?

*****Update as of 8/30*****

As if anyone will take the time to read this because apparently now I've written a series of bad checks and I'm totally irresponsible over this I will update anyways.

I called and talked to our person at the bank. She was surprised to see that the dates did change and noticed this on her computer screen. She has asked me if I'd be willing to take screen shots of what's on my computer when I log in every day so that they can figure out what's going on.

The max they can refund to me is 3 of the 4 overlimit fees because that's all the computer will let them. I will take what i can get at this point and just shell out the additional $32. I get paid in a few days so we'll all be okay for it.

Anyways, so yeah confirmed bad service suck at first because it is the banks fault and they took responsibility for it.

I never 'wrote a series of bad checks' and I don't 'expect the bank to spot me money for my bills'. I took responsibility for this mess up. I'll bet that had it never took me under that I wouldn't have noticed the date changes.
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Charter, you dumb bas****s

I'm on hold with Charter communications, our internet provider.

I know what you're thinking, "I know where this is going".

But it's worse than you think. Charter put the tards in bastards on this one. And that's not something I say lightly.

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