August 27th, 2007

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A bit technical, buuuuuuut...

Hi there!

I'm having some trouble with my database. Some entries that I'm sure were deleted or modified have defaulted to what they were set to about a week ago, and all entries made since then have disappeared. Am I doing something wrong?

Suitably Emo


We had a failure at our data centre and had to revert to a backup of your database. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Tech Support Guy

Fuck you.

Fuck you with a pineapple dipped in acid.

You had a *catastrophic failure*, lost all my data, reverted it (without reverting the file server, thus breaking several websites), and weren't even planning on telling me until I asked what was up? (And when I do so--and you admit it was a failure on your end--you offer no compensation, just a trite apology? If you lost a server, you must have had downtime [which should be enough for compensation unto itself], and now I have to re-build a week's worth of database because of your ineptness.)

Thank god I use you as a testing and demo server, or the shit would have really hit the fan! I was thinking of expanding my hosting and throwing on a few client sites--now I'm not even going to wait until my own account expires before leaving.

Fuck. You.
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I just want my mushrooms....

There's this Italian restaurant here that is simply fabulous. Every time my husband and I go there we have excellent service and the food is always great. They have mushrooms stuffed with shrimp and Italian sausage on their appetizer menu that are to die for, and I get them every time, and usually get an extra order of them to take home for me to have for lunch the next day.

One day, my co-worker and I go there for lunch. I was hoping to have the mushrooms as a meal, but when I ordered them, the waitress tells me that they are only on the dinner menu and they don't serve them for lunch. Fair enough.

After work, I decide to go back and grab an order of them to go, so I can have them for lunch the next day. I get there just before 4 o'clock. The hostess is sitting at a table and appears to be putting some inserts into their menus. She doesn't get up to greet me, she just sits there and says "Can I help you?". I tell her that I'd like to place an order for takeout, and she tells me "The dinner menus are right over there." and points behind the hostess table for me to get one myself. Fine.

So I look over the dinner menu (even though I know what I want), and ask if she's the person I give my order to. She then looks annoyed and says "Oh, well, the kitchen is closed from 3 to 4." I look at my phone and it says 3:55. I told her that I'd be happy to wait 5 MINUTES. And she sighs and asks me what I want. I told her. Then she said "Hold on, let me check with the kitchen..." and runs off.

A few minutes later, she comes back and says in a very bitchy tone, "Well, we're only serving off the lunch menu from now until 5." WTH? What's the point of giving me the dinner menu then??

Let me get this straight. Your signs and take out menus say you're open from 11am to 9pm. Yet, if I wanted to come in at 3pm, I wouldn't be able to order... And you serve lunch from 11am to 5pm, but there's this weird hour break in the middle of it??? All this for some mushrooms... :(

I left. I didn't go back. As much as I love those mushrooms, I'm still too annoyed to go back right now.

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So last night, me, my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend were hungry and decided to hit up a drive through for some food.

Srsly. How hard is it to get 2 vanilla frosty's, two chocolate frosty's, an order of chicken nuggets, a JBC, 4 fries and 2 chicken sandwiches with everything on them right?

Apparently It's pretty easy to mess up that order. According to the screen everything was there and correct, but when we get to the window the lady asks us what we meant by everything on the chicken sandwiches. I've worked at a couple of drive thrus before, and so has everyone else in the car with us last night we just looked at each other like o_0 is this lady for real? So my boyfriend asks her to read our order back to us, and it was completely messed up. They charged us for all 4 of the fries, because the total on the screen matched the total we paid her, but she only gave us 2 of the fries, and when we pointed it out that we were down two orders of fries she then charged us for two more orders of fries. That was no big deal because it was only 2 dollars, but it still pissed me off. THEN she hands us our frostys, and we got a chocolate frosty, an oreo frosty, and a vanilla frosty. Shes dicking around in the drive thru thinking we drove off already not even paying attention. We're honking on the horn trying to get her attention when after like 2 minutes she finally opened the window. we pointed out to her that we were down a vanilla frosty ( i decided that an oreo frosty sounded better than a regular one so i just kept my mouth shut about that one) and gave it to us, and had the nerve to tell us "don't worry about paying for that one" I shouted back at her "we shouldn't have to, considering we already paid for it!"

in the end our food was right, we checked it for spit and there was none there. There also wasn't a receipt in our bag either.

This same lady was working the other day when I went thru after work and got a number 2 with a baked potato instead of fries, and I didn't realize until I got home that I had fries AND a potato and was probably charged for the fries too (and these weren't the 99 cent fries, they were the biggie-size fries, and I really don't like Wendy's fries, so I just wasted like 3 bucks) and of course, no receipt for me to reference to.

I mean it's not a really big suck, but it just blows that the past two times I've been there the same lady has managed to overcharge me for some nasty fries, and mess up my orders.
buck passer!

no food for you! NEXT!!!

yesterday was the most glorious day in a very long time in adelaide, south australia.. we are just coming out of winter, and it reached 24celcius (77 farenheight).

&the fact it was on a sunday? a non-work day? fantastic!!!

so my fiance adam &i decided to go to Semaphore (beachfront area) with some friends for lunch.

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EDITED TO ADD; in australia in cafe's and bars, people seat themselves.. there isn't a 'greeter' like in the states. unless it's fine dining, or at least a little more of an upper class place.. but general cafe's along the beachside, etc, you seat yourselves and get your own menu's and go up to the counter to order when you're ready.

there was no signs anywhere to stipulate they had a 'limit' or anything about how much food they serve..
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Pizza Hut in Calgary

So, I wanted to order a pizza on Friday. I gave up on delivery from Pizza Hut because they now charge $4 for delivery plus you are supposed to tip the pizza guy. I thought I'd order it for pick up. I call their 310 number and talk with this young girl, I order my pizza and say it's for pick up, she asks me how I'm going to pay and then she goes to hang up. I'm like hang on, don't you need to know which location I am picking it up from? She was all like, oh yeah. So I tell her the location and then she tells me I have to call that location myself! Idiot. So, she gives me the number. I call the Pizza Hut, talk to the guy and she gave me the wrong Pizza Hut location. He gives me the correct number. I call that location and no one answers the phone. I try calling for 10 minutes and no one ever answers. Then I call the 310 number again, I get this guy at a store on 17th Ave, I tell him what's going on and I ask him if that other location is open, he says it should be. I keep calling and they never ever answer their phone. So I decide just to drive there since it's on my way home. I get there and sure enough it's open. I ask the lady at the desk if their phone is working, she stares at me and then says yes. I ask why don't they answer it then? She says it's too busy to answer it so they are just ignoring it! Nice one, I don't like that answer. I order my pizza and go to sit down, I end up sitting in the restaurant since there are no chairs by the door. Eventually I move over to the door area. Then I hear her announce that they are out of pizza dough! I'm thinking what?? So, now the restaurant is closed. But there are still people in there eating and waiting for food. People keep coming in and they keep telling people the restaurant is closed. Then the staff asks if they should put up a sign on the door saying closed, she says no. So, people just keep coming in. All the while she is arguing with delivery drivers. Very stressful. Eventually I got my pizza, I was surprised I even got one. I think I'll give up on Pizza Hut and just find a one of restaurant close by to get pizza from. Crazy. And this is Calgary so the usual excuse is staff shortages, you just grow tired hearing the same excuse everywhere.
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It really is a minor suck, but I've been spoiled for so long, that it feels like more.

Everyone bitches about their local Super WalMart but to be fair, my local one is a dream. It's always spotless, you could probably eat off the bathroom floors, the people working the registers are friendly and efficient and the people working the aisles are helpful and don't look at you like you have the plague when you ask where something is. All in all, it's a really good store. You can tell that the manager of this particular WalMart is a good one simply by how everyone speaks about him. It's all reflected in the quality of the store. I've never really had a complaint, aside from the odd one here are there.

But lately, my deli has been disappointing me.

The ladies that used to work the deli for years have been promoted. So, they have two new women in there. And older one that I think is half deaf and a younger one. For starters, I've never seen two people take that long to slice meat. I've done it before once or twice and even not really knowing how to do it, I've done it faster than that. There is no reason 4 people should have to wait 30 minutes for their pound of meat a piece.

Then there is the fact that the one older lady needs to learn to read lips or something. If you ask me to repeat myself 4 times to double check that I want a pound of ham, that's okay. Maybe you didn't hear, or maybe you've got a lot on your mind and you forget between the counter and the slicer. I get that. I used to have that happen too when I was working as a barista. And the best thing to do then is exactly what you are doing. Ask.

But when you ask me 4 times and then hand me a half of pound of ham instead of a whole pound, I'm stumped. I'm completely floored when you again ask me 4 times how much cheese I want and you hand me a full pound instead of the half a pound I asked for.

But at least she's a lovely person with a pleasant personality, which is more than I can say for her coworker.

Then we have the younger girl who may ask how you want it sliced, but it doesn't really matter because she's going to slice it however she wants anyway. Which means slabs of ham so thick I could throw a couple of pineapple slices on it and serve is at Easter Dinner. Not exactly sandwich fair.

In addition to that, how hard is it to get the weight right? Okay, the store I worked at had scales on the slicers, but maybe this one doesn't. Hard to believe considering this particular WalMart has flat screened televisions hanging from the ceiling everywhere and is one of the most profitable stores in the region, but I understand if it doesn't.

But how can you be that far off? If I ask for a pound, that means I want a pound. Not a pound and three quarters. If I want a half a pound, it means .50 not .75. I'm on an insanely strict budget here people.

This in itself wouldn't be that big of an issue except at every other place I've been before, if the deli person accidentally cut too much more (because it's going to happen, like it or not) they'd ask me if it was okay that they went over, giving me the option to tell them yes or no depending on whether or not I could afford the extra. The old deli ladies were like that. These?

I'm half tempted to yell at them when I see them putting it on the scale and printing out the price tag if I weren't afraid that I might get skinned alive by the people standing behind me, tired of waiting for the ungodly amount of time it takes to get a pound of turkey.

No love for Pizza Daddy

I think Pizza Daddy is a local chain, not a national one, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Could be wrong.

This happened years ago when I worked in a warehouse as a front desk worker person. I had never ordered from there so I thought I'd give it a try.

Guy on the phone was perfectly polite, all was well. The warehouse is at the end of a street; basically, you drive down the street and when it ends in a cul-de-sac, you continue forward into the driveway of the warehouse. I explained this to the phone guy and he said, "No problem."

An hour later, I hadn't gotten my cheesy goodness. I called and he said, "He's having trouble finding you. I'll have him call you."

Then I got a call from the delivery driver. He had a thick accent - I can't say what nationality, it doesn't matter, but it was difficult to understand him. He said he couldn't find the warehouse (which is brightly lit and marked), and he was at the Holiday Inn on the same street. The Holiday Inn is literally 3 doors down from the warehouse; all he had to do was drive a bit further down the road. One can even see the warehouse office sign from the Holiday Inn parking lot.

He said he would try again. Thirty minutes later he called back and said, "I can't find it. I'm at Holiday Inn. You come get it." I said, "Nooo, really listen it isn't that hard to find..." He interrupted me saying, "I can't find it!" I said, "I paid for the delivery and I can't leave the office, so I can't come get it. If you just drive a little further down..." To which he responded with "You know what? Go fuck yourself." And slammed the phone down.

Hrm. Yeah. I called the Pizza Daddy back and asked them if they always let their drivers speak to customers like that. He said, no, of course not, and it was his cousin who was new. He asked if I still wanted my pizza. Almost two hours old and probably spit on? No thanks.

Pizza Daddy = Fail