August 26th, 2007


Bad service on ebay auction

Grr! I have been trying to find a copy of an out of print record for quite awhile. Over the past few months a seller on ebay has listed the item several times. Usually he'd list it for $40 or more. Once he listed it with the option to make an offer, so I offered $32. He declined. Then he listed it with a lower starting bid and I won the item for $21. Collapse )

Your First Job, Huh?

I had to join here because this community is such a goldmine for stupid_free, and because bad service is so awesome. I work with the public to an extreme degree and mostly I'm wonderful. So I know how it is.

No really, I am! I'm very friendly and smiley and helpful and chat with people and make them feel like they're my BFF. Wonderful.


So I thought I'd post this from my own LJ, to introduce myself: Collapse )

That will probably end up on S_F, too, but I thought it was a good story, so whatever.

You suck
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Dear Dominos,

I called with a coupon.  You said I couldn't get the deal if I ordered a Brooklyn crust, even though no such stipulation is found anywhere on said coupon. I said okay, I'll pay the extra three dollars more and forget the coupon in order to get the Brooklyn.

How happy I was to find out when I got home you did NOT give me the Brooklyn crust, despite me paying more.  And oh, look - when I said onions on half you thought it'd be cute to put onions on all but two pieces.  I guess you thought I'd like the onions MORE if you just sprinkled them on top after the pizza was cooked already so that they were mostly raw.  Yum.

I hate you.

- Hope