August 24th, 2007


I just wanted my guaranteed refund... Oi.

(x-posted from my journal.)

Dear chit at the ProActive stand,

When I came to this stand a little under sixty days ago, the worker here was friendly, helpful, and able to answer all of my questions. She confirmed the sixty-day guarantee, and assured me that save for bringing in the remainder of the products and the original receipt, there were no conditions to be met for the refund. She also pointed out that, as I am pale enough to make paper tell me to get more sun, I might have a reaction to one of the medical ingrediants in the product.

The box-set came with instructions and precise measurements. I carefully measured out the doses the first few days, comparing them to the examples given (pea, quarter, dime) so that I would not use too much or two little. And I kept using it for the full time I had it. Why? Because while I do not give the impression of rubbing my face in lard every night and grease every morning, I also do not enjoy looking like I am currently only midway through the throes of puberty.

Ergo, when I return the product, after consulting with my doctor and being given a scrip for antibiotics and a topical, please simply check to see if I am within the correct date and have brought all the bottles. Do not tell me, in a tone that I have not heard since I was six, that "You're doing it wrong." Um, no. Now give me my money back. And I hope that pale-as-me girl standing in line both heard your tone and noted the similarities in our skin types, and decided to go elsewhere.

Wishing I was the type of person to say more than, "Can I please have my refund?",
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