August 23rd, 2007

Narcis angry

Pipex and Sky broadband.

My internet problem just keeps getting weirder…

Can anyone make sense of all this. Maybe there’s something really obvious that I and all these Customer Service/Technical/Billing staff are missing.

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And there it ends for now. When and what will the next exciting instalment be?

Has anyone any idea how these companies have managed to screw-up so badly?

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There's a Wendy's at the top of my block, it's real convenient for me to stop at on my way to work since it's the only place with a drive through on my whole route (weird, ain't it?).

At any rate, service here is kinda ehh most of the time, you get the impression the workers don't care anymore. Except for one little teenage girl all the others look at funny for working hard. I like her. Before she started working there, there was an occasion where my "Large #3 with a Coke" turned into three large Cokes between the screen and the pickup window.

I go through the drive thru again, order the same thing as ever, and what do I find when I'm at the second window? The worker's cell phone went off and he answered it. All he got from me then was a 0.o look and I got my food and left. (It was right around 2:30, off-peak food time)

On my way to work, I got the shop's number from 411 and talked to the manager. Told her what happened, described the guy at the window and she said she'd take care of it. Her initial reaction was "Oh! Well, that's lovely. I'll talk to him, thank you." Also told her that I may not have gotten a receipt but I hadn't had a chance to check, as I was driving. So I didn't push the free burger thing.

I've been by there half a dozen times since and I ain't seen the guy.

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Found this place via Customers Suck. After reading I decided to share a few stories myself

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On the Charter company note, my neighbor had troubles with them as well. They would charge her 5 or so times a month for her bill, each time saying they never received the last payment. I don't know if she ever got all that money back since she moved away, but I think one of the employees was running a scam...

I hate lying telemarketers...

Last weekend at work, a telemarketer called to "update" my boss's yellow pages listing. They told me she had a free listing and they were calling to make sure all the information was current. I told them I can confirm mailing address and phone number, but that was about it.

Right off the bat they kept badgering me and asking if they can put me down on their paperwork as a supervisor. I told the person I was talking to that I wasn't a supervisor and I didn't want her to list me as such. She kept pressing the issue and I flat out told her no. I assumed she gave up and went through all the information to confirm. She then transferred me to this other guy so I could confirm one more time.

He tells me she has me listed as a supervisor. I told him no and he better change it. He starts trying to pressure me into letting them put me down as a bookkeeper. I told him hell no. He finally settles with assistant, so I go with that. Whatever. I'm tired with dealing with them by this point.

The guy tells me this isn't a sales call and they are just confirming the address and info. They are going to send a letter to my boss detailing other services they offer. All she has to do is return the letter with what she wants or nothing at all. He said that my name would not appear on the letter. He said that it would be addressed to the owner and there would be no mention of speaking to me.

Cut to today..

My boss gets a letter addressed to me from this company. They said that I signed up for an internet connection, a website, and some other shit. They were going to charge her $30 a month if she didn't cancel it before sometime in September, I can't remember the exact day. She calls me up and asks me what the hell is going on. I explain to her what happened last Sunday and I have her give me the phone and customer numbers so I could call and get it taken care of.

I called the company and the woman I spoke to tried to tell me that I knew it was a sales call. I told her what transpired between me and the two people I talked to and she kept trying to interrupt me and tell me I was wrong. I told her about my name being used and how I was told it wasn't going to and she said that mine name would have to be on it. I went round and round with her for about 10 minutes before I finally got her to understand that she needed to cancel it.

Gah. I'm never answering the phone again. Either that or I'll give my boss a few bucks a month for caller id.
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homophobic domino's suck :(

So my friends and I ordered some Domino's pizza tonight. Large crispy thin crust pizza, breadsticks, wings and kickers with a 2 liter Coke. Coke was specified.

So first of all we get a Diet Coke [which works out well for me as I prefer that] which wasn't so much a big deal. Delivery dude offered to drive back and get a Coke but we said it wasn't necessary.

Here's the issue.

Friend sees a woman's top in the back seat of his car as they're exchanging food for money.

"I like your garment back there. Do you wear that a lot?" obviously teasing. young guy, seems cool.
"Yeah this is my mom's car. Look at the license plate," there were girly flowers around it, "makes me look like a faggot doesn't it?"

Right so no huge deal but seeing how I am homosexual I was incredibly offended by this because.. well for one thing, I am a "faggot" and do not have women's clothing in my car or pink flowers on my license plate... but yeah. I'm not saying this is like OMG bad suck because I don't know if he could have assumed I was gay, which I'm sure he didn't, but it just seemed really unprofessional. I get that they were joking around but ... maybe he just took it a bit too far? I dunno. What do you guys think?