August 22nd, 2007

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Bad Service at Starbucks

This is totally bad_service but I still need to defend the guy because he must have been really bored on a sunday night, and I'm a regular who isn't a bitch and he, uhm, had my back or something, but still, this annoyed me. I was being nice about it at the time but it was just a huge WTF.

I'm putting this in script-form because it's just the easiest way to explain it.

Me: *Walks up to counter* Hey, can I get a grande Vanilla Bean Frappachino?
Barista: *Apparently decides this is too plain* Naw, man, no. You always.. can I get you a berries and creme?
Me: Uhm, no... If you don't want to make a Vanilla Bean, I, uhm, understand, I guess... *Was about to order a hot chocolate*
Barista: No no, it's not that! What else do you want? Do you want something hot or cold?
Me: Uhm... I don't really like coffee. My options are kind of limited, here.
Barista: You don't like coffee?
Me: No.
Barista: Okay, what do you want?
Me: ...... I want a frappachino.

He decides to grudingly make it for me but insists in putting a caramel topping ontop. I say okay because I just want my frap already. I drink it and it doesn't taste like caramel.. more like butterscotch.

Listen, dude, maybe Vanilla Bean is sort of plain. But it's also fucking delicious and WHAT I ORDERED, don't try to talk me into something else!
Bad Kitty

Deliberate Bad Service?

I actually posted this on Customers Suck because I thought they might get a kick out of someone screwing with the customers. Well, it looks like the mod deleted the post and I did have a couple of people point out that it was more of a bad service post so...

While I personally don't think a deliberate joke is bad service (the customers had to sign consent forms after the fact so it's not like they drove away never knowing why they were having such a hard time ordering!) I suppose I should take the advice and post it here. If it's inappropriate for this community too then I guess the mod will delete it here too (but I thought it was hilarious!).

Sorry if this was posted already but did anyone catch the "100 Greatest Scenes in TV History" last night? There was a clip where David Letterman was taking orders at a McDonalds drive thru and really fucking with the customers.

Cust #1: I'd like a medium diet coke.
DL: Really? That's all you want?
Cust #1: Yes.
DL: And you couldn't come inside for that?

Cust #2: I'd like two #3's with cokes.
DL: That's two #3's with cokes?
Cust #2: Yes.
DL: Uhmm...tell you what...I'm just going to give you a #6.

Cust #3: What comes in your happy meals?
DL: A veal shake...
Cust #3: WHAT!
DL: Yah, and german potato salad...
Cust #3: WHAT! I'll just have a hamburger and a small coke!
DL: Yah, sorry but we're out of burgers.
Cust #3: Are you serious?
DL: Yah, I've been trying to get out of here to buy some but it's been really busy.
Cust #3: ??
DL: Hey! Could you go to the supermarket for us?
Cust #3: WHAT!
DL: Yah, could you go to the supermarket and pick up some ground beef and bring it back here? Then we could make some burgers!
Cust #3: (Drives away)
DL: Hello? Hello? Are you still there?

Yeah, it's an airline, what do you expect?

Fuck you, Air Canada. I booked that 5:20 pm flight for a reason: I WORK during the day. I can work 8-4 and still make it to the airport in time for a 5:20 flight. What I CANNOT do is work a full day and make it to a 7 am flight. So thanks a bunch for bumping me to the early morning on a work day. That's awesome, guys, especially since I've used up all my vacation time and will have to take that day off of work unpaid.

Thanks also for reading me your standard disclaimer about how flights are subject to change without notice when I phoned to ask what the hell was going on. Offer me some kind of discount or coupon or anything for the inconvenience other than, "Sorry m'am, but..."? Course not. I've paid for the ticket already. You have my money. What do you care? You know damn well I'm not going to ask for a refund and switch to WestJet, because those assholes are worse than you are, and I don't want to take four shitty connecting flights all over the country and sit on a plane for eleven hours just to get to Ottawa.

Seriously, 5:20 pm to 7 am on a weekday?! What kind of switch is that?! Did you seriously think nobody was going to get really, really pissed off?! 5 pm to 3 pm, okay, I could maybe understand that. A couple hours either way I could live with. Ten hours difference is fucking lame. I hope you get 200 irate passengers phoning in to bitch you out over this.

The worst part is I will fly with you again, because there is no better choice. I guess you win.
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Another lovely print shop story

I am an art director of 15 years and have seen my fair share of lovely service, but this one was rather interesting, just happened today on my lunch break.

I work for an import company in the industrial part of Memphis and our warehouse is part of a long building with about 5 different businesses taking up residence here. As most designers do, I freelance on the side and needed a pressure-sensitive vinyl decal printed. At the end of our complex there is a sign printing shop. They handle safety signing for bigger industrial clients, Fedex and so on. I called and asked if they would take me as a walk-in and could do what I needed, the lady who answered the phone said no problem. This was a week and a half ago.

The reason why I tell you about the sign shop and our building complex is the owner of the building has been restructuring leases when they come up. So, the lady on the phone at the sign shop, when she finds out that I work a few doors down asks if we have to move when our lease is up. I politely tell her thats is our owners business and do not know. I ask the owner when we are out to lunch one day, somewhat off-handed and tell him that I know its none of my business, but during my 3 phone calls to her, thats all she asks about when I call, nothing about the job I am paying her for.

Today topped the cake.

The lady I had been speaking to, Linda, was supposed to call me on Monday and tell me the status for the Tuesday due date and pick up. She never called. I called and was told she was on vacation. She never mentioned that. Here is where the icing comes in. Found out she is the owner.

I went in yesterday to check on the status of the job, Doug (her son and the nicest one of the bunch, feel sorry for him) tells me the printer went down and it would be another week. I told him my client can't wait that long, he says he will overnight the part and get it fixed. All the meanwhile Linda is asking me about our lease and she is convinced we will have to move once our lease is up as well, even though my boss says no, he just upped the lease a few weeks ago. I called my client on the delay, but my client says no. So I called another sign printer down the road and they can do it. Great! Cheaper as well! I call Doug, who Linda tells me is on the way back to the office, to cancel my job, I will be in to pick up the CD right before lunch.

I drop in, Doug is not back. Linda, who is juggling her cell phone, her 4 week old westie and trying to talk to me at the same time, is still trying to find out about our lease! She tells me I have to wait on him in rather terse tone. Doug pulls up in the next 10 seconds literally, she is still on the cell phone and walks out on me and hands her son the dog and says "take him to pee". Never mind the customer in the lobby???

Doug comes in, apologizes, I explain my situation and he tells me they were going to print it this afternoon, the parts where scheduled to deliver after lunch? Never communicated to me. I cancel my order, and as I am being handed the CD, Linda interrupts our conversation and says they need to leave, his brother is waiting 20 minutes away on them for lunch. I was appalled.

I understand things come up, things happen. I had to make all the initial calls, call backs, and find out my status (which seems to be the trend these days) and am hounded about personal company information from an owner who has no tact.

I only feel sorry for her having to find a new facility for her business in the fact that her employees have the adjustment to make. I wonder why the landlord is making her move? I see a trend.
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Dear HH Gregg, thanks for stranding me w/o AC in 104 degree heat

3 weeks ago I realized my little window unit from the early 80's had finally just about had it. It was blowing cold air, but it needed freon, cleaning, and it was sounding a bit like it could use a new motor, so I decided to get a brand spankin' new AC at HH Gregg.

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A little customer service as opposed to customer misdirection would have been nice.

(edit) so I got a call about 30 minutes after I posted this from the person who picked up the case saying "whoops, my bad, we can't work with this region, they'll call you" - they never did.  I'm screwed.

Tiger Direct. WTF.

I place an order with Tiger Direct on the 18th. I receive email confirmation that the order would be shipping on the 19th, with UPS Ground, a 4 to 7 day window for delivery. Fine, well and good.
Upon checking the tracking information with UPS this morning, I notice it's not changed since the 20th. Still listed as "In Transit" to my city.

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We had a good run, TigerDirect. We built some fun computers together. I'm afraid from now on, it'll be NewEgg. Thanks for leaving me feeling used, and still no answers on when the hell we'll have our stuff. It's not me. It's you. You've changed. You used to be... fun. I remember calling to ask questions about RAM, and having a great conversation for an hour or so.
You're not fun anymore, TigerDirect. You're just like all the others.
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Bad grocery store service turned good!

I was at my local grocery store. This is not an overly expensive store, but it's not a low end store either. I saw a woman wiping down the rotisserie chicken counter near the deli. There was no one behind the deli counter, and no hours posted. There was a sign that said deli hours, but instead of numbers, it had blank spaces before and after the word 'until' for each day.

I walked up to her and asked if the deli was closed.

She SNAPPED at me as if I'd just accused her of something terrible.

"What does it look like to YOU?"

I can't portray in writing how nasty her words were.

A man that was standing nearby turned to her and said, "You were very rude to her. And you were very rude to me as well! And you never even answered her question!"

He convinced me to go to a manager since he had a problem with her as well. Unfortunately for me, this was just an add-on to an awful day, and when the man started telling the manager what happened, I got really upset about the whole thing and started crying. It was completely unintentional, but I get emotional in situations like this.

Unlike the deli worker, the manager was fantastic. All I wanted was for him to be aware of the issue, but he asked me what I wanted, had the worker slice the cheese that I was planning to buy, and brought it to me so I would not have to talk to her. He even gave it to me for free, even though I said I would have no problem paying for it.

I know this is pretty minor, but my boyfriend said the deli worker has been similarly mean in the past. Because of this, I will be writing a letter to corporate. I will mention the repeated rudeness of the deli worker. I will also mention how well the manager handled it. When it comes down to it, bad service happens, but a great resolution helps a lot.

Yes, I'm actually a pregnant alcoholic

I was in a wedding this weekend, and the reception had an open bar. Being pregnant, I was limited to the soda/water options, but my husband was obviously not. I was walking by the bar and decided to bring drinks back for us, but felt bad because I did not have a dollar to tip him (the smallest bill I had was a 10) and figured I would just come back when I could get change somehow.

I walk up to the bar. I know I look young (I'm 24), so I was half expecting to get carded when I ordered. No big deal. But that isn't what happened.

Me: Hi, can I please get a Coke and can I please get one with rum in it, too? (Okay, not the smoothest ordering, but whatever)
Him (eying me): You're getting TWO cocktails for YOURSELF?
Me: *huh?* No...I'm getting a regular soda for me and a rum and coke for my husband.
Him: Oh.

First of all, it's a WEDDING RECEPTION in a facility that caters to big events like that. It has to be common for people to bring drinks back for their dates. Second of all, since when is a regular soda "a cocktail?" Third of all, what business is it of his what I do with the drink? He's getting paid, I could order it and pour it in a plant and it wouldn't make a bit of difference in his life.

It was just...odd. I also no longer felt bad for not having a tip ready for him.

Rodney & teh WTFlulz

this just happened as I was browsing through the community..

maybe it's not "BAD" service, but WTF service.. (there should be a WTF service community, as well, for things like this)

the phone rings. a company name comes up on the caller ID; I don't recognize them. this is how it goes down:

me = well, me.
RG = rainsoft guy

me = hello?
RG = is Lisa there?
me = no, sorry, she's not. but may I ask who's calling?
RG = Rodney
me = o.O.. Rodney who?
RG = *gives me a speech about his company & how they want to come over to my house in the afternoon and test my water, for free. if I let them do this they'll give me 2 tickets to a comedy club or a suncruz casino cruise*
me = sorry but neither of us will be here during the time you'd want to do all this
RG = really? well when will you be home?
me = dunno
RG = hmmm.. 5 or 6ish?
me = I really don't know
RG = what about Lisa? when will she be home
me = I.don't.know.
RG = hmm.. I see. well.. who is Kaycee?
me = that's me
RG = then who is Lisa?
me = my mother
RG = well is Lisa home?
me = *baffled* uh, no. I told you that at the beginning of the call
RG = okay, I'll call HER back later. *hangs up*

I mean WTF. ? call me overly paranoid, but I don't like when strangers [even if they're pimping a company] call & play 20 questions with me. we aren't interested - the decision maker of the house isn't home. take it or leave it! just didn't seem very professional to me.

newspaper delivery

I work at Starbucks. We get the NY Times delivered.

One of our regular delivery guys is a flaming ass-clown. He's lazy, rude, and all sorts of nasty things. But these two incidents really take the cake.

A few months ago, Paper Man decides he's going to deliver the paper through drive-through. Only he doesn't read the clearance-height sign, and he got his truck STUCK on the overhang by our DT window!! You should have heard the racket this made as he was trying to dislodge himself; I thought the store was going to come apart.

That's bad enough, but this was at the beginning of our morning rush, and our third person wasn't due in yet, so it was just two of us. I asked Paper Man to come inside so we could fill out the incident report form, but I got slammed with a never-ending line of customers in the cafe. FORGIVE ME if I take care of my customers. You, Paper Man, do not get to bitch at me for this. If you weren't a stupid ass-clown, you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.

Fortunately there really wasn't any structural damage, just a scrape in the wood. But you better believe we reported it to our higher-ups (and his!)

This happened just a few days ago. 6:30 am. Let's say, for simplicity's sake, that Paper Man was heading north on our street. But instead of pulling into our parking lot like a normal human being, he pulls into the oncoming (southbound) lane, to get closer to the store. He then stops the car, opens the door, and THROWS the paper the remaining 30 feet to the door, where it lands with a resounding THUD.

My coworker saw the whole thing. I heard the thud, and turned around to see him leaving the southbound lane.


I called his supervisor, who was very pleasant and assured me the situation would be dealt with. I haven't seen him since, and I'm hoping that means something. :D

Bad barman

What do you do when the dishwasher is broken? - Slap her.

This is NOT a good joke to tell a customer. Fuck you, asshole. Kindly die now, and let the rest of humanity advance.

ETA: First, just saw the post further down and I now figure this won't be greatly received. Second, context, it was said without irony in a conversation that was basically "My misogyny, let me show you it."

Though I would've thought without context, most people would recognize that jokes that trivialize sexism/domestic violence should only be said to people you know won't be offended. Standard social graces and all that.