August 20th, 2007


Bad service from the state of Indiana


So apparantly it's come to a consensus that my experience was not bad_service (just in case anyone wants to add their own 'but it's not bad service! comment). However, I enjoyed the comments and learning about mead so thanks for the additional info guys!

This afternoon I went grocery shopping and ended up at the wine section. I'm not a big drinker, but I do loves me some elderberry wine. Figuring it to be a long shot, I went and looked for some. I didn't find any but I did find some mead. I was happy since I've never tried it before but always wanted to. I wandered my way to the checkout to be told that state law prohibits alcohol from being sold on Sunday. The mead? Not mine. What the fuck state of Indiana? The checkout lady was very nice about it and I was very nice to her. I decided to save my pouting for this post. *whines and stomps her feet* It's a damn stupid law. *whines moar*

BTW, anyone ever tried mead? Is it tasty?
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So much for my good mood!

I was having a great day. Spent time with my friends and got a lot organized on the remodel of my living room. My friends were really a huge help with everything so I suggested that we go out to dinner as part of my way of thanking them. We decided to go to Red Robin.

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I highly doubt I will be going back!
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