August 19th, 2007

Edge Impressed

No, I don't want gossip with that...

Small suck, but really annoying.

I was standing in line at the deli at Safeway with my roomates today, waiting to grab some food before we all went out to go spend the day at another event.

My roomates are in front of me in line, and a woman helps them as they order their lunchs from the hot case. They get their food and move out of the way so I can order. I'm just about to when another counter worker comes up and starts talking to the woman helping us, who turns away from me without acknowledgement to get into a conversation with her.

My roomates and I exchanged "WTF" glances, becuase they weren't talking about anything important. The girl who came up to talk to the one serving us was talking about someone's boyfriend finally having done what they all thought he would do, and now so and so and so and so are going to...blah blah blah. With some choice swearing thrown in there. It's not like they could have missed me standing there, and there is a line starting to form behind me. This went on for several minutes without sign of ending.

Pissed off at being blatently ignored, I finally said "Can I order, please?" and the first girl snaps at me "Yeah, just a minute!"

She finally helps me, acting as if she's all pissed off at having her conversation interrupted by OMG...HER JOB. I don't care who's boyfriend does what to who and their friends. Tell it off the clock or when you don't have other customers directly in front of you.

I complained to the manager about their stupidity.
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mountain pass.

Disappointing, weird service.

I'd been craving North Carolina-style BBQ for weeks and finally decided to get some for dinner tonight. There's a little deli located fifteen minutes from me that originated from an actual Outer Banks BBQ restaurant; in fact, it's won local "Best Of" awards for service and food.

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