August 18th, 2007


Old Apartment Suck

This is more from my sister, but here it goes.

Back in 2005, they lived in an apartment for a year. Even though the lease said that they would do roach exterminations once a month...they only went once that whole year. There was apartment wear and tear that was a little beyond normal, but my sister was willing to pay for that. They cleaned it best they could, and thought everything went okay seeing as they never got a letter stating all charges. So she joined the Navy in 2006, and couldn't get a security clearance for her job. They said it was due to her credit, and she got a copy of her credit report. In it was a charge for 1800 for the apartment she moved out of (and other places too, but this was the biggest unpaid bill).

She was all blah, and got a statement of the bill. 600 for early termination of lease. 500 for not leaving a notice. She was all WTF?!!! I explicitly remember dropping off her notice that she was leaving, and why she was leaving (hubby and I got a 3 bedroom apt, and my mom and her were going to move in). And it was a month before the lease was to expire. I also remember going with her to drop off the keys on October 31st, which was her move out date.

On the statement, it said she moved out Sept 30. Weird. Also weird was on the statement was a November water bill that wasn't paid. Also a month to month fee. Also weird was that they had a reason for moving that stated that they were renting elsewhere.

Shady people.
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Since I'm new and I just discovered this wonderful community where I can rant all I want (and it will probably be a lot, apparently I have one of those faces that reads "sucker who won't complain" so I tend to attract bad service), you get a long one to start me off.

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I have two credit cards with Capital One that I've had for years. I've never made a late payment on either one of them and I've never gone over the limit. Without notifying me they changed my due date from the 26th of the month to the 3rd of the month. I made my July payment with plenty of time to spare and my due date was still the 26th of the month then. On August 5th I check my balance to see how much I have available so I can do some shopping and notice that both are late and both are over the limit. Each account has a $29 late fee and a $29 over the limit fee. I look at the due date and see "August 3rd" WTF? So I'm out almost $120 now.

I looked through all of my mail and email again to make sure they didn't send me notifications. I have notifications telling me that starting September 1st my over the limit and late fees are going up, but nothing about my due date being changed. I called up and was really nice. I asked them to waive the fees since I was a good customer, have never paid late and have never gone over my limit. Nope. Can't do it. I asked why my due date was changed (and my next payment was due 8 days after the last one, which is really just unfair) and I was not notified. She said they mailed out notifications. I have a statement saying my due date is July 26th. I got one yesterday that says it's September 3rd. Nothing that states anything about August 3rd.

I am now applying for a credit card with my bank (with a much lower interest rate) and I am going to transfer them over and tell Capital One to go fuck themselves.

2 bad service things

I actually never heard of this community...until several people mention that I post here for bad service posts. So, this is my first post over here!:

Bad_Service #1:
Ok, I had gotten off work  and I went to walmart on my way home (as I
just got off work) and I was looking for the magnetic metal claps for a
costume that I was working on. I went to the sewing/crafts section to
look for what I needed and I couldn't find it, so I went around to find
someone to help me. I went over to the electronics department to have
them page someone for me. They were nice to page someone for me. I
waited about 10 minutes and no one showed up to help me. I saw some
employee helping someone else who needed the help, but the person
didn't ask if I need help with anything. So, I went back to the same
person who paged for me and asked to have someone paged again, as no
one came to help me.

The person paged someone again, and I went to wait in the notions aisle
(the aisle with the clasps and other craft items) and I waited another
10 minutes and nobody showed up. So I go to the jewelery counter (as
they were taking people with less than 20 items and something else I
forgot) and the lady started to ring me up. I asked her if I can talk
to a manager, and she said okay and paged one for me. After the manager
came up, I told him that I had asked for help in the crafts aisle twice
and nobody came up to help me. And there was one person who helped
another customer ho was there AFTER me, and didn't even acknowledged
me.  The manager didn't say or do anything, except listen to my
complaint and walked off.

Bad_Service #2: (though the 2nd waitress was the problem)
My sister, known on customers_suck as lightsdarkangel, and myself went to a
restaurant for lunch. Our waitress was great and we liked her. anyway,
we ordered our food/drinks/shakes and we chatted 4 a bit. Another
waitress brought out food/drinks but no shakes, and all she did was
'plop' our food down and walked off. The two of us agreed that we are
to talk to a manager about that and the fact that we didn't get our
shakes. I flagged down one of the waiters to get the managers for us
and he said sure. A few minutes later, the manager and our original
waitress came out asking us what was the problem. I told the manager
that the waitress had come up to us and plopped our food down and
walked off, not asking if we needed anything else. Our original waitress
was upset thinking it was her, but we assured that it was not her, it
was the one who brought out the food. And we also said that we asked for
the shakes and they were not brought out yet. Out original waitress took
a look at our receipt and said that the two shakes were "upgraded and
on her". So we got our shakes for free and they were large. O.O Right
before we left, we hunted down out waitress and we handed her a 5
dollar tip (so we made sure she got it and no one else) and she was
happy cause "that was the most tip she's gotten all day")
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