August 17th, 2007

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4:40pm, Sunday.
So a friend and I was on our way to a photo shoot and was running late.
I was pretty hungry as I haven't eaten all day and won't get the chance to do so until about 11pm that night.
So after calling the band saying I'll be late and asked them if they wanted anything to eat, we went through a Red Rooster drive through.

We pulled up to the speakers. At that point there was one car in front of us.

Us: hello?
speaker: *silence*
us: *waits*

A car pulls up behind us.

Us: hellllooooo?
speaker: oh! sorry. What would you like?

We gave the order, and another 2 cars pulls up behind us. The car in front of us hasn't moved from the window yet.

4:50pm the car in front of us finally gets their order and drives off. We drive to the window. The guy takes our money and closes the window.

We waited for about 5 minutes, there's nothing. We peered into the window.. And ALL the staff was just hanging around chatting and laughing. It wasn't until we knocked on the window, that they realised we were still waiting.

We got our food at 5pm exactly. Uhh 20 minutes for FAST FOOD?! WHAT!?
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Panera Update

So I got my promised gift card ($10) in the mail today, and since I was going downtown to the library anyway (Grr.  Whole 'nother rant.  I hate the library system here) I decided to return to the scene of the suck.  In fact, I am there right now using their Wifi.

In a word, meh.  The store is dead and, of course, the same two people are on register as last time.  First I was ignored for a minute, than talked about  ("when you get off?" "3" "oh, go wait on them, then"  WTF?  It was 2:30!).  Then I get told "just a minute" while she does something else involving rifling through a binder of nutrition information, then I get waited on.  No smiles, no greeting.  Just "adequate but no more than that" service.  Not OMG HORRIBLE SERVICE this time, but certainly lackluster and, well, kind of apathetic.  The sandwich line people were totally friendly, as always, and the tables are clean this time.

So, I guess I won't totally avoid the place in the future, but I certainly won't make a habit of coming in 3 times a week on my way to work.  And if I walk in to see those two working the register, I'm walking back out again.  The regular morning rush crew I've never had problems with, so hopefully I won't have any problems in the future.
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Credit Card Company vs. Phone Company

I work in the box office of a small theatre where we accept Visa and Mastercard via one card swipe machine. We either swipe the card in person or key in the numbers for a phone or mail order. For the last three days our machine has not been functioning properly. I've run hundreds of sales in one day without a problem. Now, I'm having to run each individual card up to a dozen times each. I continue to get a "lost carrier" message. Sometimes we'll be able to run several cards in a row. On my current transaction I've attempted to key in the numbers 14 times and continue to get the "lost carrier" message.

(Note: This isn't due to user error. There is a whole host of other messages that conveys to us incorrect card, invalid expiration date, over-the-limit, etc.)

So yesterday, my boss calls the credit card company and reports the problem. The credit card company's response is that it must be a problem with our phone line.

So my boss calls the telephone company and reports the problem. The phone company's response is that it is a problem with the credit card company.

Both companies are refusing to troubleshoot with us until the other does.

Of course now it's Friday and both companies are closed for the weekend which gives the theatre a difficult choice. I can either say that we're not taking credit cards and potential lose many sales. (The tickets are moderately expensive and there is not a convenient ATM.) Or, I can spend the weekend attempting to get credit cards to run and hope for the best.

Credit Card Company and Phone Company, you fail at customer service.

Hilariously Bad Service

I recently had my tonsils out, and as such my voice is very soft, and I can't eat very many solids. With this in mind, my family went out to eat for lunch yesterday for my grandfather's birthday. I decided to come along, even though I wouldn't be able to eat anything, because he turned 83, and I don't know how many more birthdays we'll have.

So, we all went to the little Tex-Mex restaurant close to his house, because he likes it there. We have a nice time, everyone orders (except me) sings Happy Birthday (except me), and gives cards. At the end my mom asked for the bill and she sees that in addition to the meals everyone ordered, they have added a $3.99 charge. She asks about it, and is informed that, because I didn't order any food, they added the charge to cover the cost of the free items on the table that I ate (chips, salsa, tortillas, etc).

My mother informs them that I didn't eat any of the free items because I am recovering from a tonsillectomy and chips and salsa would kill my throat, and tortillas are too chewy. The waitress looks me up and down (I am overweight) and rolls her eyes. She takes the ticket away and comes back with the manager, who insists that we must pay the extra fee, it is standard for every non-ordering guest, and I can feel free to help myself to the free soft serve on the way out.

Now, my Grandfather is a very loud, and very frugal, person. He started to say something and my mother cut him off and just said, "fine." She paid for everything, and $4 really wasn't so much in the long run (I gave her some cash to cover it), but my Grandfather was pretty pissed off. He insisted that we shouldn't leave a tip (we did, of 17%) and huffed out to the car. So, on the way out the waitress gives me a look and I smile at her brightly, because, honestly, what's the point, and proceed to fill up 16 cones with soft serve, as many as my arms can carry, and croaked out, "thanks, you know how fat girls love ice cream."

I threw them away outside, but the look on her face was priceless. I think we got our $4 worth.