August 16th, 2007


How much will you put up with?

I have a quick little very minor suck here and then a question for y'all... because I'm interested in everyone's opinions on this kind of thing.

First a little story: yesterday at Taco Time I got a veggie burrito that was cold, stale tasting and crusty. This is halfway my fault because I SAW the girl making the burrito- they do it right there on the counter in front of you. She pulled out a tortilla that looked old and hard, with a weird dark stripe down the middle like it had been exposed to too much heat and then left to go stale. But I didn't say anything. I am seriously NOT a confrontational person and I'd rather just suck it up than complain. I have had bad/stale/cold food with hairs or even friggin' bugs in it and not said a peep because I'm too shy. I always tell myself, "Oh, it was only $3" or "I'm in too much of a hurry to bother" or "It's not that bad really" and pretend everything's peachy. I have never asked to speak to a manager. I just put up with whatever bugs me and fantasize in my head about the amazing complaints I'd make if only I had the balls.

For the record- veggie burritos aren't supposed to be cold and hard with weird crunchy bits. But I didn't take it back because the Taco Time girl was so nice and I didn't want to be a bitch and make her feel like she'd done a bad job.

So here's my question. How much are you willing to accept before you actually make a complaint, send the food back, leave the store without buying anything, etc? Or even complain to the manager or corporate HQ? Are you like me, just accepting everything and whining about it in the anonymous safety of LJ later, or do you let businesses know when you're not happy with the product or service?

How much will I take? Well, I once said nothing when a cashier at Shopper's Drug Mart stole $260 from my wallet. (I forgot my wallet on the counter, the manager found it not long later hidden under some bags in the cashier's drawer- minus $260 cash.) I had to get my loud, opinionated uncle to go back with me and lodge a complaint on my behalf. :(

ETA: Oh man, it must be a slow day over at stupid_free. Hey guys. I lol'd. Just wanted to add this because so many people commented on why I was carrying $260... that's a week's worth of babysitting wages paid out in cash. I was sixteen at the time. Raise your hand if you've ever done something retarded at sixteen? Yup.
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Bad service at Pietro's

Wasn't terrible, but it was a lot of little things that kinda added up from a place that usually gives great service.

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Not really a huge deal, but it was just a lot of small things from a place we've come to expect a lot of. We'll almost certainly go there again,

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I am currently three and a half hours from home. I'm visiting my mom while my hubby is away on drill for 2 weeks. While I'm here, my two year old trips  on the way to the potty and smacks her head on the wall. She needed stitches. We take her to the hospital and are out within an hour.

Here's where the bad service comes in.

As we're getting discharged, the doctor tells us to come back in 5 days to get the stitches removed. I'd already told him we were out of town and he said to just come and see them in the emergency room and they'll take out the stitches.

Awesome, right? I'm told to just tell the girl up front and she'll make an appointment with the resident pediatrician since we're from out of town and thats how they do things for out-of-towners.

I get up front and this is the conversation that happens.

ME: Hi. I'd like to make an appointment with the---
GIRL: YOu're the mom that let her kid hurt herself, right?
ME: *blinksighnotinthemoodforthis* I'd like to make an appointment with the resident pediatrician to get my daughters stitches removed
GIRL: Whatever *mumbled* can't keep an eye on your kid we wouldn't be here.
ME: I'm sorry?
GIRL: *smiles* How does saturday at 4 sound?
ME: *smiles* As long as you're not here? Fine.

ugh. What the hell was that all about? Its not like I wasn't stressed out enough with an injured and scared two year old to deal with I had this bitch accusing me of just allowing it to happen? The minute I got home and my kid was safe and sound watching the TV I called and complained. I mean what the fuck? Who says that kind of crap?!  

I am really hoping I don't need to go back there again for anything after the stitches get taken out because wow. Just flat

bad hospital service

While I was at my friends house about a week ago, her 2 year old son slipped and fell off the back porch. As he was falling he hit his head on the steps leading to the porch (ouch). He was bleeding everywhere. There are 2 hospitals in the area, one is about 5 minutes from her house, the other is about 7. We went to the closer one. This hospital also has a 20min or less ER wait time guarentee.    We walk in with her son, who is screaming like crazy, and blood is gushing everywhere.   We go up to the counter, the  girl behind the counter hands  my friend paperwork, tells us to take a seat and fill it out. She doesn't offer towels to help stop/clean up the bleeding, doesn't seem at all concerned that there is a toddler bleeding from his head all over. Nothing.  So we sit down, fill out paperwork....and wait.....and wait..and wait some more. We watch as people that came in after us were taken in, with less serious injuries (girl with sprained ankle) As we're waiting the baby is screaming his head off, and bleeding. The girl behind the counter had walk up and ask us to quiet him down.   We waited for 2 and a half hours.   After 2 and a half hours, they call us back. Where we sit for another half hour.  Doc finally comes in, and says Mark(the baby) needs about 4 staples in his head. 

I'm currently working in a hospital, and I can't imagine not offering some kind of towel , baby wipe or something....if not to clean up the kid, then to clean the blood off my and my friends clothes. And the 2 hour wait was.....grrr.  I would've understood had they been busy...
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What is up with Nevada Power?

For the past five years that my other half has been in Las Vegas he has never ever been late paying his Nevada Power bill.. until recently.  This is because for some reason he is not getting the normal power bill and since he is an OTR truck driver, sometimes its a few weeks until we get back, realize there is no power bill and have to call and request a bill.  Or he just waits until the next moth to get that bill and plans on paying both bills then.  Only one problem.  That bill additionally never shows up however the disconnect notice does seem to show up after a couple of months.  Or if the bill does show up, it shows up around 2 - 4 days before it is due. 

This has been going on for about six or seven months now.  So here it is the middle of the month and still no bill which in the past comes in the mail or rather when it does come in the mail, around the 7th.  So I decided to call them after talking to him to report that we have not been getting our power bill and to request one sent.  Now we do have a locked mailbox at the apartment complex we live at, and we don't have any other issues with not getting bills or mail.  And this is the first time since I've been in Vegas (nearly two years) that we have had to call Nevada Power.

Try #1:  So I call Nevada Power and I am on hold waiting to talk to an operator for 48 minutes without talking to anyone.  (Gotta love speaker phones!) 

Try #2:  I hang up and call again working my way through the options to hear the same notice that all operators are busy, and their wonderful music.  After 6 minutes of waiting to speak to someone, my call is disconnected.

Try #3:  So the third time I call again I take a different route and go to the payment arrangements options simply to try to get hold of ANYONE at this point.  So I get to the que with the same notice that all ops are busy.....  I'm now sitting at 52 minutes of waiting to speak to anyone.

Try #4.  So the fourth time I try, I use the option report a power outage.  "All agents are currently busy assisting other customers.  Please hold for the next customer service representative."  After 12 minutes, I was disconnected.

FOUR phone calls to Nevada Power and now told hold time of OVER TWO HOURS to talk to anyone and it has yet to happen.  What is up with that?  Is that a normal thing?

Workers Comp WTF!?!?!?

Back story: My fiance and I are both EMTs. We got hurt at work at the end of June and have been out on comp since... They tried to have us go back this past Monday, but it was a no go as we were both still in pain... Not a big deal in and of itself, but I am getting REALLY fed up with our comp carrier (Crum & Foster is the name of the company)...

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I Am The Princess

Bad Eats

So, today I walked up to my local Jack-in-the-Box. . . and they had apparently decided to put all their trainees on the cashiers . . . during the lunch rush. This is not a good idea.

When I walked up to the cashier . . . . I ordered a plain ultimate cheeseburger. The cashier sat . . . stared at his screen . . . . searched around for the right button . . . pushed the button. I'm not kidding, this process took a good two minutes. . . . to press one button.

I decided instead that I wanted the combo . . . . took another two minutes for the cashier to find the button. Apparently, my request of plain did not transfer over. I don't know why it didn't. You'd think if it's plain in a not combo, it'd still be plain in a combo. . . but for some reason, it wasn't.

Then, I asked that they substitute the root beer float. Which the cashier clearly understood, but pushed the wrong button for. . . . 

So, I stood and waited for my order. . . . which came out completely wrong, thanks to the cashier's complete incompetence. I then had to stand there and wait for it to be corrected . . . . Which took forever, because it was the lunch rush, and the rest of the people seemed pretty new too.

And my brother, standing in line behind me, had a very similar experience with the moronic cashier.

It was just a bad experience overall, and my brother and I decided we will not be visiting it for lunch again in the near future.