August 14th, 2007

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The nuts on the bus go...

Hey, Mr. Bus Driver Man! You're driving a bus which is full of people in rush-hour traffic in a major city. Put down the goddamn cellphone! I don't care how important the call is! Jesus Christ, don't they give you any training?!

(I was on the bus in question, so I have double the right to be pissed. Bus number and time were recorded, complaint has been filed.)
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That's ok I wasn't really all that hungry.

So I was at my boyfriends house waiting for him to get home so we could go get something to eat and calls and tells me he'll be home in about an hour and a half. Cool I think, I'll order a pizza and it should be here around the same time he is. I call Pizza Hut since they are only about 4 blocks away from us and listen to the specials and decide on a one topping cheesy bite crust with a 2 liter or something of that nature.

This is where is gets bad. The girl asks my address and I recite it to her and she reads it back wrong so I correct her and she reads it back wrong again so I correct her and she finally gets it right. Then she asks how I will be paying. Thinking I suck and don't have much cash I'll pay with a credit card. I recite my number to her I kid you not no less than 8 times before she got it right. I should have admitted defeat at this point and just went out and got it but I was wiped and didn't feel like going anywhere. Then she said o.k. I got it asks for my number tells me my total and that the wait time would be around 2 hours she hangs up on me.

Thinking ok my boyfriend will have time to get here shower and then we can get our grub on. So 2 hours comes and goes and still no pizza. I call them back to see if I can get an update on where my pizza is the guy tells me that when the driver couldn't find the place and I wouldn't answer the phone he came back and they canceled it. What? He said well are you at 123 Brown St.? (Changed obviously) And I said no I'm at 312 Brown St. He responds oh well when we didn't find it because it doesn't exist we called you at ***-**** and I said no that's also incorrect and told him the correct number. I then hear him call out to the girl I recognized as being the one who took my order who told him well I don't see how it's my fault that she doesn't know where she lives and can't give me the right number. At this the guy on the phone lets out an exasperated sigh and tell me he'll send it out again and it should be there in 45 minutes. I tell him sorry but no. It's 9 now and I'm starving. He does apologize though and offers me discounts if I chose to order from them again which was kind of cool.

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Knock on the door. I assume it's the postman, and go downstairs to open the door. On my way down, a couple of blokes unlock the door and walk in. They're here for a viewing - an agent and a prospective tenant. He didn't know if it was meant to be empty, and no-one told us anything.

I just looked through my contract, and there's nothing saying they can do that. There's also nothing saying they can't, but given they call before they send someone with a key to do maintainance, I think it's fair to assume that i'm not going to be woken from my bed by strangers walking around my house.

(And frankly, given the area - not only would I want the assurance people aren't going to walk in on me sleeping or undressed, but I'd want to lock up my valuables - a fair number of people renting around here are not the kind I would let walk around near my mobile phone.)

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I am BEYOND pissed off still, and this happened a few days ago. I don't like complaining about service because I've worked customer service and I understand how tedious it can be. But this time...

I went to Cold Stone Ice Cream to satisfy my sweet tooth. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Well, I walked in the door and the line was about 20-25 people long. I looked at their stone and saw that there were only FIVE people working. On a Saturday night, on a HOT day. They had to be kidding me. So I waited forever because I really wanted ice cream. The girl gets up to serve me, and:

H (server)
M (me)

H: Hi, what can I get for you?
M: I'd like a kid's Strawberry Shortcake Serenade.
H: I'm sorry, we can't do kid's sizes of the creations. Would you like a Like It size?
M: No, I want a kid's size. I can't EAT anything more than that amount.
H: Well, if you'd like a kid's size, you can have one ice cream with one mix-in.
M: So I can't have what I want? I came here to get ice cream, and you can't at least give me the type I want without overcharging me for the amount I can eat? Okay... fine, give me a like it of the strawberry shortcake serenade
H: All right, you can follow me down to the stone!

The server mixes my ice cream and I notice she turns away from my ice cream to go into a freezer they have behind the counter to get something. She brought back strawberries. FROZEN.  She didn't thaw them, she didn't even tell me that they were frozen. She just grabbed them and chopped them up into my ice cream.

M: Excuse me, but did you just put frozen strawberries into my ice cream?
H: They just came out of the freezer.
M: I don't want something rock hard in my ice cream.
H: We don't have any strawberries that are thawed right now. if you'd like to wait a few minutes, I can get someone to thaw them.
M: No, no. You're the one serving me, you can do your own job. Take the ice cream there, throw it away, because I sure as hell don't want it. Go thaw me some strawberries, and then remake my order. Thanks.
H: Okay, no problem!

By this time, the other servers were all shooting me dirty looks. look, just because you're 17 and can't get a real job doesn't mean that you can slack off and give people subpar service. I waited another FIVE minutes and she came back and was mixing my ice cream with thawed strawberries. She handed me my ice cream and spoon.  She didn't even ask if I wanted a waffle bowl?

M: I wanted this in a waffle.
H: Oh! I'm sorry, you didn't say that.
M: So it's <i>my</i> fault? You didn't do your job and it's my fault?
H: No, I'm sorry. I'll go put this in one.
M: Okay, thank you.

She gives me my waffle bowl, and then I go over to pay her. She give me my total, I give her my money, and when she hands me the change (dollar fifty or something), she looks at the tip jar longingly. I laughed. She expects a tip when I had to wait twenty minutes to get to the line, another ten for her to make my ice cream, and then she doesn't even give me what I want OR a waffle bowl?

I asked to speak to her manager. He came out and I told him what happened. He looked blank and confused at what I was saying. God, what kind of people does that store HIRE? They're all incompetent idiots. This girl didn't even know how to make my ice cream, and then she was treating me like vermin because she figured I wasn't going to tip her. This is just bullshit. I'm calling their corporate office tomorrow, because I wasn't even offered a discount or a coupon or anything like that for their shitty service.
Bad Kitty

BK but then what did I expect!

I don't go to fast food places very often and I really don't expect much when I do. I have to admit I was a bit taken aback the other day when I waited for almost ten minutes for the cashier to take my order.

There was only one person ahead of me and they had already ordered. So what was the hold up you ask? The person ahead of me was a friend of the cashier and the cashier was having some trouble trying to figure out how to give the woman free food (damn these complicated my day if we wanted to steal something we just took it and inventory be damned!).

I finally just walked out. I'd love to say I will never go there again but the truth is that cashier probably got fired already and is now working at the McDonald's next door (and next week she will be at the Wendy's before moving on to her retail career at Walmart, BJ's, Walgreen's, Target, etc., etc.).
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I went into BK a while back with a voucher for a free whopper that had come off the sides of one of the cups. I was a vegetarian at the time and asked if they could leave the meat off and just give me the bread, condiments, pickles, etcetera. The person behind the counter told me that whe just couldn't and upon further query just walked away. She returned with the manager who also informed me that they couldn't do it. Why? Because apparently, this is against policy. Bullshit. I asked how that could be a policy if I could order the same thing without pickles, or onions or whatever, to which she replied. "It just is. You could just take the meat off, but we have to include it on the burger." I went on to explain how

A) It's possible for me to get sick if I do that,


B) There's absolutely no fucking reason why she just can't refrain from putting the fucking patty on there in the first place.

She still doesn't get it and tells me that if I don't either order the whole burger or pay with real money for the veggie burger, which by the way, costs the same thing, I need to get out of her line and allow her to help her other customers lest she CALL THE POLICE. (I was the only other person in the store aside from a friend of mine who was with me.) I promptly grabbed a napkin, wiped my ass with it, and left it on the counter in front of her and made my exit.

U-Haul Suck

Okay, so I live in a large college town, where a good portion of the leases expire today and new leases start tomorrow (annoying, btw). I know that there's going to be a run on moving trucks, so I make a reservation June 11th for a big truck, 9AM this morning to 6PM tomorrow evening. And the guy says, no that's no problem, and he confirms it and sends me on my merry way.

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Anyone else notice that college towns screw you way more than anywhere else on earth?

Dear HP Technical Support

How I <3 thee soo! When I call and the automated menu ask what type of computer I have and I clearly state nc6300 and then you clearly state this back to me I expect to be transfered to the right department. However you feel it necessary to transfer me to someone in the UK who actually speaks English and that I wish I could talk to! Instead please transfer me to India that would be super.

Dear Indian guy please read from your script and listen to absolutely nothing I tell you. I love doing pointless things that involve trouble shooting my CD-Rom drive when the onboard NIC isn't functioning. When I tell you that the Link Lights are not active and that I've plugged it into 3 different switches with 3 different Ethernet cables. Please tell me that its my Ethernet cable or switch and have me call the manufacture of the switch for further assistance. When I ask you to think about what I've told you and your solution please email a link to a windows driver after I explained to you that I have a boot cd for imaging with the driver the NIC card of these laptops and its not working with that either. Also please suggest installing Vista because its more secure.

Luckily the next time I called back and got transfered to the UK and then to India and had to wait on hold another 15 mins I got a female Indian tech support agent who was able to put two and two together.