August 11th, 2007



Dear cable company,

I can understand mistakes happen.. like when you disconnected our cable by accident when you were working next door. What I don't understand is why it is taking so much damn effort for us to get the problem resolved. When we called the first time, your phone guy told us he would get someone out ASAP to fix the problem.

It was really fabulous to call back today to check on the status of the guy coming to fix it and find out the first guy we spoke to never even put the work request into the system. It was even more fun when phone guy 2 promised you would have someone come out within 24 hours to fix it this time. The fun part being when we received a call from phone guy 2's manager not 10 minutes later telling us that you can't honor that promise he made and it shouldn't have been made in the first place.

You'll "get someone out" sometime. I'm not holding my breath. At least I had a pair of rabbit ears stashed away in my dresser to use.
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Fast food woes.

First time poster. Halo thar.

Not major OMG HORRIBAL SERVICE but still, somewhat annoying.

The other night when I finished work, I decided to grab a bite to eat at a local McDonald's-esque fast food chain. I was waaaay hungry and had been practically dreaming about fries for the last couple of hours. So I come up to the counter and there's only one person there. And what do you think he's doing? Yeah, speaking on his cellphone. Do you think he hung up when he saw me standing there? Of course not, why would he. He countinued spouting off into his cell, completely ignoring me although I SAW him looking at me. I was trying not to get impatient, thinking it might be something important, when I heard him have The Annoying Boyfriend-Girlfriend NO YOU HANG UP conversation. I wanted to cry.

So I stand there for a couple more minutes because damn it, I'm hungry and everything else is closed. He finally decides to grace me with his presnece and take my order, all the while continuing with his oh-so-important phone call. I had to repeat my order THREE times (mind you, it was nothing complicated, small fries, small onion rings) and then wait for what seemed like forever 'til he got my food ready, holding his cell in one hand and prepping it with the other.

I prolly should have said something, but I kept quiet, took my food and went to catch my bus, which I almost missed since he took 20 bloody minutes to get an order which should have taken like 10, at the most.

What is funny that I always see people over at customers_suck complain about customers who don't hang up their phones when ordering/getting service.

Bah, person. Bah.
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I went to the grocery store tonight, and I'd forgotten my savings card, so instead of going to the self-scan, I went to the only register with a human cashier. It was a 12-or-less express lane; I had 9 items (5 of which were cans of cat food, stacked together). I wait in line, the man before me is finished, I put on a smile for the cashier...

...who then turns around and plays with the plastic bags a bit. No "One momeny please," no "I'll be right with you." Doesn't even acknowledge my presence.

Okay, whatever, no big deal. I move to the side so that my boyfriend and our now-empty cart can move out of the way, get back in place. I go to ask the cashier if he can look up my card, and he's already done scanning. Whatever, no biggie. I have my debit card in my hand, and he just turns and looks at the register, waiting for me to use the pin pad (still not acknowledging me). So, I pay, he takes the receipt and thrusts it in my general direction.

Never ONCE looked at me. Never said a single thing - no "you're all set," no "have a nice night," no "Thanks for shopping." I think I could've had a better conversation with the self-scan.

A couple of weeks ago when I went, we used the real teller because the lines were HUGE at the self-scan, and there was no one at the normal checkout. The girl kept rolling her eyes, with this general attitude like we were holding her up or wasting her time or something.

I finally realize why a lot of older people (my coworkers included) discriminate against people in the 18-24 age group. Honestly, it's not that hard to be polite and professional at work! And, it's called CUSTOMER SERVICE for a reason - you're there to SERVE the CUSTOMER. Not that I'm saying you should lick their shoes, or obey their every command, or that the customer is always right. But don't act like I'm wasting your time.

(sorry, just needed to get that of my chest)