August 10th, 2007


Anybody ever notice how the comments/suggestions box on the site for Wendy's is always "Under construction"? Ha..Gee I woooonder why....
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I'm a member of both the good twin and the bad twin communities relating to the service of customers. Which is which depends on which side of counter you're standing on at the moment.

Usually, I'm right there with them on "idiots calling in, wanting support on something that's in another location! RAHR!". I did phone support for a consumer ISP for years. I know, it sucks. For the most part, I think I'm very tolerant with service persons. Again, consumer ISP phone jockey, been there, done that, got the liver to show for it. HOWEVER, what IS IT about service receptionists that decide to cop an attitude?

Over the weekend, my garbage disposal stopped working. I flipped the light switch. There was the normal sound, and then there was no sound. Usually it's very loud until I flip the switch again, so I recognize there is a difference. Also, water doesn't go down the hole as fast anymore. Again, I notice a difference. Thus ends my knowledge about garbage disposals.

I'm a member of my local bbb club, like, thingy. I look up a well-rated plumber close to my home. On Monday, I call them. I wait until business hours on MOnday because that's when they're open. No fuss.

There may be slight variations, but this is pretty durn close to the conversation:
me: "Hello, my kitchen garbage disposal has stopped working. Is this the sort of service your plumbers provide?"
Twitch:*BIG SIGH* YES!

(ok, we're off to a bad start. Last year I called a plumber who ended up using a tool called a ditch witch to resolve my issues. I'll grant you a ditch witch WOULD take care of garbage disposal problems, it doesn't fit well under the sink though. Short story, well excuuuusse ME for thinking there might be different specialties!)

Me: Er, I'd like to make an appointment to have a plumber come out and replace it.
Twitch: What kind is it?!
Me: Dang, I dunno. Um, should I write it down tonight and call back tomorrow?
Twitch: *BIG SIGH* Nooo, nevermind, most of them are the same anyway. What kind do you want?
(If they're all the same, wtf you ask me for?)

Me: Kind? Uh, I really don't have any idea. (and I really don't. Once more for good measure, I flip the switch, big noise, water go down the hole.)
Twitch: Well, you can have the blahblah, that rotates in two directions, thus improving the capacity to yakyak [translation: water go down hole better]

Me: Yes, I'd like one of those please.
Twitch: Okaaay, but I should tell you, that one costs $200 PLUS installation. We have a min 1 hour installation fee of $90. That's almost $300 and we insist you pay at the time of service.

With every fiber of restraint I have, calling up the zen feeling I maintained while telling people for the 5000th-time, "Click Start, Settings, nono, not Run. Start, settings..."

Me: Do your technicians prefer cash or check?
Twitch: We don't take credit cards.

I only share this because it happens all-the-time. When I take my car in, no I do not know what's wrong with it. I'm paying you $125/hour to diagnosis it, you figure it out!

I'm very intentionally not sharing the name of the company. They have 54 positives and I'd hate to slander them just because Lorraine's cousin was taking calls that day. I'm sure the tech will be fine.

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So about going on three years ago we got a brand new furnace from Airstream Furnaces. I don't know if that's actually their name, because I'm very pregnant and very forgetful right now, but it sounds similar and doesn't matter to the story anyways.

With that brand new furnace came a 3 year full warranty.

So beginning of June our furnace completely crapped out. Will not work, makes weird fan noise if someone tries to turn it on.

We call them up and tell them the story, and they say someone can come out the very next day to fix it. We tell them that we cannot have that because we have a very important appointment at the same time, so can we please reschedule. They say the rest of the week is pretty busy, they'll call us back.

After a week of not hearing from them we call back, and tell the receptionist that we were told a week ago that someone would be in touch with us. She tells us VERY snottily "Well isn't that something, you know SOME people have to wait *2* weeks." and tells us they'll be in touch with us when they can.

After we've been waiting a total of 5 weeks from the incident, my hubby calls back. Talks to a technician who actually sounds like he cares and informs us someone will call us back later that day.


It's now been a total of 9 weeks, 5 days since our furnace broke. We've spoken to a total of 8 people who have all assured us that we will be taken care of soon, who all expressed complete disgust at how long we've been waiting so far, but yet no one has even come to look at the furnace or tried to set up an appointment, just a general "we will call you back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to set up an appt.."

I'm really bloody annoyed. I've tried asking for the manager, that didn't work. It's been all summer without our furnace (PS - it's been about +40 outside this summer, and our furnace also has an A/C option which would have been very nice to have, because as a reminder, I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant. I overheat VERY VERY easily)

Now I'm thinking that they're going to keep trying to drag their heels until end September because that's when the warranty expires.

We both have the day off work on Monday and are actually going into the store to raise a ruckus though, because I'm seriously pissed and we've done the whole nice-polite-explain-the-situation thing about once a week now to several different people and it hasn't done a damn thing.

(my definition of raise a ruckus is not to be a screaming EB, I assure you)
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DQ Suckage.....

The husband, baby, and I just returned from a trip to DQ for a late lunch. This tiny tale contains one wtf and one actual suck.

The WTF: We were greated at the counter by a nice enough girl. As the hubby glanced over the menu to decide what he wanted, I notice a little bug creature perched on the cash register. The drive-thru window was nearby, so I didn't think much of it. It kind of looked like a baby stink bug, so I kept my distance because I think they're creepy, lol. The hubby orders, I order, and then she asks for the monies. Just as I'm handing it over, she notices the bug. She starts trying to shoo it away with her hand, but it won't budge. She tries to brush it away, still it stays. So, she reaches into the tray of plastic spoons nearby and tries to flick it off (right at us, mind you). 

 Then she resorts to trying to scoop it up, which again doesn't work. Her final solution? She starts smashing the bug with the spoon through the little vent grates of the register until all you see are the little smeared broken legs poking out near the total screen. The whole times she's muttering "Why won't you just die?!" Now satisfied that the evil bug of d00m is destroyed, she turns to drop the spoon BACK INTO THE TRAY OF CLEAN SPOONS!!!!! Insert hubby and I exchanging glances of wtfery, which she notices and says "Oh, heh, I don't want to put it back in there, huh?" and she drops it into the trash.


The Suck: After Hubby & I ate our burgers (and the baby gnawed down a whopping half of a fry, heh), I scoot back up to the counter to order a Blizzard (Strawberry Cheesecake, for those who want to know ^_^). Same girl at the counter, and she's just finishing ringing up a lady infront of me. She doesn't even wait for this poor woman to put her wallet back in her purse before leaning around her and calling out to me "Can I help you?". Woman leaves, I step up and give my order. She tells me total, and I hold the money out. She turns her back on me and walks off to talk to a co-worker before I can mention that I need it to-go. I stare at the still smashed bug in the register vents. Ick. 

 She finally starts making the blizzard, stopping ever few moments to chat with co-worker. They were both standing less than 4 feet from me, so I know it wasn't about work. Oddly enough, they were talking about butterflies. So, she finishes and comes to take my monies. Hands me the blizzard, which has about 2 inches of icecream overflowing the top. I said "I'm sorry, would it be possible to get a lid for this? We're actually just getting ready to leave and I'm driving *smilemile*" She sighs, looks around the counter (I can see the dome lids sitting in a stack behine her at the soft-serve machine) and hands me one of those clear plastic parfait/sunday cups. The hubby & baby were waiting to go, so I just tried to pop it on and head out (didn't want baby to get angry and start fussing).

 Needless to say, it spilt in the car and wound up right in the trash when we got home. Which is sad, because I haven't had a Blizzard in about 3 years now. Partly my fault anyway for not speaking up and requesting a proper lid when she essentially gave me a cup to cover my... cup.

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I'm not sure how well this is going to end out, I hope I explain it clearly.
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After being contacted by many debt collectors and months of debate over AU$800, they finally sent me a check... for AU$0.19.

Argh, I'm still fighting it.
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Grocery store suck

Last night I asked my husband to pick up a few things at the grocery store on his way home from work. He called me as he was leaving and said he was stopping at Smith's (owned by Kroger, aka Ralph's in CA). About thirty minutes later he called me, saying he was going to be late. I asked what was up.

He tells me that he had gathered the requested items and gotten in line. There was only one checkstand open, which was understandable as it was pretty late at night. The person running it was the manager. First the line was held up while the customers were treated to watching the manager bitch out one of the stockers. Hubby sat through all this, then waited while a couple of other customers were rung up. Finally it was his turn, but as he put his stuff on the conveyor, the manager/checker told my husband that he had to go take care of something and would be right back. Thinking the manager needed change or something, hubby said okay, and the manager took off. He went over to the deli to talk to the girl working behind the counter. My husband said it didn't look all that important, because the manager was leaning very casually against the counter. Who knows?

The point is, my husband stood there for close to twenty minutes waiting for the manager to come back. Finally he gave up and abandoned our groceries to head to another store a few blocks away, where, thankfully, they had a self checkout so he could take care of business himself.

I told my husband he was much more patient than I was, because I would have gone over and asked the guy if anyone was ever going to ring me up! I told him he at least ought to fill out one of their comment cards the next time he is in.