August 9th, 2007


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I've been reading for ages, but only yesterday found a reason to post.

@ Optus (for those outside Oz, they're an ISP/phone/cable TV company, one of the Big Ones that most people go through).

You had men working on the wires outside my house. We could see their big trucks (with no logos) and assumed they were from the electrical company. When all our services were cut, we found out differently. When we asked them, we were told we should have been notified 2-4 weeks ago. (As I work from home, and the postman comes during my shift, I *always* go get the post as soon as he gets here - we don't miss mail at my house).

Now, before you start throwing stuff at me, let me say this: I work from home. For a multinational company. I was in the middle of chatting to a co-worker when my internet died.

Had there been any warning at all, I would have worked my hours around this. Yes, people understand that the net will drop out (or the router explodes or the cat pulls out the plug etc) but it still reflected badly on me (especially considering this co-worker had come to me for advice about a customer she was dealing with right then).

Optus, as you may or may not know, seems to pride themselves on customer service (an utter joke at times, it took them 10 days worth of stuff ups to install my best friend's connection). So...feeling royally screwed, I ring up to complain (services had come back by now). I somehow get transferred to tech support (dumbass voice recognition system), but it seems to be ok, the guy promises to call back between 1-1.30pm with the email address of where I can send a direct complaint to. By 3pm, I've given up, and go grocery shopping.

When I come home, he still hadn't called, so I simply send the complaint via their customer complaint form. (I saved a copy so I know exactly what I said).

Just see what happens now. According to their form, they have 30 days to respond.


@ Bendigo Bank

Kind of related to the story above, to do the grocery shopping, I needed money. I went to the ATM to get some. Simple enough, yes? denied me twice - unable to complete transaction. That's the kind of general error I hate. I know damn well there's money there...mild panic begins (Credit card fraud? Did I buy a 5-year subscription to WoW instead of one month? What the hell happened to my money???).

Logic kicks in and I walk the couple of hundred feet to the actual bank (they have two of their branded ATMs and a branch one complex). Tried the one outside the bank. No trouble at all. The panic slinks away.

I go inside to inform them the machine is broken - so they can close it, or make it pull up the "sorry I'm being maintained" screen - anything to avoid problems with customers not logical enough to try another machine.

"Oh, we have nothing to do with that machine."

"But it's one of yours."

"Oh, we've been having problems with both of them."

"So why not close it down?"

"Oh, that's not our place."

"How about a piece of paper saying it's out of order?"

"Have a nice day."

I wasn't rude, I wasn't dressed badly, I just genuinely wanted them to take some responsibility. It *is* their machine. Even if they don't directly own it, it's still branded with their bank's name, and since they are the closest physical branch, they can at least make a call about it.

When walking back past it, another customer is having problems. He really looked panicked, so I told him to use the other one. He looked like he wanted to hug me, said thank you, and hurried off toward the other one.

I was so tempted to put a sign on it myself - but couldn't find the supplies.

Good job, Bendigo.
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Update on LoneStar

LoneStar called me to offer an apology for our lack of service.
The woman I talked to asked me some questions that made it sound as though *we* were the problem, not the manager.
A few questions I remember were; "How often do you eat at a Steak House?" "Did you call for reservations?" "Was the place overly crowded?"
1) Usually once a month, it's not like we just crawled out from under a rock and thought, "Hey, lets go to a steak house!"
2) We've tried before and got told "First come first serve except for parties of 8 or more."
3) I said there was empty tables, how does that make for overly crowded?

So thank you LoneStar for the half off coupons and free drinks. However, I'm not sure I want to return to a place that kicked me out after they couldn't provide me with a waiter/waitress.