August 8th, 2007

Evil Manifest

Is it bad service if you refuse to contract with them?

Dude, you're trying to sell something to our company. Did it ever occur to you that pissing me off wasn't the best way to go about it?

Bitching at me about the fact that you can't reach the Broker-in-Charge during hours that are convenient to you doesn't win you any points. Yes, he's unavailable from 1:00 to 3:30, and sometimes he's gone all day - work around it! Bitching at me about the fact that "I claim" that the Broker-in-Charge doesn't have a cell phone doesn't win you any points, nor does implying that I'm lying to you because "all Real Estate people have cell phones." Bitching at me about the fact that he won't be available to meet you at our satellite office unless there's another agent available at the same time doesn't win you any points.

You also don't get any points for failing to consider that there might be a reason for these restrictions. Ditto for joking that you'd love to have his hours.

But you reached an epic level of FAIL for your sarcastic reply when I told you that the problem was not that he "was not interested in doing business" but that he has Parkinson's.

He can't drive - he has to wait until one of our agents is available to take him somewhere. He doesn't have the manual dexterity to use a cell phone. He has to take a nap every afternoon if he has any hope of functioning later in the day. Sometimes - regularly - he has to spend the entire day at the hospital being tested and having his medication adjusted.

I've informed him that you were "exceedingly rude" to me (I didn't give him the details).

You and your "top" local yellow pages that I've never heard of? WE WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOU. EVER.
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My story of fun with Insurance, AC, and Credit Cards

I rent out several properties, yes, I am a slumlord.  As part of that I carry home buyer's protection from First American something something something.  Recently a tenant of mine reported that his air conditioner was stuck in either the on or off position, but no in between.

I called FA, they dispatched a company called C&S, installed a new thermostat and left.  All worked well for about 8 hours and then the unit died.  Called FA to have CS come back out, went over there, threw some breakers, nothing happened, I left.  CS comes back out and looks and now the AC is working again so they back away slowly and think that it just blew a fuse.

it dies hard 3 hours later, I call CS directly this time, they come out and decide that something big needs replaced, they decide to do this, the non-covered charges for this occurance are $450 which they say they'll need to get from me before they commence work.  I ask if there is any way I can call up and give them a credit card, they give me the number, I ask to speak with someone in billing, I talk to some woman and give her my credit card for the $450.

About 8 hours later I get a call from her, she says there has been a problem with the card that Lindsy gave them and that the non-covered charges of $450 needed to be paid.  I tell her that I'm really sorry, they must have written down the number wrong or something, I give them the number and they run it and say that things are good and that it went through and I say there was no way I was trying to stiff them, just something must have happened and things were cool.

So, I check my credit card balance the next day and there are 2 charges for $450 on there... I call CS up again, talk to the woman, she says that second charge was for Lindsay... I tell them I only have one house and thought that Lindsay was their accounting  person, the woman says that no, in fact she explained very carefully to me that this was for the address xxx Potomac something or other and that it was for Lindsay and that there was no misunderstanding.

I inform her the only property I am responsible is for xxxx Dakota, that I have been dealing with contractors all day, and that they did not give me the address of the property, only that it was for the exact same amount as my bill was, and I thought that Lindsay was their billing person and that my charge had not been wrung through correctly.

She argues with me that she gave me her name repeatadly, and that there was no misunderstanding, I ask her who this Lindsay is and she says it's someone with my last name.  She also refuses to take the charge off until it's investigated.  I tell her their people can go to this Lindsay's house and take her AC for all I care, that it's not my charge.  She says they won't do anything about it that night / until their air conditioning investigation is done.

So, I call up my credit card company, Chase.  I tell their person the story and ask to put a note in the account with the details.  He dutifully logs all this and tells me there is nothing they can do until such time as the charge processes, but to file a dispute if this is not corrected when my bill comes.  I thank him and try to hang up and then am given a 4-minute long non-stop sales pitch about fraud protection they're trying to sell me for $7 a month, I tell him nicely that I called up to report a problem and that perhaps right at that point was not the best time to be trying to sell me a product.

I call up the home warranty company, explain the situation to them, they say they'll talk to the company tomorrow but they're subcontractors and all they can really do at that point is set someone in motion.

I call up today the company and talk to the woman in billing, they still are investigating, I told her for all i cared they could go and take Lindsy's air conditioner as long as they didn't take mine, they still have not managed to get in touch with her and are saying they're going to take a trip to the courthouse to potentially put a lien on her property.  But still no refund for me.

Would be nice if they would just take a look, realize that when someone calls up and they present them with a bill for the exact same amount and say that the first time the card didn't go through, and it's for someone with a different first name, it's their freaking fault.  Gah...
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I think it's bad service, considering I'm paying for it

I never knew that EVIL resided in an Online Course

Oh Holy Crap.
Ok, I will admit that I know Zilch about coding. Zip, zero, nothing, zilch, BUPKIS!
I was looking forward to my "Programing for engineers" course that comes AFTER my Intro to Engineering course that I'm taking right now.

I have no knowledge of ANY fucking computer languages. Nor do I have a COMPILER PROGRAM! Or anything else at this point.

I know how logic stuff goes... I know how to follow a flowchart. I can do Pseudocode... That's not a problem. I JUST DON'T KNOW A COMPUTER LANGUAGE! I don't know BASIC or PASCAL or JAVA or MatLAB or C++. There are courses that teach those. They're not a prerequisite for this course ya know.



And the fact that she says "The formulas and mathematical how to do it is in the course guide." IT WOULD BE NICE IF THE STUFF WAS ACCURATE! I'm sorry but i =/= -1 in complex numbers. i stands for the "SQUARE ROOT OF -1." And thats just the tip of the iceburg. Thank gods I remember most of the formulas and how to's. I'd be super screwed if I was rusty with em

I've brought this up to the Dean and the professor BOTH. I get told "That's the nature of the online course." No it's not. I've done online before. Never anything this bad. A wee thing or 2 that's outside the scope is FINE. This is insanely unreasonable. And just wrong.
Who the hell is above the dean? Where do I go from here? At this point I want OUT of this course never to take this professor again. Class ends on the week of the 26th...
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I enjoy Dunkin Donuts for the donuts. I don't generally enjoy their coffee because all the times I have been, they just put the cream and sugar in it for me. Let me preface this by saying I don't live in an area populated by Dunkin Donuts so I was not aware that you can just ask for them NOT to put it in for you and just put the sugar in yourself.

Or maybe not according to this employee I encountered. Yesterday I was flying home from spending a week in Massachusetts with my boyfriend, where there are Dunkin Donuts GALORE. Some time during the week we had a discussion about my dislike for Dunkin Donuts coffee and he informed me that I can just ask for them to let me add my own in. So as I was sitting at the PVD airport waiting for my plane that was delayed 5 hours(A whole other story) I decided to try out this theory of my boyfriend's and find me some coffee.

I get up there and I am not even AT The counter before this short woman standing behind the counter is yelling for my order. Making a quick decision I said, "A small coffee please but leave room for cream." She says in a really rude tone, "We put it in there FOR you." And I said, "Yes, I know but can you not?" My plan was to grab some cream from the uber expensive bar next door and put my own amount in. (Very picky about my cream and sugar levels) She rolls her eyes at me. I couldn't believe it. I am not asking her to do ANYTHING but give me a regular black coffee but not fill it up all the way.

So I am automatically upset with her shooting an attitude my way. I've been in the airport for close to five hours at this point and I don't want attitude, I just want coffee. The register lady (someone different) asks if I would like anything else. I asked for a glazed donut. Before register lady could even turn around and tell the coffee hag what I said, coffee hag says to me, "WE DONT SERVE THOSE HERE"

And I am dumbfounded because here I stand, looking over her shoulder AT GLAZED DONUTS! I was so totally caught off guard. I fumbled with my words trying and stared at her for a second before looking helplessly back at the register lady who said, "She said GLAZED donut." and Coffee hag says, "Oh, well it sounded like plain." Okay whatever I can deal with a little hard of hearing. But her tone was just beyond unnecessary. No reason at all to be so snappy to people.

And if you don't think she was rude to me, the lady behind me wasn't sure what her favorite Starbucks drink would be at a Dunkin Donuts but before she could explain herself or even finish her sentence, coffee hag says, "Well I've never been to a Starbucks so I have no clue what you are talking about."