August 7th, 2007


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this story is from a woman on
Clerk: obvious.
Me: the woman from cafemom.

I had to go to Social Security today cause I never got my daughters card in the mail. So I waited 1/2 hour for my number to be called, and I finally get up to the window. The following Pissed me the hell off!!!!!

Window clerk: Hi may I help you?
Me: Yes, My daughter was born on april 30, 2007 and I have yet to receive her SS card. Do you know if it was sent out yet, or if there was a problem with the Information?
Clerk: How old is the child?
ME: 3months
Clerk: does she have ID?
ME: You mean like her Birth Certificate? Yes, I have that with me.
Clerk: No, Not a birth Certificate, ID
ME: What type of ID?
Clerk: Picture ID!
ME: No, Why would a 3month old have a picture ID?
Clerk: in the State of Massachusetts it is Required for a Resident to have Picture ID!
ME: In The COMMONWEALTH of Massachusetts a 3month old is NOT required to have a picture ID.
Clerk: Ma'am, come back when you have proper Identification.
ME:I do Have proper Identification. Can I see your Superior Please?
Clerk: Ma'am, whatever problem you have, you can take it up with me!
ME: My problem is no longer with you and I refuse to deal with you any longer, may I please see your superior?
Clerk: No you maynot, Please leave!
ME:I am not going anywhere till I speak to someone with a full brain!
Clerk: Fuck you!!!!

she was escorted out by security, offered a cigarette, and told "come back tomorrow."