August 6th, 2007

Liquor store suck

Is it too much to ask for employees to card customers without spitting venom at them?

I look a decade younger than I actually am so I expect to get carded. *That* is not what I take issue with, it's the horrendous attitude that accompanies the request. Just ask me in a civil manner, I'll hand over my genuine ID, and there shouldn't be a problem should there?

When I went into the liquor store with my boyfriend, the cashier did not take her eyes off of me the entire time. She also tried her damnedest to muster up the dirtiest looks possible whenever I glanced her way. Having had more than one opportunity to ask me for my ID after I entered the store, if she were so utterly convinced in that puny little mind of hers that I was underage, then why not just ASK?

Upon reaching the counter, she continued to shoot daggers at me with her eyes, and barked at my boyfriend, "I NEED TO SEE HER ID." So I gave it to her and after having noted that I was older than 21, she rolled her eyes and snapped, "Well she doesn't LOOK IT."

Yes, my heart bleeds for her bitter state of mind after she's encountered many an underage twerp trying to buy alcohol, but she needs to suck it up and nix the bratty attitude if she wants to keep her job. Her behavior was completely unnecessary.