August 5th, 2007

Why are we waiting... slowly dehydrating!?

This is a minor bad service, but it annoyed me enough to post it here.

This afternoon I stopped by a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure. I was asked to return in half an hour, as the staff were busy. 

I returned half an hour later, and all the staff were still occupied. I was not acknowledged in any way, and there were several other ladies waiting.

Long story short, one by one, others around me were attended to, while I waited, trying to catch someones attention. 

I left after 20 minutes. I would have been happy to wait had someone said a word to me! Having worked in retail myself, I know that sometimes waiting is inevitable, however acknowledging the customer, particularly when they are trying to speak to you, is essential.

At least I saved myself $60.
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Anyone have Office Max's contact email?

I know, I swore I'd never go back to OfficeMax to shop, well they had some really good sales last week so I went in (on Thursday) to get some school supplies. Of course some of the stuff was out of stock, no biggie, I went to the front and asked the cashier for a raincheck. She double checked the flier to make sure that she could give a raincheck on the items and sure enough it could. Well, she was the only cashier and of course as I was waiting for her to give me a raincheck several (four or five) customers came up with stuff to buy so she told me to step aside and wait. No biggie, kind of rude but whatever. I waited and waiting and waited some more. After a few minutes she turns to me and says she'll need to get someone else to give me a raincheck because she didn't know how so she'll call someone up for me. I wait some more and after another few minutes I'm thinking, "I should go to Lowes to get the things I need and come back to pick up the raincheck when I'm done." I decide to wait and after another few minutes she tells me that there was no one in the store to give me the raincheck and I should come back the next day when someone else would be around to give me that raincheck.


I asked her, "You mean to tell me that no one in the store knows how to give me a raincheck? Not even the store manager or assistant manager?"
Her, "That's right, you'll have to come back tomorrow or you can drive to ::town that's 35 miles away, one-way:: for those items since they have it in stock."
Me, "No, I don't think so. See this is why I don't shop here any more because this store has piss poor customer service. How can you not know how to give a customer a raincheck? It's part of your original training!"
Her, "Well I don't and no one else knows how to give rainchecks either."

Uh huh. I left pissed off and now I definitely know NEVER to shop there again.